A recent conversation with Daddy

***Note to reader:  my sister had the cutest baby known to man yesterday and my father, who even though we lived in the same house for 20 years, only went upstairs twice to “raise his eyebrow” at Jamie and I for jumping on the bed, has barely left the hospital.***


Daddy:  Hello?

Lincee:  Hi Daddy.  What are you doing?


Daddy:  I’m up at the hospital.  I held the baby for 30 minutes.  You know…

Lincee:  Awwww!  She loves you!  Are you holding her now?


Daddy:  No.  I’m in the hallway. 

Lincee:  Why?  Bad phone reception in the room?


Daddy:  The latex nurse is in there. 

Lincee:  The what?


Daddy:  The latex…the lack-test…the lack…the milk nurse.

Lincee:  Easy for you to say.


Daddy:  Whatever.


You have him wrapped around your finger Addison.  Rock on girl!


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