28 facts gleaned from Our Host Chris Harrison

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As most of you know, last week I met Our Host Chris Harrison at a book signing event. Before I made a complete fool of myself babbling on about my hatred for green beans and The Associated Press article, I sat entranced for 47 minutes as Harrison regaled us on his greatness. Here is what I gleaned from that experience.

Harrison decided to write The Perfect Letter after sharing three bottles of cabernet with Nicholas Sparks—romance novelist extraordinaire.

The book is set in Austin, Texas because Harrison is a wise man.

The name of the lead male character is Jake. He claims it’s not Jake Pavelka. Having read the book, I can confirm that Book Jake is not a pilot, nor does he build gazebos in his spare time.

Leigh is the main female character. She is a culmination of a lot of women in his life. My middle name is Leigh. Coincidence? I think not.

The love scenes were delicate balance between 50 Shades of Grey and Nicholas Sparks novels. He said they were the hardest parts to write. He would send paragraphs to trustworthy women, asking them to provide feedback. I assume my email was lost in cyberspace.

The first cocktail parties of The Bachelor/Bachelorette have been known to tape well into the morning. During one shoot, they were serving breakfast when folks left.

The casting department and producers were pretty much split down the line choosing Kaitlyn or Britt as the next bachelorette. Mike Fleiss made the call to use both women.

The mansion is an actual house they rent each season. A three-car garage is used as the control room.

The Bachelor will always be his preference over The Bachelorette because that’s where it all started.

Women make much better TV than guys do.

He does “take it all in” when on location internationally. He never mentioned a traveling entourage, but I’d be willing to bet that Roberto is on the list.

If he had to cast himself in a movie, he would choose Denzel Washington.

The bachelor/bachelorette has virtually no say when it comes to casting.

You have to pass a blood test and background check before you can go through casting.

After 13 years of doing this show, he can sense the crazy.

But sometimes, crazy can disguise itself as smart and educated with a good story. Case in point? Kelsey. According to Harrison, what happened with her last season was television GOLD.

The genius of the show is the fishbowl environment. If someone takes away all your vices, forcing you to sit with your thoughts, raw emotions bubble up. You can’t fake your way through the show.

Harrison knew about Playboy Jade’s nude photos. He never saw the pictures. But didn’t look away when a friend pulled them up on his phone.

ABC would like a racially diverse bachelor/bachelorette. Marquel was a high contender, but Harrison confessed that he’s not good with women. Ouch!

Harrison would never be the bachelor because he doesn’t like to live his life out loud. Also, he wouldn’t want to share a hot tub with a camera man.

When the show first started, social media wasn’t even a blip on the radar. Now, spoilers are inevitable. What Harrison doesn’t understand is why someone would want to tear something down that others worked so hard to build. He had one answer that made sense: people suck.

Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern are huge fans of the show. In fact, they call each other on the phone so they can watch it together.

ABC will always recycle contestants to be the next bachelor/bachelorette. They do this because we are already invested emotionally—whether we love them or hate them.

There will never be a celebrity version of The Bachelor.

Juan Pablo was good television, but he was a horrible bachelor because he was too controlling.

Harrison truly believes that if you give yourself up to the process and let go, the show can work for you.

His faith is important to him.

According to my recording, I laughed out loud 12 times from Chris Harrison’s sarcasm and wit.

Bonus: His eyes are everything I imagined they would be.

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