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Tuesday, January 5, 2010 @ 03:01 PM
Author: Lincee

Let’s all follow the rules and only use the comment section HERE to post spoilers.  Please remember that I will NOT be reading them.  And please don’t email me any rumors or links. 

THANKS!  Have fun without me!


  1. Shelley says:

    This is fairly old news by now but too good not to share:

    There is a producer/bachelorette relationship. The question is, “When do we discover it?” I find it surprising CH has already confirmed the claims so early into the show! It convinces me it is PR!

  2. Cindy says:

    It’s suppose to be revealed next week. Reality Steve says it’s Roz. Who cares?

  3. Cindy says:

    The gals at FORT have been really busy. They know 3 of the four hometown dates and at least 2 of the 3 who go on FDs and where they go.

  4. Tina says:

    All I can contribute is what I’ve managed to learn by skimming thru FORT postings. They are saying it’s Gia, Tenley and Ali as the final 3 with the 4th finalist being either Corrie or Elizabeth.

  5. C List says:

    Has anyone gotten FORT’s episode-by-episode list of roses? I did very poorly in the first round of the Rose Ceremony Game.

  6. Heathagirl03 says:

    What is FORT?

  7. Heather says:

    I saw it confirmed that its Roz.

  8. Cindy says:

    Heathagirl03 – FORT is You click on Forums, the The Bachelor, then Spoilers and Speculations. There is all sorts of info there. If you don’t want to know how it ends up, do look there, because the gals there will have the F1 figurered out in a couple of weeks. It amazing how much time they spend sleuthing the Bach/ette.

  9. Cindy says:

    meant to say, DON’T look there.

  10. AggieM says:

    Reality Steve actually says there was no affair – it is being made up (surprise, surprise!). He is going to be giving more spoilers on his website tomorrow and he knows the winner.

  11. Mari says:

    Yes, Reality Steve and FORT are good places to look for spoilers, but you have to invest a large amount of time on both sites, sorting through massive amounts of crapola to find the juicy tidbits. FORT at least has the excuse of having a large number of contributors so it’s inevitable. But Reality Steve is so pompous and long-winded and jaded. He takes 7 pages to say one thing. Remember the whole Jason/Molly/Melissa debacle? I think I remember Reality Steve posting 3 ten-minute videos on YouTube just to tell us that Jason would dump Mel in the ATFR and start dating Molly. Ridiculous! I really don’t understand what his motivation is. Is someone paying him? Maybe Fleiss?

  12. old fan says:

    would love it if someone would wade through FORT and Reality Steve and recap for the rest of us !! Just do not have time! I bet I’ve spent over an hour today reading Lincee and all the posts!!

    Reality Steve must love knowing that people are reading him and that he’s got some kind of inside connection to this show. Long winded and pompous is right!

  13. Jenna says:

    You’re right on the money, #11! His whole mantra of being a “burr in ABC’s side” is getting old, along with his self-righteous, more-special-than-thou attitude. He’s like the kid who really got off on tattling on people in school.

  14. Tracie says:

    Unbelievable! Had I not watched with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed how many crazy women there out there! I actually began to feel sorry for men, in general – that they have to deal with such desperation. What a pitiful example of the female race! I am so embarrassed for my species. I cringed and watched most of the show covering my eyes screaming “NO!!!!” As I live in Dallas, I am used to seeing these “women” on the singles circuit in full cleavage-baring mode but even I had to admit that the dress code for the show has totally jumped the shark. Yet we still have the clueless few whom ABC has signed up for this season to be “fish food” for the Jake-hungry “seasoned” baracudas. The sales ladies who sold them those dresses should be SHOT. How these women can be so vested in this sad sap of a man is beyond me – I personally agree with Lindcee and would rather see Hotter-Than-Crap Brad shower again than make a play for ABC’s latest broken-hearted Bachelorette reject. UGH – if Jake proposes to any of these “ladies” I’ll eat my Body By Victoria Balconette push-up bra.

  15. JenKC says:

    #11 Old Fan – Agreed, someone PLEASE recap FORT’s spoilers as I do not have (as much as I wish I did) to read through all their sleuthing posts.

  16. Anony says:

    Agreed, Reality Steve is long-winded and pompous … but he’s been 100% correct with all his information.

  17. Cindi says:

    #10 Mari – get out of my head!!! I read Reality Steve occasionally and roll my eyes the whole time at how repetitive and verbose his posts are! SO TRUE!!! And he always goes on and on about how he has known such-and-such for quite awhile and kept his mouth shut blah blah blah…because he’s just so full of integrity blah blah blah………………….

  18. Shameless says:

    Long-winded and pompous….what a perfect and succinct description of Reality Steve! Thank you!

    I totally admit to reading his site, though. For shame. But when I’m done (five hours later) I print it out, take a red pen, and edit out 90% of the material. Then I write, “Yes, Mr. Steve, you are TOTALLY smarter than us widdle morons who believe everything ABC feeds us and believe this show is for real. THANK YOU for guiding us. Without you, we’d choke on our food and trip over our untied shoelaces” and send it to him to make him feel better.

  19. sharon says:

    You’d be far better to waste your time reading through the Fort threads than giving Reality Steve’s site any hits. He gets most of his ‘insider’ information from there anyway. And no, he’s not correct 100% of the time. He’s guessing and speculating for most of his crap.

  20. jammf says:

    I agree with all of you on Reality Steve; long-winded, pompous DB. But I got sucked in to his promise to spill all the dirt today. Here’s a summary for you. Roz and a producer don’t have a sexual relationship but the producer does become smitten with her. He confides some kind of secret info that isn’t allowed about the show to her. She was promised before she signed on to do the show that she would have phone contact with her son daily during her time on the show. This promise was broken. So she wanted out of the contract, and the show chose to make it ugly for her and also fired the producer for inappropriate behavior. The suggestion that they had sex is fabrication for ratings.
    The final four bachelorettes are:
    4. Ali
    3. Gia
    2. Tenley
    1. Vienna

    How was that for cutting out the superfluous bs?

  21. SC says:

    I just read it too… Vienna? REALLY? Ew. This show is so lame, don’t know how I get sucked in time and time again! Haha!

  22. Lindsey says:

    I also read Reality Steve’s post this morning… seems like he may very well be right, since he has been generally accurate in the past. It’s interesting to think, though, about Vienna (!) being the final 1 because the edit she got in her intro was SO NEGATIVE! How are they going to sew together the daddy’s girl dress-up-my-doggie crap with the squeaky clean man of integrity persona they’ve developed for Jake? I’m not a Jake fan, but I would hope that even he would be looking for someone whose priorities extended beyond canine mani-pedis and crashing all the cars her daddy has given her.

    Oh, and RS also said that Ali leaves voluntarily after the hometown dates, allegedly due to work commitments. I like her! My guess, if she really does leave, is that she figures out what she’s really gotten herself into isn’t so great and realizes that she can do much better!

  23. Leslie from Austin says:

    Thanks Jammf

  24. Claire says:

    Seriously, if Jake talks about having a bunch of first dates and not a lot of second dates, it stands to reason he is genuinely a big dork. Muscles and a pilots license can only get you so far. I’m surprised more of the women didn’t bow out. I’m interested to see how all this plays out.

  25. Magda says:

    Reality Steve used to have a VERY sarcastic and funny recap years ago – spit coffee out your nose funny… But since he started getting into all the political “insider” info crap – and being on some kind of crusade to “out” all the crap that ABC does to “fool” us – it’s not funny anymore. So I’m glad I found Lincee – who’s recaps are even funnier and does not try to be some overbearing know-it-all – but keeps it fun and silly. THANK YOU Lincee!

  26. BigRed62 says:

    I’m with everyone else. Reality Steve is a long winded blow-hard that likes to hear himself talk. However, he has pretty much been spot on with everything in the past. Vienna? Really? Yuck. One of my least favorite girls. And spoiled rotten. Can’t believe Jake would fall for that. Guess he really is a dork. I’m guessing Tenley will be our next Bachelorette!

  27. JenKC says:

    I don’t get why everyone likes Tenley…she just doesn’t do it for me, but Vienna is worse. Going into this season, I wasn’t a Jake fan, but at least thought they would bring out some women of substance for him, being such a nice, career minded guy. Instead we get Disney princesses and “homemakers.” Unreal.

  28. Shameless says:

    Tenley is, like most of the other women Jake kept around, a ditz who doesn’t seem too bright. What is with Jake picking all these flaky airhead giggly women of no substance? He obviously couldn’t get girls this “attractive” in normal life, and how could he possibly think they’d want to stay with him for the long haul? It seems so obvious that these are the types of women who are desperate to be on TV and just want to grab their 15 minutes of fame and then run once they realize the bachelor is a huge dork.

    Of course, I do think Jake is a DB who did EVERYTHING in his power to get on this show. He’s after the fame and exposure first and foremost, I think. But I also suspect (and maybe I’m naive here) that he is desperate and clingy enough to sincerely want to marry a girl and be done with it so he won’t be alone anymore or ever again suffer the humiliation of no woman wanting to go out with him more than once. If so, he is making some very poor choices!

    In short, I agree with #23 Claire that Jake is a big dork and I don’t foresee any of these chicks sticking around in the end. Geez, anytime I make a post over two paragraphs now, feel free to call me out for pulling a Reality Steve. :)

  29. Former Bach-ette says:

    So I just read Reality Steve and I believe every single word of it – Wow, didn’t see Vienna being the F1 – does she remind anyone of the crazy girl from Lorenzo’s season?? To me she is a dead ringer! Can’t remember the girl’s name but she looked nearly identical to her, was a rich daddy’s girl too.

    And I feel so bad for Rozlyn! She totally got used and abused. The producers are terrible about pitting the girls against each other -in fact that’s their job. I figured this out pretty quickly, so I got the girls together for a little pow-wow so that we all agreed to be open about things because we knew that if we let them play us against each other we would all end up looking bad. And then soon thereafter they rounded us up for a stern lecture about how we weren’t allowed to tell each other anything about our interviews under any circumstances! They tell you that everything that you tell them in your interview will be 100% confidential – a total LIE. I remember them telling me that and I laughed at them … what an insult to my intelligence to think I would believe that anything would be confidential when a camera is sitting in my face – yeah right. A good thing for the girls on this show to remember would be “anything that you say can and WILL be used against you!” I chose my words very carefully on that show, paid attention to how I worded things – I wouldn’t use certain words in any context because I didn’t even want them to have a sound byte. And then at other times I said things very quickly so that it couldn’t be spliced.

  30. Lindsey says:

    Former Bach-ette — I LOVE reading what you have to say here! Great insight. I know you’ve been around in these comments for a while and maybe I just missed this when you disclosed long ago — which season of the Bachelor were you on? (I totally understand if you’d rather not say!)

  31. Juno says:

    Wow. Vienna? A Vienna – Jake union has about as much chance of lasting as Matt-Shayne Lamas. No wait, that one had a BETTER chance because at least they were BOTH totally superficial and in it for the publicity. I can’t imagine Vienna accepting Jake’s proposal or Jake making one to her. I just can’t get an image…….arghhh…It’s just…wrong.

  32. jjax says:

    Former Bach-ette- yes, she reminds me of Erica from Lorenzo’s season. The one who created a line of tiaras after her stint on the show.

  33. Ear says:

    That stupid Erica didn’t seem like she could write much less turn a computer on!

    RS has been wrong before. He had ZERO insight into last season.

    Vienna is ugly. I can’t imagine he’d keep her around that long. Yuck. I shouldn’t have read this, I’m less excited about the season now.

  34. AggieFan says:

    I love spoilers, but #32 Ear I have to agree with you. I’m less excited. I don’t want Vienna to “win”. I think Tenley and Ali are the best choices for Jake….so far.

    Oh well, I will still watch and I will still enjoy Lincee’s blog!

  35. Mo says:

    @#32. He didn’t have much insight into last season and really didn’t say much about it. I don’t see how she was wrong, perhaps uninformed though.

    As far as the Rozlyn story I do believe it 100%, mostly because I remember hearing Megan’s (from last season) interview. She said they lied to her about her visitation and communication with her child. I can see how a mother would go nuts and need to be “eliminated” if she got so out of hand.

    As far as Vienna, I sure hope not. I think Jake is exceptionally boring and probably lacks good taste, however, even I would not have expected that. A friend said that guys like Jake, like girls who are needy and rely on them for everything. This is the only reason why I can see him picking her.

    Either way, I am sure each episode will be funny and exciting and Lincee’s recaps will be absolute money.

  36. Amazed at all of you says:

    I use to really enjoy reading all of your comments, but I have to say, this particular blog has gotten horrible. How can you create an informed opinion of someone based on 2 hours of edited TV where the person you are all commenting on was on air, what, 5 minutes total? Did she come off ditzy? Yes, but that’s what the producers what you to think. None of us know Vienna, and I’m pretty sure none of will ever get that chance. And to say she is ugly is just rude and unkind. Not everyone is blessed with external beauty or the ability to pay to be beautiful.

    My gosh people, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!

  37. heidi says:

    oh no! I wish I had the will power to not look at spoilers! Because if he picks Vienna… yuck! but yeah, Lincee’s recaps are always good, and who cares if the show is fake?!

  38. H-town Aggie says:

    Former Bach-ette… the CRAZY girl from Lorenzo’s season is Erica Rose, founder of the T-Ericas… for all the tiaras that she wore… Vienna does remind me a lot of her, probably why I don’t like her either.

  39. heidi says:

    the spoilers that have come out over the past few seasons really make me wonder about how much of this show is genuine human interaction and how much of it is staged or cut to make a story. maybe the beginning seasons were less messed with, but when that got old, the producers needed to do more to shake things up? That being said, I will still watch the show for the sheer ridiculousness of it and lincee’s blogs.

  40. Kak says:

    I read reality steve’s stuff and I’m sad that the F1 is Vienna. She is not his type. Our pilot Jake grew up down the street from me, graduating from the high school where I taught for many years. He’s a dork, its true. A good boy. And Vienna is simply not the type of girl he would bring home to mom. Amazing if reality steve is correct.

  41. Cindy says:

    guess we’ll all just have to sit back, fasten out seat belts, keep our tray in the upright position and enjoy the flight!! :) ( Sorry, couldn’t help myself!!!)

  42. SC says:

    awww, Amazed, c’mon. That girl is not nice She is vain, and shallow, spoiled, and silly. she openly brags about being a daddy’s girl and not having a job because of the senseless degree she got from college. No one is trying to be cruel, it’s like seeing Paris Hilton. Does anyone know her personally? Probably not. Do we all think she is a waste of time? Most likely. This site is supposed to be for fun and silliness, there should be no need for guilt trips.

  43. Mo says:

    Amazed, have you ever read the book “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell? You don’t need that much time to make a fairly accurate assessment of someone.

    The producers cannot make up the fact that she is unemployed, dresses up her dog and has mani/pedis with it, that she got totalled five cars and her father takes care of her. Vienna = giant mess.

  44. Lindsey says:

    Ditto, SC and Mo!

  45. Shameless says:

    Yes, Amazed. Because all the people who sign away their privacy and their rights to be on this show totally don’t want any attention or for anyone to talk about them, ever.

    Sweetie, it’s entertainment. Look at Lincee’s disclaimer. Obviously we don’t really know these people, nor do we believe ABC is portraying anyone (or anything, for that matter) in a realistic or comprehensive way. Whatev, it’s a train wreck of a show and we are going to enjoy ourselves here!

  46. Missy says:

    Ditto #41, #42 and #44 and Amazed, really, we can’t say we don’t think she is attractive? You may be right that we shouldn’t form an opinion about her PERSONALITY based on what we saw the other night, but we can sure as hell form an opinion about her LOOKS…

  47. Henry's Mom says:

    Like him or not, Reality Steve is usually right. I was going to skip this season b/c I am not much of a Jake fan and watching the show makes me feel like my brain is dissolving. But, since a lot of my friends watch, I will continue, using DVR, to watch and see if RS is right again. Besides, Bach and red wine after a long day aren’t so bad and I need water-cooler material for work. :)

  48. chris says:

    based on the premiere and the apparent final four. i just might be done with this show. ali is the only one i like AT ALL from the f4. seeing her cuteness might be the only reason i’ll stick around… and this show is the only reality show i ever watch.

    most of the girls were just freaks and desperate. as a single and straight man, i would’ve gonged (ala Gong Show) the majority after the introduction cheese.

  49. oklabachfan says:

    Did you all see Entertainment Tonight’s story on the Bachelor? Apparently Rosalyn is the one who had an affair with one of the show’s staff members. The story is continued on next Monday’s ET. Jake said that what we see on Monday is pretty much what happened and it wasn’t embellished.

  50. old fan says:

    ET had a lot of coverage….. Bachelor viewing will be way up! Thought it wasn’t an affair? Isn’t that what OHCH said in his blog?

  51. oklabachfan says:

    Maybe it was a tryst? But it seemed odd that the show was willing to spill the beans about this before the show even airs. It made me wonder if it was because Reality Steve had outed the inappropriate relationship between the staffer and the contestant.

  52. Mari says:

    If I were the powers that be at the Bachelor, and Reality Steve was out there ruining the surprise and and being his pompous, long-winded self, I would feed him a bad tip (i.e. that Jake chose Vienna) and demolish his credibility. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is the case. Otherwise, I can’t see why Jake would chose that individual. It’s a complete mystery to me.

  53. met0813 says:

    Jake was on Good Morning Texas on Friday morning. When asked, “Did it happen for you; did you find love?”, this was his response…after several seconds of hesitation, “You don’t HAVE to choose anybody at the end….and what I did was stay true to myself. I let my heart lead.”

    I’m hoping that means he didn’t pick any of the trainwrecks…I mean, lovely ladies. Or if he did, he doesn’t stick with her.

  54. CC says:

    @#27 JenKC. I’m so with you on that! I am completely lost on what people are seeing in Tenley. Ok, she’s a good girl – hasn’t been around the block etc. – but other than that… [birds chirping].

    For a guy, maybe he’d be drawn by a need to protect her (she seems so damn helpless and fragile!) but at some point he’s going to get tired of it and stray. It’s inevitable. I also got the sense that she’s overly emotional in a rebound kind of way. Is she really over her divorce from her ex? ;-(

  55. MarriedWithEyes says:

    I rewatched the 1st episode and forgot that Vienna was the one the felt up his abs right out of the limo and she is only 23……I am not sure I ever thought Jake was very smart in the love area but I think it is clear that she isn’t LIKELY to be the one for him.
    Also, it seemed like in the preview that Jake was sure he found his wife and hoped she would agree to marry her. If anything has happened I think it was post-filming.
    Part of me loves to know in advance so I can watch it unfold but not so much when the outcome isn’t what I’d want. If she wins it will teach me to embrace ignorance/innocence….

  56. JenKC says:

    I think RealitySteve is right….you could see it on Ella’s face that she knew it was because Roz wasn’t allowed to call her son. If going against your contractual obligations is considered an “inappropriate relationship” then The Bachelor and OHCH need to get some better story lines.

    I feel bad for Roz, she handled it VERY well considering the situation. I hope the truth (if it is the truth) comes out.

  57. adriana says:

    Man. If it’s true and Vienna is #1, then Jake is a bigger moron than I originally thought. Maybe the rest of the season will reveal something, but come on. Really? She’s so spoiled, and soooo young. There’s no way they’ll last if RS’s correct.

  58. MeInAZ says:

    I get the F1 spoiler and the other three. Seems like old news spoilers at this point. Does anyone have any spoiler details for any of the episodes? Surely there has to be Michelle drama. And, who gets asked to leave next week?

  59. Elisa says:

    Seriously, if Vienna is “the one” then he’s a moron and what little faith I had in the show (which is basically um… none. haha) is gone. Talk about an immature drama queen! Geez!

  60. old fan says:

    would someone please summarize Reality Steve or the FORT and give us the real scoop on Rozlyn….. thanks!

  61. JenKC says:

    From what I remember on Reality Steve:

    Before Roz came on the show, she was told that she could have at least a phone call a day with her 7 year old son. She was also told not to tell Jake that she had a son. When she didn’t get to talk to her son everyday, she threw a fit and said she would keep throwing a fit until she got her way (I don’t blame her). One ABC staffer apparently did have feelings for Roz, but there was NO relationship there. It is all for ratings. If you noticed during Roz and OHCH’s conversation, she literally thought it was about her having a boyfriend before taping. Don’t you think they would just come out and say that Roz and a staffer hooked up instead of saying “innappropriate behavior” about 900 times? Just my opinion.

    Also he mentions that the date at Sea World (I think) with Ella and her son next week was actually intended for Roz and her son. Ella goes home. RS also mentions about a date with 2 girls and both end up going home (don’t know when this happens).

  62. sprite says:

    #58 MeInAZ — Ella leaves next week after her 1:1 date at Sea World with her son. She does not get the rose on that date (which was supposed to be for Roz and her son but the father refused to sign his consent…I know…someone with sense). I hope that Jake give the kid back his toy just like Jilly gave Jake his wings back.

    Michelle is also gone next week. They have a group date at Jon Lovitz comedy club and when Michelle confronts Jake about kissing all the other girls and not her, he apparently obliges and she says “Is that all?” Personally, I would think all the girls would be saying that but to each his own… I believe it is at this point that we see what was shown on the preview for next week when Jake tells (probably Michelle), and this is paraphrased: “Then you might as well leave now”.

  63. RockStar says:

    I think Michelle should be gone — she is a dork and a whiner. She looks as if she sucks on lemons all day long and then amazingly, instantaneously, is all smiles whenever Jake shows up. I hope Jake sends her home soon and I’m surprised it’s taken this long. I couldn’t imagine being married to her. Misery

  64. Tracy says:

    So Chris says in his blog that Roz and this staffer are still seeing each other and that it WAS phyisical. Is that not true?

  65. C List says:

    @Tracy: I don’t know what to believe. I think the whole he said/she said that’s been going on today between ABC and Roslyn smells a little fishy. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, I’m sure. Or… It’s all bologna (Ros is in on it too), and once again we’ve been played the fool by the Mike Fleiss drama machine.

  66. Rachel says:

    If it’s true that Roz wasn’t allowed to speak with her son, why wouldn’t she say that? I watched her on ET and she did not once mention that she wasn’t allowed to speak with her son so she was kicked off. Are we to really believe that she would allow herself to be portrayed as a slut and instead choose to not speak up about ABC keeping her from calling her child? I find it hard to believe. Something just doesn’t add up…

  67. Mari says:

    I wanted to discuss this in the other thread, but I thought I might throw it in here. In the promo for next week, Tenley is shown as saying, “I’m pregnant.” Obviously, not true. The word on FORT is that it was just a lame joke and that she probably did it at the urging of the producers. I think most of us have learned by now that if the Bachelor producers include something that potentially inflammatory in a tease for next week and actually show us who said it, it’s obviously not true. I just feel bad for Tenley for being a pawn in the producer’s ratings-grabbing scheme. Then again, she signed up for the show, so it’s her own dumb fault.

  68. CC says:

    I just watched the Insider. Apparently, the producer involved in the Rozlyn scandal is married. Rozlyn had no idea. I can only imagine what his wife is thinking right now. Her husband is unemployed AND he might have been cheating on her. Ugh.

    Also, sounds like the next person to get hit by the scandal train is Kaitlyn (is that her name?) Some pretty racey photos have emerged, Word to the unwise: If you have skeletons in your closet do not sign up for a reality show!

  69. old fan says:

    heard the producer was divorced about a year ago, but had a girlfriend who worked on the show. Now he has no wife, no girlfriend, and no job. But maybe Roz.

    love this train wreck

  70. JenKC says:

    so where’s the big spoiler from NayNay that was deleted on the other comment board?

  71. sc says:

    Nay nay told everyone that she couldn’t believe Jake picked Vienna in the end. Big spoiler.

  72. JenKC says:

    #72, yikes Nay Nay went for the jugular there.

  73. CC says:

    WebMAN… might want to have a link to the spoiler post showing up on every post about the Bachelor. New people who are just finding Lincee’s blog will not know what the rules were before they joined in. It’s possible that Nay Nay had no idea that there were rules. :-(

  74. Rachel says:

    Also, you do have to go back a few posts to find this one….

    So with all this dirt coming out, what do you girls believe? Is Roz guilty? I think she is…
    1. ABC would be setting themselves up for a wrongful termination…but then again, was the dude really fired or just asked to go on vacation for a bit? That would require mega bucks because his name has now been discovered and who wants to go through this public ridicule for a little cash.
    2. Why isn’t Roz defending herself better? Her attempts are pretty lame, but then again, she doesn’t look too bright.

    But with all this, I wonder why ABC left that cut scene sit out of the original viewing? Why not show how the other girls saw Roz getting a little to close to the producer.

  75. CC says:

    Apparently, Vienna has a boyfriend in Florida. See link below for photos of them getting cozy in Florida. This might explain why Jake cannot say that he has found the love of his life in any of the interviews. They are not together. He made the wrong choice.

    What’s even more interesting is that Vienna had this same boyfriend just before leaving for the show. Ed Swidersky all over again. So she must have signed up to get exposure. Poor Jake. I wonder what Jake is thinking now as he’s watching the show every week. Second guessing the women he sent home? I wonder if he’ll be cast on the Bachelor Pad.

    By the way, I read somewhere that Ali has or had a boyfriend too. Not sure if this is true or not but it would explain her decision to suddenly quit the show at the F4 stage for “work reasons”. :-(

  76. Tracy says:

    Are we 100% sure that he picks Vienna??? I just find that SO hard to believe! I mean, really Jake? Vienna?

  77. CC says:

    Hey all, I just saw a comment from one of Vienna’s friends claiming that this is an old relationship. S/he says Vienna broke up with the guy a few months before going to the Bachelor. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the tabloids to break the news at the end of the show. You know they’ll investigate – especially if she wins. :-(

    A part of me is wondering if ABC will re-edit the last episode or two to counter the information that’s now all over the internet. They still have plenty of time for editing. Will they make Jake do a Jason Mesnick switcheroo for the girl he now thinks he may have dumped prematurely? Who knows. Anything is possible.

    #78 Tracy… I too find it so hard to believe. I really hope it’s not true! Unfortunately, what I’m hearing is that the source (Reality Steve) has been accurate in the past. This time he claims to have verification directly from inside ABC. I suppose we can gauge his accuracy for ourselves as the show progresses.

    Here is what he said in advance of last week’s episode:
    -In this Monday’s episode, there will two group dates, and one 1-on-1 date. The group dates are to Magic Mountain and an “In Style” photo shoot. Rozlyn gets the rose on the “In Style” group date, Elizabeth gets the rose on the Magic Mountain group date, and Ali gets the 1-on-1, where she too gets a rose.

    Here’s what he said about next week’s episode:
    -In the third episode, there is a group date to Jon Lovitz’ comedy club in Hollywood, which I told you about a couple months ago. Crazy ass Michelle is on that group date, and at that point, Jake has kissed every girl who is on that group date. Michelle finds out about this, confronts him with it, asks him to kiss her, he does, and then replies with some sort of “That’s all I get?” Michelle is then done after the comedy club date. Not quite clear if she just leaves at that point, or if she doesn’t get a rose at the ceremony, but she is gone after episode three.

    -Also in the third episode, Ella gets a 1-on-1 date at Sea World with her son and Jake. Ella does not receive a rose at the end of this date and is sent packing. I’m hearing Jake essentially tells her she should be with her son, and not him. Ouch.

  78. old fan says:

    #77, CC – interesting link! absolutely unbelievable if he picks Viena. She looks better in that pic of her with the brown hair – her chest is HUGE in one pic, and not in another, LOL – and this makes me not want to watch, how could he pick her???

  79. Juno says:

    Maybe ABC caught on to who has been leaking stuff to Reality Steve and decided to dish out some misinformation? Not that I really care about who Jake ends up with, but Vienna does seem a little improbable, at least at this stage of the game. I’m not seeing Jake with anyone who has a tattoo, but of course that’s what I said about Captain Andy and Bevin made it to the final two. Maybe there’s some “wild child” kind of chemistry going on. I’ll watch because it makes Lincee’s recaps better, but when you don’t like the bachelor or any of the women, it makes the show a lot less interesting, for sure.

  80. Claiborne says:

    I just don’t understand why anyone would go on this show with a boyfriend OR with a job “they need to get back to.” Usually those two go together. Why doesn’t ABC have something about this in their contracts? Maybe they would have few attention seekers if they made it more difficult for these girls to leave and go home to their previous relationships.

    Why on earth would these girls want to be on the show if they have someone at home? Why are there so many young girls on this season? If ABC would cast women, they might end up with an actual happy ending.

  81. CC says:

    Just saw this –

    Ali for the next Bachelorette? I’m guessing it’s going to be Ali vs. Tenley. Team Ali ! (But I reserve the right to change my mind after I know more about her. :-) The details of how she dumps Jake after the hometown dates is still up in the air. Hmm… hometown dates…. I wonder if her family had anything to do with that decision after they met Jake.

  82. old fan says:

    CC, sounds like it’s Viena as F1, so not Ali vs. Tenley. Who would start a webpage campaign “Ali for the next Bachette?” Sure makes it seem as tho she wants another 15 minutes. But she’s still my fave so far …

  83. CC says:

    Old Fan, thanks! Well, let me be the first to point out that the informant of the spoiler about Ella going home after her date with her son was wrong. She DID get a rose!

  84. old fan says:

    ooooh, wasn’t that Reality Steve who said she goes home?? ha!

    haven’t seen the episode yet, can’t wait!

  85. Claiborne says:

    I can’t get on Reality Steve’s page. Anyone else tried the site?

    He was wrong about Ella. I hope he is wrong about Vienna, too. She is gross.

  86. Niki says:

    I’m trying to get on Reality Steve, no dice..he’s probably retracting the info or going to spin it into something else…in a 15 minute long rant!

  87. Claiborne says:

    I finally got through. I think there are tons of people going to it. I couldn’t find the original statement about Ella- but in one of the comments someone had it cut and pasted from his blog earlier in the week. He definitely said that Ella was going home- and she clearly didn’t. I hope this means he is wrong about everything.

  88. Drew says:

    Schadenfreude — n. what all of us are feeling at the sight of pompous RS being wrong about Ella.

  89. Anon says:

    Copied directly from Reality Steve’s website: (I love when he is WRONG)

    -Also in the third episode, Ella gets a 1-on-1 date at Sea World with her son and Jake. A date, coincidentally, that was originally planned for Rozlyn and her 7 year old son. Ella does not receive a rose at the end of this date and is sent packing. I’m hearing Jake essentially tells her she should be with her son, and not him. Ouch.

    -At some point this season, Jake has a 2-on-1 date and sends both girls home. Don’t know when it occurs or who the two girls are, but neither gets a rose. That I know. If I find out about who’s on that date, I’ll report it in a later column.

    -Ok, now for what you’ve been waiting for. Your final four are: Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna. I’m hearing Ali voluntarily leaves the show at this point for, I think, work related reasons. Whatever the case, she’s eliminated after the home town dates.

    -Final three are then Tenley, Gia, and Vienna. Gia gets sent home after the overnight dates.

    -Which leaves the final two of Tenley and Vienna. And in what has not been reported anywhere else, Vienna is Jake’s final choice. Are they engaged? Not sure. But he does choose her in the end over Tenley. I’m guessing he proposed, but not sure. I’d say that’s kind of a surprise because Vienna doesn’t really seem to be someone that anyone thinks of as a favorite right now. Well, she is. She’s the final one.

    So that’s the rest of your season. There will be doubters, there will be people from other boards asking me where I got my info, etc. It doesn’t matter where I got it from. I know what I know. This is how the final four shakes out. I didn’t base this off screencaps or facebook accounts or anything like that. This was told to me as what happens the rest of the season and I believe it to be 100% true. The next 6-7 weeks will prove me correct.

  90. adriana says:

    SOOO glad RS was wrong! I mean, I’d rather Ella go home – but OMG I don’t want Vienna to win! If he can be wrong about Ella, he could be wrong about Vienna! I’m rejoicing!

  91. SDF says:

    HAHAHHAH in YO FACE reality steve!

  92. Rachel says:

    It sounds like he gets his tips from the editor because Michelle didn’t NOT say “that’s all you got?” That was clearly dubbed. I hope they catch whoever leaked him that bad info. That guy is a pompous jerk. He doesn’t deserve all the attention- even if the show IS scripted and fake. I don’t watch it for romance anyways. I watch it for the crazies, which this season is FULL of!

  93. MaggieMay says:

    Can I join the ” I hope RS is wrong” club? I can’t STAND Vienna and I really hope she is not the winner. Actuallly at this point – I’m kind of hoping he pulls a Womak because they’re aren’t any of them I think are all that (including Jake!).

    I haven’t had a chance to check out his blog today, it will be interesting to see how RS spins the whole Ella is still there thing.

  94. heidi says:

    fingers crossed!
    his blog is down today. at least I couldn’t access it.

  95. Tracy says:

    So RS is claiming that HE misinterpretted the info and that Ella goes home this week. He is claiming his source was correct and that he is 100% sure of the final 4. There is also the story with photos of Vienna coming in with this other guy that is her boyfriend back home. The source publishing these photos has updated the story saying that the photos were from 2007 or 2008 and that was her boyfriend at the time. They can no longer prove that she has a boyfriend back home waiting.

  96. old fan says:

    how do we start a boycott of RS so he loses his “fan” base? seriously!

  97. Tracy says:

    Yeah, it really does take some of the fun out of watching…just SOME of the fun, I mean how can we not want to watch these stupid girls say how much they love the bachelor before they’ve even met him!?! It’s pure entertainment….as stated by the Producer Mike Fleiss!

  98. Rachel says:

    OMG- did you guys see RS’s site? I haven’t been there since his whole Jason-Molly-Melissa diatribe and the 5 hour long videos, but this last post was too much! I think my mouse broke just trying to scroll through it all. I do not understand why so many people read his crap. I kept skimmed through and he kept saying he was just “speculating” on some of the scenes. Ummm….so he’s just providing HIS opinion- much like we all can. So why do people spout him like the gospel? Because he’s had some good tips on what eventually happens? He never knows WHY it happens, or HOW it happens, just that it happens and he speculates the rest. I guess I just don’t get it….

  99. SusieQ says:

    I don’t know WHY some red-blooded American guy (realitysteve) is so hellfire bent on taking down Fleiss and ABC/the Bachelor. He really is vindictive, and there has to be some backstory there. I really wish I thought he was wrong about Vienna….and wish I didn’t read his spoilers so early on. I wonder if ABC is trying to find the person who is leaking this stuff to him. In my ideal world, his ABC “source” would have just given him enough info to make him appear mostly right on, and then totally screw him up for the last couple episodes. Alas, I think Vienna is the choice….

  100. rsfan says:

    I love reading Reality Steve and his stuff is dead on. He goes on to explain that he was not wrong but that he misinterpreted the information about Ella.

  101. rsfan says:

    I also do not think that he is pompous and long-winded. His blogs are very funny and enjoyable to read.

  102. JenKC says:

    ^^^^now Reality Steve himself is reading Lincee’s blog. Nice.

  103. SDF says:

    rsfan= Reality Steve LMAO!

    I love how RS wants to be out there and known- otherwise why would he have his own site about the Bach- but then b!tches about getting too many emails/FB comments. He spends 2 paragraphs telling his readers not to skim his articles. Really? What a d0uche! Clearly he was picked on as a kid, was told there was no Santa/Easter Bunny by some know it all kid and now has to prove himself by being the first to know what’s going to happen on a reality show. Pathetic.

  104. Rachel says:

    Thank you for the nice Monday morning chuckle rsfan. That was pure entertainment.

    SDF- I think that was the best part about his recent post was the 3 paragraphs (LONG paragraphs) saying not to skim his posts. Well I skimmed that and moved onto paragraph 4 and 5 and couldn’t find any meat and potatoes on my skim so I just gave up. Agreed- that guy has something to prove, and if he’s not paid to do it, he’s a bigger loser than I first thought.

  105. rsfan says:

    It makes no sense to me. If you guys all dislike him that much then why are you reading his blog and using his information to put on this spoiler page? You all make me laugh about this whole thing. He has obvioulsy proven himself correct over and over again.

  106. MaggieMay says:

    UGGGH!!!!! Well at least TWTA will be worth watching cause him picking Vienna sure won’t be!

  107. BA says:

    So Reality Steve is wrong again, no?? Didn’t he say that only Ella went home? He didn’t say both Ella and Katherine went home. If he is wrong again, that is 2 weeks in a row! I think that means we can safely say he might be wrong about everything!

  108. carried says:

    BA~ Actually, he did predict it. I’m not positive he said their names, but he for sure said there would be a 2-on-1 where both girls were sent home..

  109. BA says:

    Yeah, I just doubled checked! Bummer. I just don’t know what I think about Vienna. While I don’t love her, I don’t think she is as bad as she is being made out to be. Or maybe because I know she is F1, I am just looking for good stuff?

  110. Rachel says:

    rsfan- If you like Reality Steve as much as you say you do and agree with all he says, then why are you still watching the bachelor and visiting blogs about it? Same thing, no? It’s fun to make fun of things we don’t like.

    And just to clarify, I really don’t read his blog- I did read a few during Jason’s season, but then kinda regretted knowing what would happen. This season, I saw a few spoilers around the internet and decided to see what RS had to say, because he was the one everyone was quoting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it through ONE post so I’m not really sure what he wrote. Kudos to you for being able to read through all that crap.

  111. OKCBecky says:

    I keep hoping that RS is being punk’d by ABC and that eventually his predication that Vienna is the last one standing is just going to be wrong…. now, I’m not a hater of Vienna, I just think Tenley is a much better match for our Mr. Goody-two-shoes…. Unfortunately, it appears that once again, RS’s inside info is dead-on… crap.

  112. ahha says:

    What is weird about this show is that all season long they show the preview of the women tell all episode and Gia is in the very front. They spoil the show themselves. Strange.

  113. Amanda says:

    Is it possible that ABC is pushing all of this Vienna craziness to promote the new Bachelor pad show which she will probably be on?

  114. rsfan says:

    Reality Steve is right AGAIN!!!!!!

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