Bachelor Farmer: Who will ride his tractor?

Bachelor Farmer

We interrupt my December holiday wish list posts for some breaking Bachelor Farmer news. ABC has finally posted the bios of 30 bachelorettes vying for the opportunity to secure a one-way ticket to LA, shake hands with Our Host Chris Harrison (lucky) and turn on the charm full force for the chance to be a Hot Farmer’s wife in Iowa. The website provides a quick glance of the ladies’ credentials before showcasing their head shot in bright tank tops and peasant blouses.

Naturally, I have thoughts.
Bachelor Farmer

bach 2

bach 3

What do y’all think? Who stands out most from this information alone? Who doesn’t stand a chance from this information alone?

Tomorrow I will share my top picks based on a quick glance of their photo and full bio. Here’s hoping one or two look like they would enjoy a rousing game of Ghost in the Graveyard every night for the rest of their lives.

You go Farmer!

UPDATE: Some Guy in Austin just posted his thoughts. Why yes, they are saucy…


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