And All That Sass

Being single in your 30s.  What a life!

It’s a special season when you find yourself eating from a drive-thru menu more often than your kitchen table because it’s cheaper than buying groceries and is less taxing than washing dirty dishes.  Embarking on a road trip to a not-too-distant dive bar in order sing along with a classic country artist from 1982 is not unthinkable just because it’s a week night.  And instead of posting an adorable picture of a Halloween costume constructed in 15 easy steps using household items (thanks Pinterest!) on Facebook, we singles post pictures of our new baby…darling boots we just scored on sale at because we are too busy being fabulous and single to shop at real stores.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  There are a few lows living in the single world.  And those lows come in the form of online dating.  But with every low, there’s an incredible opportunity to grasp that silver lining, turn that annoyed frown upside down and use the moment for good.

We must blog about it.

My friend Sarah has MASTERED online dating and is conveniently sharing her wisdom. For those of you reading who are not single, trust me.  You must commit these online dating DON’Ts to memory and share them with the single men in your life.  Then we will all join hands, send up a prayer and trust that the good Lord is preparing a manly man for me who has never, ever considered taking a profile picture of himself touching a pair of what appears to be a statue of large testicles.

Oh yeah.  This is happening.  Click HERE to read all about it.


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