Attention PA readers…

A friend of Dr. Lieutenant Andy Baldwin just sent me some information regarding a fundraising effort that our favorite Bachelor supports. 

The good doctor is raising awareness of the serious effects of childhood obesity.  He began a health ride across the state of Pennsylvania with his dad Roy (how cute is that?) and other supporters on October 2.  The cyclists will end their trek TOMORROW at the picnic area of Fairmont Park in Philadelphia. 

They are all going to run up the steps like Rocky.  Is that not the coolest? 

I would totally run up those steps, find Dr. Lt. Andy and hand him an t-shirt with pride.  Then I would hug him and secretly feel his abs and arm muscles.  I would NOT sing “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong” and ask him to pick me up in his arms.  [I would secretly think about how wonderful that would be.]

Since I can’t be there, I would love for the PA readers to step in for me.  Bring a colorful sign that reads, “Lincee is your #1 fan” or “Andy hates green beans too!” and have our beloved Bachelor pose for a picture.  I’ll be your best friend forever.

If you are interested, details are below.  According to his friend, “It’s a good cause for a good guy.”

C’mon PA!  Support our favorite Bachelor!



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