2018 TV Shows – What To Watch

I enjoy watching television. I’m already excited about some of the upcoming spring 2018 TV shows. And as I type that sentence, I wonder if I’m supposed to call them “TV shows” anymore. Should I say digital programming? Streaming services? OnDemand situations?

Nah. I’m going to stick with TV. Because the majority of the stuff I watch is on good, old, reliable basic network stations. Just call me crotchety and put me in a tattered bathrobe. Or call me classy and rank with with the likes of Audrey Hepburn. I understand both scenarios and embrace them with joy in my heart.

Now most of you know that my TV palette is pretty specific. However, since I’ve lived with my roommate Lara, my tastes have expanded. Where I used to roll my eyes at medical dramas, I now lean into them, swept away by the theatrical storylines one might find at Seattle Grace (which I’m told has been re-named Grey Sloan Memorial). I once thought all law shows were the same. Now I anticipate the fun I’ll have when Lara, a lawyer, when she points out mistakes. This includes my ignorance of labeling a “legal drama” as a “law show.”

Spring 2018 TV watching is going to be a blast. And educational. Win/win.

Let me make one thing clear regarding my list: I don’t have any weird aversions to CBS, FOX, or my beloved CW. It just ended up that the new shows that looked interesting to me all debut on ABC and NBC.

Here’s my new show lineup:


I want to say, “It’s Mindy Kaling. I’m all in.” But I hear that she isn’t a regular. She just makes appearances. I don’t know how I feel about that yet, but I do know that the kid’s zingers are incredible. I’ll give it a whirl.


Glee meets Friday Night Lights meets Parenthood with a bit of Hamilton mixed in for good measure? Yes, please.


True confession: I was obsessed with the slight of hand for about a month after checking out a magic book from the library when I was in middle school. Give me a deck of cards, a rubber band, and a paper clip and I can amaze you with my wonder.

Deception feels like Castle to me, but with a magician, excuse me, an illusionist instead of novelist. Potential love story? Check. Wacky outsider? Check. Room on my DVR? Check.

For the People

Look, y’all! A law show! I’m going to yell, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” at least once every episode. On another note, the short blonde hair girl reminds me of Paris Gellar from Gilmore Girls. You see it, right?

Alex, Inc.

Zach Braff is not the guy from Rise. He’s J.D. from Scrubs. The guy in Rise is Josh Radnor who was Ted on How I Met Your Mother. Let’s get it straight before we dive in, people.

Thought: I’m not sure if this is touchy-feely or a comedy they are trying to make look a little more serious. Do you get that vibe?

Station 19

Okay, first of all, thank you that the Captain isn’t dead. Second, I hope there’s more crossover with Grey’s Anatomy. Third, how many times do you think the fire bell is going to ring with someone making out in the break room? My guess is once during the premiere and at least two more times in the remainder of the season.

Fun fact: I’ll be covering Station 19 for Entertainment Weekly!

Splitting Up Together

Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson seem like the perfect combo. Notice I said “seem.” I’m nervous. The world needs a good thirty minute sitcom nowadays. I’m pulling for this one.

I’m also really excited about the following:

Jesus Christ Superstar (NBC)

Little Women (PBS)

On My Block (Netflix)

Which new Spring 2018 TV shows did I miss? Do you have any on your radar? Will you be watching reboots like American Idol or Roseanne? Help me and my DVR out!


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Lindsay Green
Lindsay Green

With Nashville and Once Upon a Time cancelling, I am due for new shows. I’m giving Rise and For the People a shot. I want Deception to be good, but I’m afraid it’ll be a touch too corny. Happy watching!

Amy Roe-Soliz
Amy Roe-Soliz

Deception reminded me A LOT of The Mentalist, not just concept but plot as well. I liked it, but it felt a little recycled.


Yes to all, except for Champions and Alex. Station 19 at the top of my list followed by For the People.


I think you should consider adding The Resident (FOX) to your list. (it’s not a definite for renewal yet, but if it is, it’s a great show)

No brainer…LOGAN is lead, but it also has Francie. I’ve missed her since being killed by Will. Good all around cast with compelling stories. Give it a whirl, you may like it, even though it is a medical show.

I’ll check out Deception, based on your recommendation

Ellys Cartin
Ellys Cartin

Yay! Glad to hear you are covering Station 19. And I’m looking forward to Little Women too. Love my Masterpiece shows


So excited for Little Women! Love the movie, love the book and I can’t wait wait for it to come one!
Station 19 – I have high hopes for! Greys is one of my all time faves and they have been setting this up a bit wth Warrens character.

Question- is dancing with the stars coming on this spring or are they skipping a season since American Idol is on?


True Story: I was looking on my PVR for the new show about a highschool drama teacher & couldn’t find it. I was looking for “Shine”. I think you know the actual name of the show is “Rise”