Bachelor goulash – a little bit of everything in this post

My heart aches for the millions of people who are suffering and struggling in Haiti.  Whether it’s financially or prayerfully, I encourage you to support them in this desperate time of need.

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This week was chock-full of Bachelor related random news.  I decided to go ahead and throw it all out on the table so we can discuss the crazy train-wreck of a show we all love to hate on.  

Let’s begin!

Photo Surfaces of Roz’s Producer Snuggling Friend

Look at this!  He seems like a jolly good fella.  He seems to be happy and laughing.  We know he has a great job.  Wait—he had a great job at ABC.  He must be charming with a great personality in order to snag one of the hottest chicks in Jake’s harem.  True, he might be lacking in the integrity department.  I’m just saying.  But I have to admit that in the looks department?  Jake wins.  Those teeth.  Those eyes.  I know we can’t see them, but those abs!  TEAM JAKE!  

 Bachelor Bob Splits with Wife

 According to, Bachelor Bob has split with his All My Childrenwife.  The news story explains that they will forever be BFFs, still call each other every day, are saddened by the separation and neither have yet to file for divorce.  

 Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  

 Bachelor Bob is going to be joining the frivolity of those invited to THE BACHELOR PAD!  Or he’s gay.  I’m not sure.

 Speaking of…


 No one.  I repeat…NO ONE is as excited about this show as I am.  It’s going to be a gloriously embarrassing one hour each week that will both make me hide under my couch while shouting, “OH NO HE/SHE DIDN’T!!!” at the TV.  Can.  Not.  Wait.

 I can’t even begin to choose my dream team of contestants.  There are too many!  Off the top of my head, I would say Hotter than Crap Brad, Reid Kyptinite and Bob the Bachelor.  And don’t get me started on the girls…

 What do you guys think?  Will you tune in to this show?  If so, who are your picks?


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