A man and his fedora

IHGB reader Shawna was kind enough to gently remind me that we are T-minus ONE DAY until the TV return of everyone’s favorite con-man Neal Caffrey!


If this isn’t enough to make you tune in to the USA Network for the premiere of “White Collar,” perhaps I can appeal to those of you who are children of the 80s.


That’s right!  Kelly Kapowski graduated from Bayside and became Mrs. Special Agent Peter Burke!


Not convinced?  How about a Stanford fix?  His name is Mozzie now…


And if the suit isn’t enough, perhaps the fedora will entice you.

New Hat

Come on.  Who can resist…that fedora?


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LOVE this show so much! So happy it’s back tomorrow!


Ohmygah, I got a shout out and everything! So glad we share an intense mutual love for Matt Bomer, er, Neal Caffrey and all of his impeccably-tailored-suit-and-fedora-wearing glory. It’s like Christmas came early this year. xo

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