My thoughts on the 2015 Grammys

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I am a music fan and The Grammys are my jam. Watching it always a good litmus test to see if I have my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the lyrical world. I like to high five myself when I know the artists (read: Sam Smith). On the other hand, I do a lot of Googling. For instance, did you know that Beck has recorded something since “Loser?” Me neither.

Here’s a list of my favorite highlights from the night. Enjoy!

1. Fun fact: L. L. Cool Jay is the inspiration for my own nickname — L. L. Cool Ray.

2. ACDC wants you to know that they are both back in black and on a highway to hell.

3. Pharrell dances and dresses to the beat of his own drummer, and it’s time we all accept that.

4. Madonna is 56-years-old. I think it’s important to point that out.

5. The country artists sound VERY country at The Grammy’s.

6. Watching Annie Lennox simultaneously sing with AND get a kick out of Hozier was awesome. Watching Hozier get a kick out of singing with Annie Lennox was DELIGHTFUL. They both took me to church.

funny entertainment blog-2015 Grammys

7. Gospel choirs make everything better.

8. Ed Sheeran is very talented, and even though I sort of fell asleep during his set, I like him so much. I’m confident he was one of the Weasleys.

9. Someone give Joe Jonas a pair of adult shoes. He’s officially reached the “dress like a grown-up” bracket and should own it.

10. Adam Levine is pretty. His handsomeness was almost distracting enough to peel my eyes away from the very high split in Gwen Stefani’s gown. Almost.

funny entertainment blog-2015 Grammys

11. I want to bottle Taylor Swift’s attitude and distribute to young girls everywhere.

12. I don’t really get Kanye. Or why he was singing over a steam grate.

13. Sam Smith is darling, but I’d like for the radio and Pandora to branch out from “Stay With Me” if at all possible.

14. Katy Perry performed a somber number. The sharks did not make an appearance on stage, but I hear the left one will be at the after-party.

15. The Grammy Awards really love smoke machines.

16. Imagine Dragons are on the JV team, or a glorified Target commercial if you will.

17. Tony Bennett and Lady GaGa are best friends. I’m going to let you marinate in that sentence for a moment. They sang “Dancing Cheek to Cheek” and she kept trying to put her cheek to his, but he wouldn’t have it. She also held the train of her feathery dress the entire time which was the opposite of normal.

funny entertainment blog-2015 Grammys

18. At first, Usher singing a tribute to Stevie Wonder with a harpist, made me very happy. Three minutes later, I was ready to fast forward. But I was watching live. Then Mr. Wonder was on the stage playing a harmonica and I got excited that he would sing! That did not happen. Usher escorted him off the stage and everyone watching felt cheated and pulled up their “I Just Called To Say I Love You” playlist on their phone. Or was that just me?

19. I still don’t get Kanye, but I totally dig Rihanna. I assumed she was going to rip off her baggy suit to reveal some sort of barely there outfit, but the camera cut to Paul McCartney’s wife and Kim Kardashian singing every word of their husband’s song. Too bad no one reviewed the lyrics with Sir Paul before show time.

20. Oh look. It’s Sam Smith singing “Stay With Me.”

21. Oh wait. Mary J. Blige is with him. I will allow it.

22. I had high expectations for Juanes, based on Ricky Martin’s performance at the Grammys. Ricky brought the house down at a time that the house needed to be brought down. Juanes did not deliver the way Ricky did back in 1998. Here’s proof:

23. Prince just enters a room and people go NUTS. Including me. I have the same necklace he was wearing, and therefore I am a cooler person because of this fashion choice.

24. If you were to vote on “Album of the Year” among Beck, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Pharrell and Sam Smith, would you question the ballot’s validity since Beck was somehow listed as a nominee? PS: Beck won.

25. Correction: I get Kanye. Sort of. I do not get Sia and I’m definitely of scared of her. And I can confirm that that the taller one was Kristen Wiig.

26. “Take Me Home Precious Lord” is one of my favorite hymns and Beyonce was able to perform it beautifully. Even when she was wrapped in a mosquito net.

27. And this is when my DVR cut off because he didn’t know that The Grammys would be the longer than the Super Bowl. Yes, my DVR is masculine. Is that weird?


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