As promised: Sergeant Cole Update

“My second and last tour of duty in Iraq is finally over. I am happy to be coming home. My family will have all of it’s sons out of this tragic country for the first time since the invasion in 2003. The 56th Stryker Brigade will be done with the various medical and administrative outprocessing later this month. After that, I am going to see the family for a couple of days, and then take a vacation out west with a friend. I especially want to thank the ladies who wrote in for Big Pimpin. It was my pleasure to get to know you all. Unfortunately, it did not work out with anybody in particular, so life goes on. Coming home to my family, and unhurt, is enough for me.”

Elliott sent several photos to friends and family the last few weeks in Iraq. At times, he would give his camera to one of the guys to take candid photos of the crew. One of them captured this moment and titled the photo “Relieved.” When I asked Elliott to tell me what was going on at that moment, he said that he had just finished his last mission and was grateful that everyone was going to be coming home in one piece.


I love this photo. I think it says so much. Of course he was relieved. He had a charge of men under him and each one will be hugging their families and loved ones soon. That’s why the photo is so incredible. And that’s why he is so incredible…because THAT is where his head and heart are…with his men. He did his job. He did it well. Everyone is safe.

God bless America!  And God bless YOU Elliott!


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