January Dr Pepper finalists

It’s that time again readers. January finalists are here! And they are the cutest boys EVER! I continue to be amazed how some of you go straight up viral with your voting methods. There are campaigns and pleas and even a few bribes thrown my way.

I prefer money. You can make the check out to Lincee Ray.

Let’s get to it!

Ride ‘Em Cowboys

Stillwater IHGB reader Stacy (who feels like she knows me even though we really don’t but I’m sure we’d be BFFs if we did) saw this at the OSU vs. Texas A&M football game. I can imagine the sheer joy on the faces of Grant and Kyle here when they saw the ginormous inflatable Dr Pepper. Had I been with them, I would have easily convinced the duo that the huge bottle was actually filled with the glorious beverage we all love. Then I would have dared one of them to shimmy up to the top and try to unscrew the lid so we could all have a sip. BTW: I’m a great babysitter.

Hooyah Deepsea

Readers Vince and Robin want us to say hello to a few of the good men who have dedicated their lives to protecting ours. These three young gents are part of a US Navy Seabee Battalion that were stationed in one of the camps in Afghanistan. I feel that the khaki uniforms and M16 with grenade launcher rifle really brings out the crimson color of the can, don’t you? God bless the USA.

Lil’ Punkin

The Dr Pepper is almost lost in this picture. How cute is Reed from Mississippi? It’s as if he’s having a little picnic in the backyard, probably working on his vegetable garden in his overalls and living the good life. I’d give this kid anything he asked for, including another Dr Pepper if he wanted. A-dorable.

Sure Shot

Never fear. Mark Spiegel is not as crazy as it would appear from this picture. He’s a Young Life Wilderness Ranch guide who, at this moment, had just taken a few teenagers through some target shooting. I’d like to think that this is NOT a representation of some sort of vendetta taken out on the good Doctor. I’m sure the coolest kid had a DP in his backpack instead of boring water and took great pride in offering the can as the ultimate sacrifice. IHGB reader “Killer” (and Young Life Area Leader) sent the photo in to be considered as a finalist. His wife assures me that “Killer” is not his given name and that he is a big fan of the website. I’ve always wanted a friend named Killer. Let’s cross that off the Bucket List.

Sweet Child of Mine

No, this is not my kid, but he was born on my birthday, therefore, we are kindred spirits. One day, when he can comprehend more than the weird beings on Yo Gabba Gabba or when he can read this post for himself, I’ll tell him how he was so sweet as the baby Jesus in the church play. Scott and Carol took this amazing photo of their son Trent in front of an old fashioned Dr Pepper sign…the GOOD STUFF from Dublin.

There you have it! Please take the time to vote and spread the word. As you know, the one with the most votes (via comment section, Facebook or emails to me) will be the winner of a year supply of Dr Pepper. I will announce the winners on MONDAY!

Good luck!


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