An email to my co-workers

Dear Work People:

The sound you just heard from the break room was me gagging. I’m so sorry about that. I took the liberty of throwing out the majority of the Tupperware containers in the refrigerator.  The mold on on the inside hindered me from identifying the original contents.  There’s no way I will allow the person who belongs to that Tupperware take the monstrosity home and try to scrub away the filth.  I’m sorry.  It was ingrained in the plastic.

There was also a nice little surprise in a Pappacito’s styrofoam take-home box.  It was sealed tight in a plastic bag.  Why on earth I decided to open the bag and investigate is beyond me, but I did.  The smell that wafted from said bag was indescribable.  There were no words.  That is why I had to literally go primal and make a guttural noise.  Obviously, the bag was thrown in the trash.  Good luck janitor lady.

All this to say, if you are looking for your Tupperware from four months ago, it died a slow painful death and was laid to rest today.

You are welcome.



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