Are you that girl who hates green beans?

Who would have ever guessed that my Mama forcing me to eat green beans as a plump teenager would result in a huge part of my identity as a grown-up? Certainly not me.

I remember the first time someone talked about my blog in front of me. I was introduced at a work function to the president of one of the Zale Corp. branches. We exchanged pleasantries and then she noticed my badge and my freakishly spelled name and proceeded to flip out that she was talking to the girl behind that “green bean” website. I couldn’t stop blushing. It was the weirdest thing…ever.

Name recognition soon turned into friends pimping me out to their friends. I’d meet “fans” at parties or at church and the weirdness would wash over me again. The friend who knows me would raise her eyebrows in wonder as if to say, “I don’t know Lincee. She’s in my book club. I said I knew you. Like really knew you and proved it by showing her your cell number in my phone and the next thing I knew, she’s offering to babysit my kids for free if I introduce you. So I took her up on her offer. Now stop acting like an idiot and talk Bachelor woman!”

Face recognition really takes it to another level. It truly throws me for a loop. Just last week, my firm was hosting the Greater Houston Prayer Breakfast at 6:45 in the morning. I was hovering around the registration table and a gentleman comes up to me and says, “Are you Lincee?”

Figuring he was from the media, I said yes and started to explain the agenda for the morning.

Lincee: “Yes! If you follow me…”
Stranger: “My wife and I read your blog all the time.”

I know he thought I was a complete idiot for standing there with my mouth wide open, trying to figure out what exactly was happening. I’m in event mode. I’m in media mode. And this random dude stops me in the middle of an early morning event to tell me he reads my blog?


I couldn’t stop giggling like a dork. Turns out, he’s not a random dude at all. HE’S A FREAKING JUDGE! Of the 234th District Court of Texas! Good Lord. He was in the front row VIP section of the seating chart. Judge Rondon and his wife read my blog.


About six months ago, I posted my service testimony (CLICK HERE). Intrigued by my story, a woman named Amy reached out to me to see if I would share at her church women’s retreat. I remember being humbled by the request and wanting nothing more than to stand before a room full of women to talk about service.

So I did.  They let me have a microphone.  And a stage.  You know how I love  stage…

I’m not sure why I crossed my arms like this, but I don’t remember it feeling awkward at the time. It was probably the part where I talk about my ugly truths and I felt intimidated.  Looking back, I probably should have hidden behind that podium.

This is Lauren and Amy.  They were retreat coordinators and did an amazing job the entire weekend.  Both follow the blog.  But now, I consider them friends. Isn’t life interesting?  We were strangers months ago.  Now, I’m pretty sure either would let me sleep on their couch if I was ever in Frisco and needed a place to crash.

This is Alyssa, Nicole and Alisa.  They also follow the blog and asked me to take a picture.  This has happened to be only once before, and I’m pretty sure my buddy paid that person to pretend to be a fan.  This photo did not feel fake at all.  These girls were sweet enough to come find me and share fun, girly stories.  It was a precious moment.

This is me giving props to the One who makes all this happen.  Who knew hating green beans would take me from small town East Texas girl to thankful blogger who occasionally gets to be a speaker once in a while?

I know most of you come here to read rants and raves (mostly made up!) of The Bachelor.   I love writing about that show.  You know I do.  But what’s more important is that you keep coming back during the off season.  You follow me even when there are no posts to follow.  You somehow understand that I’m human and sometimes have to recover from a rough couple of weeks.  You email me funny links.  You comment on random posts.  You message me on Facebook and Twitter.  You visit me at the Offshore Technology Conference.  You stop me at events.  You praise my random thoughts.  You encourage me to write a book. You give me inspiration.

I never dreamed in 2003 that I would be where I am today.  Thanks for making me the blog girl who hates green beans.


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