All I want for Christmas: Volume 3

Dear Santa,

You recall my undying love for The Notebook, right? How could you forget? I wrote you about 700 letters in 2004 asking you to please bring me both Noah Calhoun and a copy of the DVD for Christmas.

I’m still waiting on that first request big fella. Any day now would be great. Thanks.

As I was saying, The Notebook is forever burned in my being as Nicholas Sparks’ greatest movie adaptation to date. By a long shot. I have a pretty convincing PowerPoint that unequivocally proves this fact. It begins by admitting that Message in a Bottle was a great first run. But then the franchise suffers. A Walk to Remember? Depressing. Nights in Rodanthe? Didn’t see it. Sure Channing Tatum gave me great hope in this scene from Dear John:

…but the chemistry between Dear John and the girl from Mamma Mia just wasn’t there in the bulk of this film. And then last year, the studio cast Hannah Montana to be the star in the Last Song. I laughed and simultaneously cried all the way out of the theater. Such potential wasted. How very sad. (I pray that Liam Hemsworth’s participation in that movie doesn’t ruin Gale for me forever.)

I’m sure you’re wondering when I’m going to get to my point? No problem Santa. Here it is. I would love to see this book in my stocking this year:

Just so I can understand what this clip is all about. I might need to make adjustments to my PowerPoint:

And maybe you can send some medication that makes me not have a school girl crush on Zac Efron? Because at my age it’s getting a little skeevy.



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