A list of things I’m thankful for…

1. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

2. I live in a country where I can vote.

3. Dr Pepper

4. A group of ladies who celebrated me last night with ice cream cake.

5. Gummy Life Savers

6. A job that allows me to travel the world and the United States

7. Crossing Pennsylvania off of my “US States to Visit” list

8. Wind-resistant thermal coveralls

9. The gorgeous sunny weather outside my window

10. Making my sister snort when I say something funny

11. Ranch flavored Pringles

12. The group taken hostage aboard the Missouri Battleship that needed to be saved and the only way to do it was for Lieutenant Steve McGarrity to take his shirt off, swim in the ocean and climb up said battleship which made his muscles ripple. I don’t remember the rest of the rescue plan but that Hawaii 5.0 episode will never be deleted from my DVR.

13. Charlie Brown cartoons that air on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

14. Advil

15. Toilets that flush

16. My Daddy answering the phone, “Greetings child.”

17. My new pumpkin spice candle

18. My new website that will hopefully be launched in the next couple of weeks! (fingers crossed)

19. European vacations to Prague, Vienna and Budapest

20. Detouring to Austria to go on a “Sound of Music” tour. (Don’t think I’m not going to sing every word of every song. Yeah. I’m THAT tourist.)

21. Readers who participate in my Great Debate category.

22. Readers who participate in any post.

23. My readers.

24. Hearing someone say, “You’re that girl who writes that green bean blog?”

25. Freshly sharpened number two pencils

26. Carrie Underwood singing “How Great Thou Art” on my iPod

27. Damon Salvatore

28. Hearing my niece say, “Wow!”

29. Fake hair and false eyelashes

30. Movie theater seats that recline

31. Grilled cheese sandwiches made on an actual grill

32. Mixed CDs from friends who know my love for music

33. Isaiah 55:8-9

34. Those Winklevoss twins for thinking up the Facebook idea and Mark Zuckerberg for actually developing the program. Otherwise, I would not feel so hugely blessed by all of the birthday well wishes on my wall!

35. I’m thankful for 35 years of life on this earth. TODAY is where it all begins. Buckle up! It’s going to be a fun ride!


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