Another Week…

I’ve just learned that the Country Music Awards are tonight and the Bachelor will NOT air on ABC. We will have to wait and ENTIRE WEEK to see what happens in the super exotic suites during the super exotic fantasy dates. To forgo or not to forgo…that is the question.

In the meantime, feel free to check out some pictures of my recent trip to Cali. I’ll spare the ones of all the oil rigs and concentrate on the Disneyland detour. I was roaming down Main Street when I spotted a sign. Edyta and Joey from Dancing with the Stars would be performing that day!

I’m a fan of the show. Sort of fan of Joey (whoa). I wish he would loosen his face up a bit when he performs. But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EDYTA! And the two of them together are fabulous! They taped the show for Tuesday’s airing. I’ll be one of the crazy people in the ginormous crowd that gathered. Unfortunately, I didn’t get picked to hold a “Canada Loves Joey” sign, so you’ll have to spy me.

Oh…and check out Edyta’s legs. Mine look just like that…


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