A list of thanks: 2011 Edition

1.   Psalm 139

2.  When creativity strikes unexpectedly

3.  FaceTime with my niece and hearing her say, “Hi Swink!”

4.  The Puppini Sisters

5.  Starbucks white hot chocolate

6.  Holiday-themed Oreos

7.  Red velvet cupcakes with white icing

8.  Clearly anything that belongs in the sugar family

9.  Spanx

10.  Someone singing “America the Beautiful”

11.  Blood bait and worms for cat fishin’

12.  Bubble gum

13.  iTunes gift cards

14.  Toes in the sand

15.  Sunsets

16.  The hot men featured in my Hall of Fame (see here, here, here and here)

17.  My Mama’s compassion and fashion sense

18.  My Daddy’s strength and love of fire

19.  The Hunger Games trilogy

20.  Air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter

21.  Drinking milk out of a stemmed crystal glass

22.  Stamps in my passport

23.  My readers who participate in giveaways and photo contests

24.  My readers who participate at all

25.  My readers

26.  Movie screenings

27.  My Mac computer

28.  A fulfilling job

29.  My red flannel pajamas

30.  A good two-stepping song and a guy to twirl me around the dance floor

31.  My cowboy boots

32.  God’s sovereignty

33.  Chick-fil-A nuggets and sweet tea

34.  Sweet friends who love me dearly

35.  An amazing family who supports me every step of my journey

36.  I’m happy to celebrate 36 years of life on this earth.  TODAY is where my book begins.  And for that, I’m truly thankful.


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Happy Birthday, Lincee…


Happy birthday!! Tell us more about this white hot chocolate you speak of!

SGT Cole
SGT Cole

Happy B-Day Slink. My mom turned 60 today. I miss you cuz.

Ruth Rutherford

Um… #12 caught me off guard! You southern girl, you.

Have a great birthday! Love your blog.


Happy birthday! I hope that this next year is everything you pray for!! :0)


Amen to all of the above…but especially #33 & #34…and if they are joined together, so much the better!!

Happy Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for pouring so much of yourself into this fun/quirky/inspiring thing called your blog. I love reading it. Each post is a new kind of fun for my brain!

Julie Dolson
Julie Dolson

A book????!?!!!! I’ll be reading that. Good. For. You.


A new chapter! A new page stretched out before you as an ocen of hopes, dreams and possibilities!

Happy Birthday Lincee!


Happy birthday Lincee!!!!!!


you are awesome. Glad we are friends. Thanks.


Happy Birthday and thanks for generously sharing your awesomely hilarious take on life with us! I hope that you’re overwhelmed (in a good way, of course) with all sorts of unexpected blessings!


Thanks for the birthday well wishes!


You bring hilarity and joy to my life… thank you.


I’m late but happy birthday, Lincee! Hope it was great and that you have a fabulous year!


Happy Birthday! I so enjoy reading your posts! Keep up the good work! I totally agree with #1. Psalm 139 and 332. God’s sovereignty. Oh! and the Chick-fil-A nuggets. Sadly we do not have one where I live!