Bachelor Nick: Who will he choose?

We’ve reached the end of our journey. Let the record show that I have no idea who Bachelor Nick is going to choose, but I am quite confident someone will develop pneumonia from the frigid Finland winds.

I hope it’s not the loser.

It’s time for you to vote, dear readers. Remember, this is a spoiler-free zone. Go with your gut and let’s see what percentage gets it right tonight!

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Can Nick marry the limelight? I think that is his true love.


Agree, haha.


Bwahahaha. Betsy for the win!!!


Well, it’s safe to say this was a textbook season finale, without a speck of actual drama but lots of silly attempts to dramatize the inevitable. I always find myself emotionally manipulated into thinking “He should choose the other one that he definitely isn’t going to pick” whenever I watch the season finale. No matter what.