IHGB Podcast #103: Crazy Stupid Love

My new podcast series is so much fun! It’s sponsored by my book It’s a Love Story, which is out on April 30, but available for pre-order now! And if you do pre-order, you’re going to get tons of fun bonuses that one one else receives. Click HERE for details. This love story series is all about romantic movies. I invited a few of my friends to help me dissect some of

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Earth Day

When I think back on memories of Earth Day, one image comes to mind. Guzzling water like a dehydrated fool, which I did one year. I lived in Dallas and there was a big Earth Day movement that involved planting a garden or planting a tree or digging something in the dirt. I forgot that our office team members signed up to be on an Earth Day Squad, so I

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Good Day

Death was their goal. Life was the outcome.