Bachelor Recap: Week 9

I know I say this all the time, but I really have no clue how I can convey the level of complete boredom that was a result of last night’s episode.  My watching party consisted of four dear friends (if you see Carrie Darrah…tell her Happy Birthday for me!) and of those four dear friends, three of them were working, one almost fell asleep and I found myself listing all the different synonyms for the word “grey” instead of listening to Groban respond “huh” when one of the bachelorettes professed their love.

Typically when the show is over, we all brainstorm ideas for my Huffington Post article.  My deadline is midnight and my creative juices are typically dormant after the ten o’clock hour.  But last night’s brainstorming session was a complete beating.  Much like Groban’s reaction to Kacie B.’s triumphant return to Switzerland, there were vacant stares and complete silence clouding the living room.

With the deadline looming in the distance, I decided to go the unconventional route by creating a pop quiz.  Check it out HERE and let me know how you scored.  And then say a little prayer for me that I come up with an entertaining post that is more entertaining than reading the Swedish side of the instructions on a billy bookcase from Ikea.  Fingers crossed!


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