Perusing Athleta

I was introduced to Athleta a few years ago by my good friend Rebecca. Her sister was in town, looking super cute as always, and because I gushed and gushed about Melanie’s attire, Rebecca told me that she shops at Athleta. You know, that store owned by the Banana Republic people.

Why no, I did not know the store called Athleta owned by the good folks over at the Banana. I knew they were in a clothing family with Gap and Old Navy, but Athleta had eluded me. Rebecca wondered why I had never noticed the circular pinwheel logo with ATHLETA written bigger than Dallas on one of the tabs of the Banana’s website. I was intrigued so I checked it out.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that my entire wardrobe could never come from Athleta. Let’s put a pin in the fact that it’s on the expensive side and concentrate on the actual items sold. No one would ever believe I was that sporty. And I’d feel like a poser if I wore their garments each and every day.

What I did purchase a few months later was a pair of yoga-type pants WITH POCKETS that I probably wear three times a week in the cooler months. In Texas, that’s January and maybe February. I also wear these pants on airplanes or long road trips. They are my absolute favorite. In fact, I’ve been on the hunt to find the exact same pair in a color other than black.

My other garment from Athleta is a skirt that is sporty. I could be one of those women who plays tennis during my lunch hour, or I could be just a cute lady who doesn’t want to wear shorts, but doesn’t want to dress up either.

Sometimes I feel like I’m an “Athleta girl” when I wear my two items of clothing purchased in their store. Then the marketing people send me their catalog and I’m reminded that the real Athleta women live their lives just as I do. It’s refreshing to know I have so much in common with the models. For example:

Exhibit A: My hair always looks this good after a leisurely afternoon of paddle boarding. Just a little sunlight, sand, and surf, and I’m good to transition from the beach to dinner in minutes.


Exhibit B: After a long day of catching some waves, I like to relax with a ice cold coconut shell of milk. I smile because my really cool necklace I found in Bali last year didn’t fall off when I was shredding the Big One.


Exhibit C: Hovering brings joy to my life.


Exhibit D: Finally! A line of athletic clothing specifically structured to help me climb waterfalls. Take that Fabletics!


Exhibit E: This is exactly how some girls used to look at me in high school. Now I too can judge others silently in matching mean girls bathing suits!


Exhibit F: All I want is a sports bra that doesn’t show my boobs and some biker shorts that cover my butt cheeks when I stretch upside down on the boardwalk. Is that too much to ask? Bonus points if I can score headbands in multiple summery colors.


Exhibit G: If I had a dollar for every time I had to find a piece of driftwood to use during my morning exercise routine at dawn, I’d have enough money to buy another exercise outfit from Athleta.


Exhibit H: This skirt is similar to the one I mentioned before. I often pair mine with various bikini tops for early dinners. It’s important for me to show off my abs, since I put in all that hard work.


Please tell me I’m not the only one who buys Athleta for the specific purpose of being comfortable in front of my computer. Should I drive myself to the beach in my favorite pants? Perhaps I’m missing something. Galveston has a wall. I would be willing to try that upside down thing to see if something miraculous happens.


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