A list of thanks: 2012 edition

1.   Exodus 14:14

2.  Performing on a stage

3.  My niece singing “I’ve Got the Joy” in the voice of the Big Bad Wolf

4.  Listening to live music

5.  Ice cold Diet Dr Pepper

6.  Gummy peaches

7.  The fact that gummy peaches are “fat free”

8.  My brand new red Nikon camera

9.  Flip flops

10.  A flying American flag

11.  Liberty

12.  Fishing at sunset

13.  Sheldon Cooper

14.  Candles that smell like Thanksgiving

15.  Windows rolled down

16.  Shazam

17.  My Mama’s lasagna and love for me

18.  My Daddy’s bravery

19.  The Outlander book series

20.  Jeep Wranglers

21.  Drinking straws

22.  Traveling to a country I’ve never visited before

23.  IHGB readers

24.  People who laugh at my jokes

25.  The fact that The Bachelor continues to provide banter for said jokes

26.  Acappella music groups

27.  My pillow

28.  Star of Hope Women’s Shelter

29.  Two-stepping music

30.  Revlon lip gloss

31.  My new red cowboy boots

32.  God’s grace

33.  Fired tacos

34.  Sweet friends who love me dearly

35.  An amazing family who supports me every step of my journey

36.  The love of Jesus

37.  I’m happy to celebrate 37 years of life on this earth.  TODAY is where my book begins.  And for that, I’m truly thankful.


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