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Bachelor Recap: Episode 6

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 @ 02:02 AM
Author: Lincee

The recap will be up as soon as I finish convincing all the ladies in my office to braid their bangs. Come on! Everyone (in Costa Rica) is doing it!

In the meantime, feel free to discuss more important issues in the comments below. I’ll be posting this afternoon.

81 Responses to “Bachelor Recap: Episode 6”

  1. klh says:

    Michelle…..where to begin? I just don’t think she is really into him at all. I just think she wants to *WIN*! (And then immediately dump him.) She has never said she is falling in love with him, or even that she really likes him. I was shocked that she made it another week, but I guess I shouldn’t have been.

    And when she was giving lectures about the other girls (to Brad and the camera), it was as if she was describing herself. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  2. Juno says:

    I totally agree – we especially noticed that in one of the many interviews with Michelle last night, she said: “I want to be married . . . I want to fall in love . . . I want somebody like Brad.” Not Brad – somebody LIKE Brad.

    There are many who have surmised that Michelle is a plant. I won’t go that far, but I think she has decided to play a “role” and is having some hammy fun with it. Brad mystifies me – when he opens up to her about something that concerns him, her first response is “no, that’s wrong.” If he really is as therapized as he claims to be, that should have sounded all kinds of alarms.

    I’m still thinking it’s my dark horse fave, Shawntel, although I have to say that I’m really not seeing all that much chemistry between him and her – or really, for that matter, any of these women. Maybe its the lighting. Maybe its the fact that although Brad may be HTC, he is also MBTC (more boring than . . . . )

  3. Rcade says:

    So which ABC producer screwed up by showing us the Brad and half naked Michelle beach shots in the preview for Costa Rica last week? Did anyone else notice that? It kind of took the drama out of the final rose, not that anyone here would think Michelle was going home over Jackie, but we’d already seen that Michelle’s softcore beach romp with B-rad was yet to come. No more self-spoilers please, ABC!

  4. Jenny says:

    Juno, MBTC is perfect! I hate to feed the Michelle thing, but really all she does is talk about the other girls/ladies/women whatever and never asks him about himself. hmmm I wonder why you don’t “know him as much as you want to”?? This season there are several “dress fillers” (shout out to DP) and I predict Brit and hopefully Ashley will be next. Assuming Michelle beats him over the head with a club and drags him into the sunset.

  5. tlew says:

    braiding hair now, while awaiting the recap! :)

  6. renee says:

    I really felt the reason he sent Jackie home before Britt was so he wasn’t following Michelle’s orders in order.

    It’s like she is hypnotizing him. It is really weird that it is working. I think it will come down to Michelle and Emily.

  7. Aunt B says:

    I would braid my hair, but alas it would draw attention away from my naturally sagging boobs and focus more on my unibrow that is ever so delicately fashioned into two by the nail technician that works magic with a hot pot of wax…..only three dollars more, you know.

    At the cocktail party, was I the only one that noticed that the cameraman seized the opportunity to close in on Chantal’s whoha when during her alone time with HTCB? I’m pretty sure those weren’t black panties she was wearin’.

    I also got it that some one said, “you wanna take your top off?” during the promo for next week…..please, please ABC don’t let that happen….that much saline unharnessed on a tropical beach my just get Al Gore off global warming and on to another world crisis topic….oceans with too much salinity.

    Kudos to HTCB for deftly shuckin’ Wanky Eyebrows blatant moves on your parts (when she went to his room)….it gives me hope that he completely understands WE might just be a tad more cuckoo than the average bird….

    and for cryin’ out loud, ABC…..somebody take Britt off mute….

  8. Aunt B says:

    sorry for all the grammatical mistakes (on my post)…darn job required I take a phone call during my “comments” break.

  9. LASS says:

    Good call Aunt B. Does Britt ever speak?

  10. Juno says:

    Remember the silent guy from Jillian’s season? When he finally spoke, it was to tell her that he liked Mexican food! Let’s hope that when (if) we finally hear from Britt, it will be something with a little more substance (like…bears…or something).

  11. Jenny says:

    No, Britt doesn’t speak. She was channeling Barbie last night with her flowing hair and silence.

  12. witchy women says:

    Which bachelorette had the braiding skills? You know it was one of them and not an ABC intern….well maybe?
    How bad was Chantal’s cheetah dress? Sooooo New Jersey housewives! So much of last nights episode was painful to watch (hello Michelle!) The bug stuff was pretty hilarious.

  13. Jenny says:

    I believe they planted the bug on the table. It was the introduction to Alli’s fear that she would have to inevitably face on her date…

  14. Kim says:

    I think Emily has the braiding skills. She has a daughter and her hair seemed to be done before any of the other girls.

    Maybe Michelle and Kasey could hook up and make some crazies!! I can;t believe Brad stuck up for her on People and said she is not coming across as she is. HELLO! They may edit things, but she DOES say all that stuff.

  15. Zandi says:

    yes, she sometimes needs a little wardrobe help, but i’m TEAM CHANTAL!!!

  16. AmyA says:

    Ok, did anyone else think Michelle was out for a booty call?? she just wanted to make out, but Brad (or rather, the producers) didn’t take the bait.

  17. BA says:

    According to OHCH’s blog, it is MICHELLE who is branding everyone’s hair! He says that even though there is tension with her, she helped everyone with flat ironing and braiding their hair to combat the super humidity, apparently putting her hairstylist-skills to use. OHCH also mentioned that many of the girls thought Costa Rica was an island…..

  18. NYGal says:

    Perhaps Britt in not into Brad but is flying under the radar to extend her vacation.

  19. NYGal says:

    meant IS not into Brad…

  20. Jenny says:

    Question: Has Britt gotten a one on one date yet? I FF through a lot so i’m not sure if I missed it. But Chantal got her 2nd one on one, so how is that fair? Also, did anyone notice ABC caved in to our requests and displayed the age/occupation last night? And no shrink! yay!

  21. s2c says:

    I think the silent Mexican food liker guy was from Ali’s season. Not because I remember her so much as I remember the guys calling him ‘The Phantom” … :)

  22. Marus says:

    how awkward was it when Alli was going on about how someone can be really great and just perfect for someone else and not you.. and Brad was all, “Yeah, I know EXACTLY what you mean”….

    I like Shawntel. She seems to have her head on straight, she has a cool job.. i’m rooting for her.

  23. dancingqueen says:

    klh and Juno-My thoughts exactly.

    Brad-WTF? Why do you continue to keep Michelle around? She’s just in it for the game and you called her out several times last night for stirring up sh**. She is CRAZY! Enough of the “He’s Mine” already. Send her home!

    I felt bad for Jackie. She was looking very pretty last night. I thought Britt should have gone instead if he insisted on keeping Michelle.

    Go Shawntel!

  24. Marus says:

    also –


    Trust me. You don’t want to REPEL with the person you love.

    For the love of the English language. RAPPEL!!

  25. Travelbug says:

    Aunt B, your comments are too funny!
    I hate Michelle’s manipulation and the fact Brad allows himself to be sucked into it. It’s getting really boring to watch.
    I just about spilled my pinot grigio when Chantal said to Brad, “I Love You!”. Ugh–it seemed so insincere and weird.
    He seemed uncomfortable with Shawntel and her silent game.
    Brad just seemed almost not into any of it.
    And how awful was the slimy bat cave date!

  26. My Awesomeness says:

    I can’t believe how little I am invested in this season. Is it because I don’t care if Brad finds a wife? I am tired of the repetition, showing the same side of Michelle, over and over. You supposedly have so much footage…I would rather watch the ladies rappel or be goofy or deleted scenes! Flubs would be more entertaining.

    I am sure that Chantal was wearing a bathing suit under that shirt. Isn’t it mandatory that the ladies have a bathing suit with them on their amazing journey at all times?

  27. April says:

    1- I really don’t think he’s into Michelle. I think he lets her kiss him because A: boys let hot girls kiss them and B: he is scared of her. She keeps forcing herself on him and he just doesn’t know what to do with her.
    2- I like Shawntel but is it just me or was she looking kind of rough last night? I think the humidity is getting to the hair do. Much like Monica on that episode of friends.
    3- Emily is my favorite but I don’t think she’ll necessarily “win.” I do think that she is very possibly our next Bachelorette.

  28. Janice says:

    I have to say it….Does anyone else see Brittany from GLEE in Britt???

  29. Marus says:



    That must be why I really like her even though she never talks! (I love Brittany).

    Also – Britt was the only one who didn’t freak out at all over that bug. that also made me like her

  30. dancingqueen says:

    Oh and who wears sandals when exploring a cave?

  31. Yup says:

    A few shots of Brad’s package again last night…esp in the helicopter.

    Michelle is a jackwagon.

    I DON’T like all the uses of the word “amazing” and “OMG” and Brad saying “Good God!” hello!

  32. Jenna says:

    Janice – YES. I thought the exact same thing last night! If only she would actually speak and say something hilarious like Brittany. Like this gem: “People thought I was on vacation all summer, but really I was lost in the sewers.”

    I don’t know, I find Brad very intriguing, and not just because he’s super hot. I love that he has nice manners, and that he wants to really know these ladies and not just make small talk. I also liked that he turned Michelle’s little manipulative ploys back around on her – maybe he’s not as hypnotized as her as we think he is. Though I still think she’s a plant.

  33. Reno says:

    s2c – “The Phantom” ha ha, I remember him now!

  34. Yup says:

    Brad has to put his hands on every girls’ face when he kisses them. Stupid.

  35. Janice says:

    Well, when you kiss that many girls, you sort of run out of moves. šŸ˜‰

  36. Kim says:

    Brad is kind of giving me the creeps this season… He just seems to be the type of guy that has ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ as his ringtone….

  37. Yup says:

    “Jackie might have soiled herself” LOL LOL LOL

  38. Yup says:

    Michelle pounding Brad before going down the waterfall. Bad.

    Michelle being bipolar as soon as she realizes that she is going down with Brad. Nuts.

    She is WHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. TXtoNC says:

    I heart Shawntel.

  40. baseballmama says:

    I loved Emily’s face when Michelle was talking to her about Chantel being full of drama. Such a southern lady, she just smiled but you could see the “OH good grief in her eyes”
    Watching Michelle and Brad kiss is like watching 2 people with zero chemistry try to make out. Its just not working.
    Oh and my husbands favorite part last night was at the end with the bug and someone hit Britt in the boob as they were screaming and running from the bug. And she spent the rest of the time holding her boob.

  41. Laura says:

    I do wonder if Michelle is a plant.
    Yes, the Phantom!! I actually remember him!! Guess you don’t always have to speak to be remembered…
    @Janice, I have been thinking that all season about Britt!
    I kept thinking though, while Brad and Alli were eating, about this random, but quaint table in the middle of a hot spring! Major kudos to the ABC intern tonight…random tables, spontaneaous rainshowers for another Brad/Chantel date…

  42. Marybelle says:

    Ok – I am sure I am weird but I kinda like Michelle. Not like I am rooting for her to win like her, but she is funny! And I think she is a great actress – her interview clips are PRICELESS and her sulking, demanding attitude. She is phenomenally hilarious. I think she went on this show to prove what an amazing actress she is and frankly if I were a casting agent I would hire that coo-coo stat!

  43. Book says:

    This is going to sound mean, but ohhhh wellll.

    Does anyone think it’s weird that Bob Saget (from Full House) and Jackie have never been in the same place at the same time? She should never cut her hair. Ever. And never participate in sports that require a helmet.

    And Chantel aged herself about 20 years with her leopard dress, bad up-do and chandelier earrings. The way she sat there questioning the other girls about Brad’s comment on “getting grief”, I thought she’d look better with a Judge’s robe on and a gavel. Order in The Mansion! I demand ORDER.

    And why is Emily never around during these gossip sessions? I think she’s in the Director’s office picking all the places she wants to go when (not IF, but when) she is the Bachelorette. They are painting her in a very pretty light & with no signs of feelings for Brad at all. Well played.

    And Michelle, should you ever read this by some stroke of luck (& assuming you CAN read). You asked “am I crazy”. Yes. You are. Hope that helps you out.

  44. Marybelle says:

    PS – I wish emily would not have kissed brad. I think she is way to good for this whole stupid three ring circus. She seems genuine, low-key and sweet and what the eff is she doing trying to date on the bachelor if that girl can’t find a man single women everywhere should just give up all hope for lost.

  45. Teagran says:

    I laughed really hard each time Michelle talked about “repelling” with Brad. Yes, she certainly is repellent…

  46. Teagran says:

    Oops – sorry Marus – I see you beat me to this insight. šŸ˜‰

  47. chad says:

    How to know who he is going to pick. Here is my theory. Discovery channel had a special on what causes people to like each other. In the show, it talked about how bungee jumping is one of the most emotionaly stimulating activitis a couple can do in order to basicaly, believe they are in love.

    Jason bungee’d with mollie
    Jake bungee’d with mollie
    Ali did some roof top jump with roberto
    Brad and michelle did the whole roof propelling thing.

    If their on a 1on1 date with a harness and a hard hat on, their getting hitched.

  48. Mandy says:

    You know, I think he’s keeping Michelle around since he doesn’t care about her. He cared too much for Ali and Jackie to let them go another week and develop even stronger feelings for him.

    I think he’ll keep crazy Michelle until there’s only the one’s he’s really into.

    Michelle’s order of the women going was probably right on. Except that I’d insert her after Britt goes.

  49. chad says:

    sorry, jake bungee’d with vienna

  50. Marybelle says:

    @ Travelbug – I agree. He seems like he is going through the motions with all of them. Sadly the only person he had a genuine reaction to was Michelle and that reaction was: “WHAT THE EFF?!” haha. He seems kinda into Emily which is why I think she is final two.

    And Chantal – I dunno. She weirded me out last night. Who does that? I thought she seemed normal-ish (for one that goes on the Bachelor) but then the love thing seemed so jr. high. Is she sure she isn’t confusing love with INFATUATION?? Maybe she is getting sun poisoning from all that hanging around the pool they do.

  51. Robin says:

    Michelle acts like she’s on Rock of Love where bedroom visits were appreciated.

  52. Nojo says:

    Britt reminds me of the dumb blonde from Glee. Same vacant, far-off expression.

  53. Yup says:

    poor Alli just spilled to Brad how much she liked him and then he dumped her on that island and she had to stay in front of the cameras a painfully long time before being able to just LEAVE.

  54. Yup says:

    Ha ha, Robin, when Michelle did her “rock of love” room visit, did you notice how closed up Brad was? I liked his snarky comments to her.

  55. Sallie says:

    I so hoped that the table would sink completely into the water or flip all the way over when Ally and Brad got up to walk to the limo. It so would have been perfect! Remember during the meal how they both agreed that it seemed they were sinking?

  56. Yup says:

    Britt needs to be cut loose so she can get some Mickey D’s and put a few pounds on.

    Also, I adore Emily, but not her fabric pattern tastes…the bikini and the rose ceremony dress.

  57. klh says:

    Book: You are hilarious! The leopard dress was horrible.

    I don’t think Brad ever wants to kiss Shawntel, or most of the others for that matter. She always is the first to make the move, and he just sort of goes with it. It is always pretty awkward.

  58. Yup says:

    Chantel O did some super sleuth work last night figuring out Michelle’s visit to Brad…she’s so ALPHA…I can tell she owns a business and is the whip…even if she looks like a Flintstone in the dress.

    She forgot she’s going to Africa….She brought her African safari bag to Costa Rica by mistake.

    Either that or she has the rose already so she figured she’d bring her B game to the rose ceremony…

  59. hot mess says:

    Disaster averted when Brit was the one jabbed in the boob during the end credits. Can you imagine if it was one of the implant girls? Holy spillage. Also, I laughed so hard when Brad offered the rose to Chantal on their date by calling her Shawntel. The look on her face as she accepted the rose was priceless.

  60. TattooGal says:

    The Michelle show is seriously starting to annoy me we could have her screen time be put to much better use by seeing more of Brads abs, OHCH, deliberation with Brad, Brads abs etc…

  61. JennyToo says:

    OMG…is it RAINING?!

    Why did they always seem so surprised when it rained? Did they not realize they are in a tropical RAIN forest?

    All of you who pegged Britt as Brittney from Glee are so right! I’m really hoping that on their one on one next week the first thing out of her unmuted mouth will be, “did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?”

    I’ve heard that Michelle is doing all the girls’ hair and I’m thinking that it’s all part of her evil plan to make them look more unattractive. The bang-braiding, and Chantal’s cougar mama updo. Well played, Michelle.

  62. Julie says:

    Let’s not forget the scene when one of the “I am so afraid of heights I could just DIE” chickies was playing it up to Brad during the rapelling, he said “Don’t look down.” Michelle pipes up and says, “Look down.” Ah, the evil glint in her eye was priceless.

  63. Susan in AZ says:

    ok, how bitter is D-D-Ahna right now. I heard Brad say that he had WAAAAAYYYY more feelings at this point than in his last go round at this point. I wonder if she drug our her Brad Voodoo doll. :)

  64. Liz says:

    Michelle is crazy. I’ve never seen my husband yell as the TV as much as he did last night. He was screaming at Brad, calling him an idiot and so worked up that he picked Michelle. I think he’s more into the show than I am.

    Anyone notice that all the girls were wearing the same color lipstick at the Rose Ceremony last night? That odd nude/brown color?

  65. saggleo says:

    i posted this last night on the old post.. saggleo says:
    February 7, 2011 at 10:09 pm
    Was it just me or did Chantal look like she belong to the Flintstones in that outfit at the rose ceremony? LOL Wilma and Pebbles come to mind. lol

    I’m therefore calling Chantal..Wilma from now on!!! She’s wielding her Fred right around her finger! LOL

    Michelle….they need to start playing the psycho music for real every time she comes on.

    The little preying mantis thing at the end last night was hilarious!

  66. Yup says:

    JennyToo….haha…yeah…is it RAINING? Love that.
    Surprise! No, I’d call that more of a downpour, captain obvious!

  67. Lacey J says:

    CONFESSION: I thought that “rappelling” was “repelling” until this very moment when another commenter made fun of Brad for saying it. I deserve your mockery. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  68. Marcie says:

    Why did Brad and Alli get off their horses on the right side? Anyone who knows anything about riding, knows you get off on the left side. (same side you got on.)

  69. Julie says:

    OK seriously, was it just me….or did they purposely give Alli the really little horse so that she looked like an Amazon riding the kiddie carousel? It looked like the horse was about to break in half from bearing her weight on it. At least Brad’s was more proportionate to his size, but my gosh, when I saw her riding that thing I was cringing, thinking “OMG, I would kill the producers for making me look like the female version of Thor on the back of My Little Pony”.

  70. klh says:

    Julie: I noticed the horse size / compared to Alli size. Too funny!

  71. Erin says:

    So dumb! You know that Brad is being told to keep that crazy Michelle on the show.

  72. Elise says:

    The comment about the braided bangs killed me. I was so mesmerized by Michelle’s braid that I couldn’t focus on anything else. It hung down so low on her forhead and was SO unattractive. I thought she was a hairstylist? Huh…

  73. Alicia says:

    As much as I would hate for anyone to say this about me…Does anyone else think that Chantel has gained weight since the beginning of the season? I thought she looked a little chunkier on their date (wearing the blue and white tank tops). But when she was wearing the leopard dress (as others have mentioned)…she looked uncredibly thick through the middle. Also, her face seems heavier as well.

    Michelle is insane…but I think that Britt is just getting the “quiet” edit. She has said several times that shes not forward, etc. And although I think she’s a little more reserved than a lot of the others..she still has a good personality. Also, she needs to start eating whatever Chantel is eating. And vise versa.

  74. Marla says:

    I miss Shane – the funny chick who pulled out her makeup on the ski slope. Too bad her reality show was sooooo boring.
    Julie my little pony made me laugh outloud at the airport. Lol.
    I watched brad laugh at Michelle twice — he was soooo funny about it. He called her bluff. Ha.

  75. CurlySarah29 says:

    Did anyone see that Michelle is in a movie due to come out this year?? Figures she was in this for something other than love – which is apparent already by her competitive nature. This isn’t supposed to be a game, sweetie.

  76. CJTX says:

    Spent Christmas wk in CR and trust me, anything you can do to get your hair away from your face is good. not really a place for high maintenance hair, makeup, clothes, etc.

    yes it’s a rain forest but there are wet and dry seasons. looks like they were there during the wet season but we were supposed to be there in the dry season and it rained every day! in fact we never the volcano was shrouded in clouds the whole time for us!

    agree on the small horse comment. my 11 y.o. daughter even commented: why is he riding a horse and she’s on a PONY!

  77. Chill717 says:

    Where’s the blog already? I thought she said she was going to post it this afternoon, its now evening! Must have blog!

  78. Mandy says:

    my refresh button has fallen off from hitting so many times. I need the blog

  79. Raven says:

    so HUGE bachelor scoop that i was wondering if you were aware of… cape cod chris is definitely dating peyton from the bachelor pad now! and jesse beck is the one that hooked them up.. who is definitely engaged now to a girl that he met in a bar the night of his men tell all special. so there goes hope of cape cod chris being the bachelor anytime soon… sad day! here’s the article…

  80. Sara says:

    So any California ladies…I just realized who Brad reminds me of: Huell Howser, from California Gold on PBS! He is a younger, buffer Huell!

  81. TeaGran says:

    Lacey J: You are hereby absolved of your “repellent” mistake. šŸ˜‰

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