A conversation with my mother

Me: “Hi Mama. I’m excited to come home this weekend for Daddy’s birthday.”
Mama: “Me too. We are going to have so much fun.”

Me: “What time will we be celebrating tomorrow? For lunch or dinner?”
Mama: “Well, you’re Daddy’s going to be blowing up a beaver dam tomorrow night, so dinner’s out.”

[Pregnant pause…]

Me: “What are the odds that a beaver dam crops up in not one but two conversations this week.”
Mama: “Huh?”

Me: “Oh nothing. So…how does one blow up a beaver dam? With dynamite?”
Mama: “No. I think that’s illegal.”

On my honor as a part-time blogger, I pledge to do whatever it takes to fully provide a detailed report on the blowing up of the beaver dam. I promise no beavers will be injured in the process. Just their dams. Here’s hoping I can secure some video. Wish me luck.


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