A List of Thanks: 2013 Edition

1. John 3:30

2. The Broadway stage

3. FaceTime with my niece

4. Mumford & Sons

5. Surprise birthday parties

6. Cupcakes and sugar cookies

7. T25

8. Disney World

9. Wade Kinsella

10. Wade Kinsella on my DVR…FOREVER

11. American soldiers

12. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

13. A decade worth of Bachelor recaps

14. The Divergent series

15. The love of Jesus

16. Supporting JD through Africa New Life

17. My Mama’s zest for life

18. My Daddy’s zest for burning things

19. My sister’s support

20. Learning how to play the ukulele via YouTube

21. New York City

22. Michael Buble’s Christmas album

23. IHGB readers

24. IHGB commenters

25. A website that allows me to tell my story

26. Infinity scarves

27. God’s grace

28. Manicures and pedicures at Star of Hope Women’s Shelter

29. Guys who know how to two-step or waltz

30. Tylenol PM

31. Pens with green ink

32. A good laugh on a back porch

33. The opportunity to teach the Bible on Wednesday nights

34. Yoga pants

35. Sweet friends who love me dearly

36. An amazing family who supports me every step of my journey

37. The love of Jesus

38. I’m happy to celebrate 38 years of life on this earth. TODAY is where my book begins. And for that, I’m truly thankful.


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