A list

1. I saw Thor last night with my friend Todd. It was hard to refrain from “woo hoo-ing” the screen when Chris Hemsworth was shirtless. I also saw trailers for The Green Lantern and Captain America. It was hard to refrain from “woo hoo-ing” the screen when my fake boyfriend Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans were shirtless. Finally, I saw a trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: part whatever. I did not abstain from woo-hoo-ing Jack Sparrow because he is one of my favorite characters of all time, along with Carol Burnett’s Ms. Hannigan, Chandler Bing and Eddie from Christmas Vacation.

2. The ceiling of the elevator in my building is actually a mirror. Sometimes (read every time) when I go in the elevator and I’m alone, I look up.  Things seems to…shift…and I suddenly see a younger version of myself.  I smile, knowing that girl probably owns a Jeep Wrangler and writes on her blog as a full-time job.

3. I am obsessed with any news that consists of casting the Hunger Games movie. You haven’t heard about the Hunger Games trilogy? Never fear. Run to your local Target and look for the books in the tweeny bopper section. It’s probably past the Harry Potter series, but before you get to the Twilight saga. If you can’t find it, check the end cap next to the Justin Bieber shrine. If you see Water For Elephants, you’ve gone too far.

4. I wore flip flops in New York City. Is that gross?

5. I’m considering this photo as my next Facebook profile:

Thoughts? Yes, I do have a Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirt on. So what? I was in Disney World and that’s what you do when you are there. Yes, it appears I have wings sprouting from my Army hat. Thor would totally love it. No, I have not lost both of my ring fingers in an unfortunate accident. I was copying what Steven Tyler did in the pre-show of Rockin’ Roller Coaster. I’m so much cooler for knowing this hand gesture and pray that it’s not an official gang sign.


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