Bachelor in Paradise recap: Grace under pressure

Once again, I filled in for my friends over at Entertainment Weekly for last night’s Bachelor in Paradise recap. Please know that it is a FLUKE that I have covered the show twice in one season. I’m happy to help out where needed, but I love my recaps over here because I can keep my “Lincee-isms” I’ve developed over the years (read: decades). Some of you were missing those from the last EW recap. I made sure to squeeze in as many as could that would make sense from a broad perspective. See how many you can find!

I’ll give you the first one: The ABC Intern makes an appearance!

Come back tomorrow for the big finale recap! Who will be engaged by the end? Will Josh and Amanda? Will Evan and Carly? I think Grant and Lace are a definite yes. And clearly, Jennifer/Jen breaks Nick’s heart so we all feel sorry for him going into next season.


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