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Bachelor Sean Home Town Recap: Oh Brother

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 08:02 AM
Author: Lincee

Chris Harrison typically earns his paycheck by confidently stating each week that what we are about to witness is the most dramatic rose ceremony ever. I have to admit that after Sean doled out the coveted buds, I was shocked by the girl who was left rose-less at the end of the night.

With that said, the four remaining women were on a pretty even playing field. Since Sean was wise enough to send the resident villain Tierra home last week, the show was left with Catherine, Lindsay, Des and AshLee, who all seem relatively normal. If we strip their personalities down to basics, one might say that they are all nice, funny and attractive girls. This forces everyone watching to choose a favorite, and we become divided, convinced that our favorite is clearly going to be the one standing at the end.

Of course, this means the fate of the relationship relies on chemistry with the families.

AshLee and Sean picnic in the middle of some weeds in an abandoned lot in her parents’ golf course neighborhood. They share a bottle of wine while AshLee reminds Sean again how much she loves him. Sean looks a little concerned when AshLee starts comparing her ice lake jumping to releasing her control and abandonment issues and he almost chokes on his steak when her parents begin crying right along with her. Then she offers to fill her pastor Dad in on the fact that she and Sean rolled around half naked on the beach in St. Croix. Just what every father wants to hear! A round of Zoloft is handed out for dessert before Dad tells the sweet story of the little four-year-old foster girl who stole his heart. Sean convinces the family that he’s crazy about their daughter before receiving the Dad’s blessing for marriage. AshLee says the day was magical and begins doodling Mrs. Sean Lowe on her spiral-bound notebook. She willingly volunteers that “we are in love with each other” which has been known to be the kiss of death in previous seasons.

Sean is really nervous about meeting Lindsay’s Two-Star General father. What is he supposed to call him? General? Mister? Sir? Lindsay has no clue. Awesome. Instead of Googling the answer, she forces Sean to go antiquing, taste test cupcakes, do push ups, sit ups and jump over logs in an Army shirt, Old Navy cargo pants and Converse tennis shoes. She accomplishes all of this by barking orders in her best baby voice. It’s special. Lindsay’s Mom is immediately charmed by Sean. After telling him that he’s crazy about his daughter, Sean asks The General for his permission to marry his little girl. Two Star doesn’t have a direct answer, but does give him the authority to make the decision on his own. Sean thanks him and leaves to go throw up in the bathroom. Later, Lindsay admits that she’s falling in love with him. Sean admits that this makes him very happy and has no trouble sticking his tongue down her throat in The General’s driveway.

Sean meets Catherine in Seattle wearing the tightest pants I’ve ever seen on a man. And I’ve been to an Aerosmith concert. One can only assume they are from the Chris Harrison line for men. Catherine goes a different route and wears Pilates pants. I found this odd. Perhaps she prefers catching fish one-handed at Pike Place Market with a pant that offers a little more give? One can’t be sure. After their fingers and hands become tainted with the appealing smell of fresh fish, they both chew gum and adhere said gum to a huge gum wall. Let’s hope some high power antibacterial hand sanitizer was in that fanny pack of Catherine’s. They spend the rest of the day laughing, dancing, making out and eating a lot before meeting all the women in Catherine’s family. He cooks with Mom, flirts with Grandma and allows Catherine to sit on him as he does push ups before listening as Catherine’s two sisters figuratively throw her under the bus by confessing that she’s moody, messy, doesn’t really want to have kids right away, is full of career goals that are very important to her and probably isn’t ready to settle down right now. What a glowing endorsement! To make matters worse, Sean tells the Mom that he’s crazy for her daughter and asks for her permission should he choose to marry Catherine, to which she replies, “Mull it over and let’s see what happens.”

After hiking through the hills in Los Angeles, Des takes Sean back to her place to cook for the family. A stranger knocks on the door and Des is clearly dumbstruck when her ex-boyfriend pushes his way into the entry hall, asking why she hasn’t responded to his texts or phone calls while demanding that the cameras be turned off. He vows his love for Des before asking aloud if her parents know she’s “with this actor.” Sean clenches his fists and bucks up to the ex, practically begging the ABC intern to hold him back. Des finally yells, “GOTCHA” to Sean, revealing that the ex is really an actor who answered a cryptic ad in order to get his official Screen Actor’s Guild card. Sean finds this moderately funny, but is more impressed that Des had the chutzpah to pull it off in the first place. This somehow translates into them being best friends and he’s totally back to normal when the family shows up.

Sean loves the family and when he tells Des’ father that he is crazy about his daughter, he immediately gets permission to marry her. As he’s sitting down to dinner, the brother Nate asks to “holla” at Sean. Odd timing, but Sean agrees. Nate begins by saying that he knows Sean is not into Des and that clearly there is no connection. Sean vows that he’s crazy about her. Nate responds by asking, “How many girls are you crazy about?” By my count, that would be a big fat four. Point to the brother.

He asks Sean if he knows which one he’s going to choose and when Sean responds with a cautious, “No,” Nate calls him a playboy. Sean’s ivory Scandinavian skin becomes beet red as he begins to defend himself, assuring Nate that character and integrity are of the utmost importance to him. Nate never budges and ends the conversation with a general, “It is what it is.” I’m pretty confident that motto is tattooed somewhere on his body.

Sean can tell that the entire family is mortified by Nate’s rude behavior. It’s quite clear by Des’ intimidating inquiry, “Did you scare him?” that her brother might have a little bit of anger issues and perhaps spent a day or two incarcerated once upon a time. Given the family’s history, I’m sure Nate has learned a lot from the School of Hard Knocks. Was he rude? Sure. Did he deserve a punch in the mouth from Sean? Possibly. But hear me out for a minute…

I think Nate is a realistic guy playing the role of “thug older brother” in this game we call The Bachelor. Nate called it like he saw it. When a young, handsome guy agrees to go into a situation where we willingly courts 25 women at the same time – that is the definition of a playboy. Sure he might be crazy for Des, but as we all heard last night, he’s crazy for three other girls too. Nate simply made him admit it out loud. His protective stance swells after he hears Sean admit that he hasn’t narrowed down his choices yet. What brother wants to hear that his little sister is “in the running” to be some random dude’s wife? If it works out, great. But what if it doesn’t? You have to admit that ABC doesn’t have the greatest of track records when it comes to match making. Another point for the brother.

I’m sure Nate was asked to join his family from his crib in East LA, sign a waiver and give Sean a hard time on television. And that’s exactly what he did. But he did it in a way completely thumbing his nose at the entire crazy process, figuratively demanding that everyone involved take a moment stop and really assess the ridiculousness of the scenario. He didn’t apologize for asking hard questions because he thinks what his sister is doing is stupid and he’s annoyed at his parents for getting sucked in too. If that happen to sabotage her chances with Sean, so be it. It is what it is. Game. Set. Match.

Rose Ceremony
Sean admits to Harrison that he doesn’t have any clarity and in an unprecedented moment, he shares his dilemma. He must choose between Catherine and Des. Clearly, Catherine’s Mom’s unwillingness to bless their possible future union and Nate’s willingness to call a spade a spade has put both ladies in jeopardy.
Roses are easily handed to Lindsay and AshLee, but before he can hand the last long-stem out, he heads back to the bureau to ponder life, love and other mysteries as he stares at framed photos of the ladies. Harrison is sent in to offer his best advice, “This is the most important decision yet. Don’t screw this up.”

I’m pretty confident that is tattooed somewhere on his body.

Sean takes a few moments to lean against the Pier One Bureau room wall, agonizing over a life of estrogen-filled Filipino holidays or sleeping with a knife under his pillow when he visits California. He trudges back to the rose ceremony room with the weight of the reality world on his shoulders.
Des asks for some alone time with Sean before he hands the last rose out. She apologizes for her brother’s behavior and Sean accepts, assuring her that everything is totally fine.

Then he gives the rose to Catherine.

Des is so shocked, she can neither cry nor look Sean in the face. She keeps repeating, “You’ve made a big mistake.” Meanwhile, Mike Fleiss begins the search for 25 eligible suitors to win her heart in next season’s bachelorette.

Next week, Sean spends some quality time with the three remaining ladies in Thailand. Will AshLee scare him away with her outpouring of love? Will Catherine redeem herself in his eyes? Will Lindsay’s voice go down an octave or two? Do you think Des will be the next bachelorette? Are you mad at the brother or do you sort of get where he was coming from? Sound off in the comments section!

All about the fame, not the shame,

137 Responses to “Bachelor Sean Home Town Recap: Oh Brother”

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow! I am so so happy the recap is up so early!!! :) My favorite line was: Harrison is sent in to offer his best advice, “This is the most important decision yet. Don’t screw this up.”

    I’m pretty confident that is tattooed somewhere on his body.

    Hilarious!!! anyway, my favorite is Catherine! Even if her sisters were kinda weird- she seems the most normal… Lindsay’s voice drives me too crazy and AshLee seems a little too emotional. Team Catherine!!!!

    Also- I definitely think Des will be the next Bachelorette but it may be fun if they just got a brand new person!!

  2. Girlseekingmindlessentertainment says:

    Oh Lincee……once again……you captured the craziness of Bachelor Nation!
    Nothing beats a hearty laugh first thing in the morning. What a great morning….. a delicious cup of coffee and your recap! Thanks.

  3. Abby says:

    Good perspective on the brother. I have a little brother that treated my now-husband in a similar way, minus the whole dating 3 other girls and reality show, of course. It was kind of hard to watch. So I was mad at the brother because I feel like he was being rude for TV. Of course, no one in that family held him accountable either…

    I really thought Des was his best choice. Ashlee loves him to pieces but girls got some major things to work through. She has a great family though. I just didn’t see him have as much fun with her–I saw a lot of deep serious conversations. Catherine on the other hand… seems really fun, but I don’t think she’s at the place he is in her life and i don’t see her wanting to move to Dallas. Lindsay… annoys the heck out of me. She’s too young and doesn’t seem that smart. But she’s sweet. I see him picking her now that Des is gone. It will shatter Ashlee though.

  4. Clayton says:

    Great recap as usual Lincee! Agree with you on the brother…he has said what alot of people think…a little crass about it but oh well. Yes. Agree he spent some time in the cell at some point. My husband was disappointed they weren’t living in a tent again…and was MAD at the ABC intern as they showed before commercial who already had roses. FAIL. AND ABC GET SOMEONE NEW FOR THE NEXT BACHELOR AND BACHELORETTE!

  5. Roseann says:

    Des will be the next Bachelorette. That is all.

  6. It's only a game! says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Sean is super boring and shallow? I am hoping he picks my least favorite woman as I don’t really consider him ” a great catch”. He says the same thing to each of the “contestants” and really he just appears to be a walking cliche! As far as his choice of activities …… all I can say is Egads”!!!!

  7. ksvb says:

    I don’t blame Des’ brother but I am disappointed in Sean if that factored into his decision. Everyone has a crazy inlaw or two to deal with…if you really care about someone it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Either he doesn’t have a pair or he just wasn’t that into her. Catherine annoyed me this episode and I think she’s too young. Plus her voice is like, annoying like. Team AshLee!!

    Was anyone else sad that the meal Des cooked didn’t seem to get touched? Would’ve been different of Tierra was there (only thing I liked about her!). Sean Tells All tonight looks painful. Why do they never focus on the fact that he’s a born again virgin? If it was a Bachelorette I bet they would.

  8. Cindy says:

    Does anyone else wonder how a person who sells wedding gowns can afford a really nice house with a pool and outdoor fireplace in Los Angeles???

    I felt really sad for Des but she needed to stop begging Sean to keep her. Chin up girl, you’re set to be the next Bachelorette.

  9. Juno says:

    I must be the only one who just isn’t totally buying AshLee’s story. For one thing, I could swear that she told Sean that she lived in foster homes until she was 6, yet last night her father said they found her when she was 4. Her mother and father have obviously loved her like crazy for 28 years, and she STILL has abandonment and trust issues? It just doesn’t quite add up.

    I personally like Catherine the best, but I think Lindsay may be the best choice for him. Can’t wait to see all the breathtaking footage of Thailand – it’s on my list of places to go!

  10. JJ says:

    Lincee, you never disappoint!!! I don’ t know how you do it?! I’ve been with you since the email days and I still can’t get enough of your recaps!!! But I had one quick note to add this time, what you call an “Army shirt” I call an “Army mock turtleneck” … much sexier 😉

    Here’s hoping Des is the next Bachelorette!

  11. SCC says:

    I also thought while Des was in the limo leaving that she would be the new bach-ette. And like someone else here said, Sean is incredibly boring and shallow. He always looks uncomfortable on camera. Catherine (moody and all) is still who I am rooting for – she seems the most sane. Thanks Lincee for doing the recap early!

  12. Michelle says:

    Des better be the next Bachelorette. She’s adorable and funny and real and c’mon, the psycho brother who is now out of the closet, so to speak, will only add to the fabulousness and irony. And was it just me, or could anyone else see her parents as the type to break out the weed now and again? The whole family dynamic was odd. I also had no idea working in a wedding dress store was such a lucrative career.

    Of the three left, my guess is that he picks Lindsey. Barf.

  13. Kyle says:

    When Sean left the rose ceremony, you could see the producer run out to Harrison and say “Dude, put that cigarette out, some crazy #*@& is going down. And quick, think of your best advice.”

    The best part is when Sean mulls over his choice by leaning against the candle lit shrine bookcase.

  14. Catherine says:

    Abby – your comment above nailed it, my thoughts exactly on the girls.

    Juno – yes, I thought the exact same thing. I do buy her story for the most part, but I absolutely remember her saying she was 6. I thought that was strange, but the issues are not that surprising. She was abandoned in the most formative part of development – multiple times. That kind of thing takes years of therapy to work through, not sure she has done that. I am only saying this because we have adopted a toddler and I expect her to have/need some therapy later in life. Even babies that are abandoned have issues, our awareness of such things starts very early.

    Team Catherine because Des is gone!

  15. R says:

    Lincee – our Bachelor party laughed at OHCH’s advice to Sean and knew you’d love it. Awesome recap!!

    So disappointed for Des bc – agree – everyone has a difficult in-law or two but really hope she’s the next Bachelorette. Separately, yes what was up with her hooked up house??

  16. renee says:

    OK. I officially nominate Des for Bachlorette. And I think they should have Katie Holmes come and give her long lost twin marriage advice.

    Laughed out loud 3 times, Lincee. Favorite: the brother having “it is what it is” tattooed. Agree–the brother stepped outside the lines of conventional Bach script, and I loved it. He’ll be a good character on the Bachorlette. I do think Des was right, though. I think Sean made a mistake.

    The thing that really got me was where they met Des–how come they couldn’t go to their tent? I think it was a rented condo, with an oddly placed stringless cello.

  17. renee says:

    ps–if a crazy relative was a deal breaker, no one would ever get married.

  18. ksvb says:

    Des’ brother for Bachelor Pad!

  19. Jane Janeway says:

    Des’ brother was tough, and he had presence. Someone should see if he can act. He’s a little rough around the edges, but he said it like it is. He probably had Chris Bukowski and some others in mind.

    I watch the show, but the harem aspects of it have always bothered me.

    I have to keep reminding myself that this is a game.

  20. Amanda says:

    @Cindy-I was wondering the same thing about Des myself. it looks like she may be in the lower half of a duplex or something. I’m guessing she’s renting. Even so, that place is probably putting her back a few grand a month. How is she paying for that as a “Bridal Stylist”? I feel like there is more to her back story than we know. She looked like she had a couple of degrees on her wall too. She’s obviously a smart girl.
    I know some folks thing Nate had some valid points, which he did. However, the way he spoke to Sean was totally rude and assholey. He pretty much ruined it for Des. That was probably a small factor of why she was sent home, and there is nothing wrong with that. When you marry someone, you literally marry their whole family. I don’t blame Sean for not wanting to deal with Angry Little Brother for the rest of his life!

  21. Kim says:

    Lincee, great recap….I still like Catherine, but that was weird with her sisters and how they threw her under the bus. I agree with you on the brother thing, but what I find weird is would he have done that if it was with a “normal” relationship?? Was that all for the show of things? I still think it influenced his decision with Des.

  22. At least Sean has three really nice women left. Any of them would make him happy.

  23. It's only a game! says:

    Sean reminds me of a Ken doll( Barbie doll’s boyfriend)….. Very plastic and artificial.
    Interesting that they didn’t have any conversations of where they would live if they got married. I am fairly sure, Sean would expect them to move to Texas. He just strikes me as the type that would be in charge of all major decisions. I find it hilarious that Sean is taking it so seriously…..wanting to marry someone so badly that he is considering popping the question to three woman …… And trying to give the impression that they would all equally “fit the bill”! Of course, when you are on this show…… You would have to pretend that all three are still in the running……otherwise you really wouldn’t have a show.

  24. kt says:

    Great recap, as usual!

    This was a rather depressing episode, I thought. I was disappointed in Sean picking AshLee and Lindsay so quickly – they are safe and easy. Lindsay seems like a child, and not very intelligent child.

    Desiree and Catherine seem like they would be the best wives in the long run – a true best friend. I think Des put some nails in her own coffin when she talked so much last week about her family and how important they are to her. Sean realized that he would have to see the psycho brother at holidays, etc.

  25. kt says:

    Maybe the letter at the finale is from Des!

  26. It's only a game! says:

    Ha ha . Ditto to the comments made by Renee and ksvb!

  27. Dee says:

    Des’ brother reminds me of Ashley’s sister. They should both be on Bach Pad. I’m thinking Sean will pick Lindsay. Catherine is too independent. AshLee too needy. Sean said Lindsay gave him “butterflies”. I also think Sean likes the idea of 2 star as a FIL. Des’ parents definitely have their pot cards. At this point I don’t care who Sean picks. I haven’t felt any romance just boredom.

  28. Kristin says:

    I was really disappointed for Dez. I felt they made the best match. That being said, I was disappointed IN Dez too. She did not do or say anything (that we saw) to try to get him to focus on them instead of the brother. Sean made reference to “if she had said she loved me or something”. She doesn’t seem to be able to express herself very well. She made a comment like “yea, he was doing that to me and I was like…stooooop” (said in whiny voice). She needed to make herself worth the life-long rocky relationship with the brother. She didn’t do that. I don’t think she’d make a very good bachelorette. She has no depth. The brother did say what many think, but I didn’t like his smug attitude at all…the evil grin! ewwww. Can you imagine how he’d feel if Dez put herself in the “playgirl” position??!!

  29. Kristin says:

    forgot to add:
    I also think the letter at the end is from Dez…saying what she should have said before.

    I liked Catherine before last night…she didn’t seem too committed to Sean, just all about having fun.

    I guess I’m team Ashlee, but not crazy about any left.

  30. amya says:

    Wholeheartedly agree with ksvb…pretty disappointing if Sean let Nate’s comments influence his decision…
    I used to think AshLee was the obvious pick, now I’m not so sure. I am certain that ABC has to edit lots of stuff out. There must be more than meets the eye, cause I am baffled as to why he kept Catherine over Des.

    is the Sean-tells-all unique to this season? Don’t remember that from other seasons.

  31. Lisa says:

    “Sean takes a few moments to lean against the Pier One Bureau room wall, agonizing over a life of estrogen-filled Filipino holidays or sleeping with a knife under his pillow when he visits California.”

    Pure brilliance. THANK YOU. :)

  32. Caroline says:

    Great recap, as always. I was sorry to see Des go–I liked her the most.

    On a more serious note…

    @Juno – It’s perfectly plausible for someone of AshLee’s age to still have abandonment issues. My husband is 32 and was adopted at birth, but it has been no less difficult for him throughout his life. He’s even met his birth mother, loves her to death, but still… And to be honest, his issues were only exacerbated after our marriage. I have a feeling that poor AshLee, despite her attempts to “let go” of the past, will still have issues no matter who she ends up marrying.

  33. Fan in AZ says:

    I think Catherine is adorable, fun, so cute, but not very mature — based on her sisters’ unflattering input. Seems like she dumps guys as soon as the relationships lose that initial spark. Definitely not marriage material yet!

    Des is awesome — should be the next bach’ette for sure! Unfriendly brother, but he took the words right out of my mouth. I don’t see how ANY relationship with such a dysfunctional foundation makes it at the end of this show. It’s entertaining, but not a healthy start to any marriage, IMO.

    The whole age discrepancy with AshLee’s foster care doesn’t bother me. It’s pretty likely her adoptive parents started out as foster parents, and maybe it took a couple of years before they could adopt her. And YES, agreed with the reader “Catherine” who stated years 0-5 are our most formative years — no surprise she has scars from abandonment at an early age.

  34. Ccr28 says:

    Something seemed very wrong with Des’s family. Her parents look like they still live in the tent, while she lives in a pimped-out house in LA???? And why is she a bridal stylist if she’s got a wall of college degrees???

    Ashlee is pretty and very sweet but I think she is scaring Sean off with the over-the-top emotional roller-coaster.

    Lindsay is cute but seems very immature.

    If I were Sean, I would be running fast in the opposite direction from Catherine and her messy-not-committing-moodiness. I really don’t see the connection either.

    Bottom line is I am not in the least bit enamored by Sean, even without a shirt. I’m sure he is a nice guy, but he is the king of meaningless cliches and I think whatever relationship he ends up in is destined for splitsville by the time ATFR airs!

  35. Marus says:

    A theory that was floated by my fiance (who watches under duress) last night was that Sean made his final decision at that rose ceremony, that Des was in the top two and her family made his decision easier.

  36. NYGal says:

    I think Des’ apartment was a staged model apartment,not her actual residence. It didn’t look lived in at all. Also, putting diplomas on the wall seems more like a guy thing to me. Just don’t see a girl doing that, unless she’s a doctor or lawyer and it’s in her office.

  37. OhMyAwesomeness says:

    Gotta say that I was liking Sean until this episode…hearing him use the same words to describe each situation blew it!

    I loved independent Catherine; were her sisters jealous or what??

    He seems to be so happy and giddy with Catherine and Lindsay. Lindsay was doing the classic, all I want is you routine!

  38. Lincee says:

    Wow! Y’all are reading early! I love it!

  39. Julie says:

    I think Sean will pull (another) Mesnick, end up proposing to Catherine, but by the time ATFR airs, he’ll be dumping her for Des.

  40. Nicole says:

    Saw this on OHCH’s blog and thought it was interesting:

    The start of the date couldn’t have gone better. It was kind of sadly ironic that Des played that practical joke on Sean with the fake ex-boyfriend being aggressive, because when the family showed up, it wasn’t a joke and it got bizarrely worse. The odd part is, there was a conversation we didn’t show between Sean and Desiree’s brother that took place earlier in the night. The reason we didn’t show it was it didn’t make any sense to any of us. The conversation went really well and Des’ brother was supportive and happy about their relationship. Then the guy did a 180 and just kind of lost it. When he got a chance to talk to Sean again he got really aggressive and a little verbally abusive, and Sean’s not one to sit back and just take unfair abuse.

    Great recap as always, Lincee! Been reading since the email days and it’s always the highlight of my Tuesday.

  41. Nicole says:

    Also, @Julie – I totally agree!! I said the same thing to my husband last night (about Sean pulling a Mesnick).

  42. Irishwind says:

    The shaky cam with Sean and AshLee’s parents was killing me. And the audible gulp when a tough question was tossed at Sean by her dad was funny. As much as I like AshLee, I don’t see it. Every time they kiss it is chicken pecks.

    I like Lindsay as the final girl. I think Cathrine is dead girl walking and she has to know it after this last rose ceremony. So unless she pulls off something amazing next week to redeem her family, she will get a flight home from Thailand.

  43. Bri says:

    Lincee, that’s cuz we can’t WAIT to read your recaps on Tuesdays! I learned early to subscribe to your blog on Google Reader just so that it pops up on my screen the second you post it!

    As always, an awesome post. :)

  44. hnygrl says:

    NYGal, I was thinking the same thing. That’s not her apartment. That was either a staged/rented one or that was one of her buddie’s/bosses’ apartments that was loaned to her because she either has 12 roommates or lives in a hole.

  45. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for an early recap!!!
    Cindy – I agree about the house where Des lives. L.A. property is very expensive, and that was no modest place. Either she won the lottery, or it’s a set up like Mesnick’s floating home in Seattle.
    Excellent point about the brother and the show’s track record Lincee. I think the turn off was the brother himself. If he had delivered the whole thing with a little more class, it would have had more impact.
    As for the next Bachelorette, I’m thinking Sarah.

  46. Chrissy says:

    AshLee is sweet and very pretty but oh my gosh she talks sooooo sloooow. It takes her forever to complete a sentence. It was driving me crazy during their picnic and when she was talking about the polar bear plunge.

    I loved how Catherine’s house was not “perfect” :) Her family didn’t seem fazed enough by the ABC cameras to clean up the kitchen counters or fully shut dresser drawers:)

    I think I am one of few who like Lindsey. She’s funny and cute.

    I really hope Des is not the next bachelorette!! Please ABC pick a fresh face!

    Like everyone else has said….Sean seems so blah. I’d love to see him be goofy or passionate or excited or something!

  47. Debbie says:

    I also agree that it wasn’t really Desiree’s place-had to be staged. funny comment about the parents looking like they live in a tent! If Sean was having trouble with the 2 women whose families didn’t kiss his feet then he’s a jerk – like one of the readers said, everyone has a crazy family member. The brother was right, but his delivery could have been better. Felt bad for Des at the end – it was heartbreaking.

    I’m rooting for Catherine – AshLee is too intense. I get she has her abandonment issues but that’s all she seems to talk about. She’s beautiful and she’ll find a great guy someday.

    Can’t wait to see who sends Sean the letter at the end!

  48. Lacia C says:

    Poor Des. I think she was the best match for Sean and she seemed genuine. Sean seemed fairly conflicted too but in the end, he kept the safe ones around. Des’s brother was right, but the delivery could have been better. I think the brother hit a nerve with Sean about being a playboy and dating all these women at the same time and of course Sean didn’t like that because that’s not how he wants to be perceived…but hello, that’s what this show is!

    The new way to respond to “Do you love my daughter?”: “I’m crazy about your daughter!!”

    Catherine seems legit. I think she is purposely independent of her family.

  49. Rachel S says:

    Thank you for saying that about Des’ brother… my friends thought he was a jerk but I thought “Wow, the first normal human being to ever cross my screen during a bachelor episode.” Yes, he was a little aggressive, but he was also COMPLETELY RIGHT. I loved it.

  50. Heather says:

    I am so happy to read that other people were confused about the house Des lives in! I kept telling my husband I didn’t understand how a bridal stylist could live in such a nice house. And yeah, all the frames that looked like diplomas on the walls?? Something didn’t seem right…

    I liked Des at the start, but the last few weeks she’s rubbed me the wrong way. She’s turned more whiny and seems less confident. Reminds me a bit of Kasey B. from Ben’s season.

    Catherine has been my favorite in recent weeks, because I think Sean lights up the most around her and has the most fun, natural relationship with her. I think her sisters were jealous and that could be why they threw her under the bus a bit.

    AshLee seems way too intense, and Lindsey seems too immature and baby-ish. I was surprised he gave them roses so quickly. Honestly, I’m not completely thrilled with any of the remaining girls. Based on what we know of Sean, it’s hard to see any of those girls being the right match for him.

    I also don’t think any of the girls from this season should be the next Bachelorette.

  51. kt says:

    Lacia C – my husband just said to me the same thing that you wrote about Sean and Des’ brother! I read your comment to him and he said “she knows what she is talking about”!! Sean wants to be seen as a decent, honorable man, and he couldn’t really argue with her brother – he is dating four girls at one time!

  52. renee says:

    I like this theory about the Mesnick, and also about Catherine and Des being the final two and him already making his decision, which would mean it is Catherine, until the letter arrives from Des.

    Further solidifying this theory is the fact that Sean did a seated Mesnick and there was also Mesnick foreshadowing with the rose dropping over the railing much earlier in the season. And yes, why the mysterious Sean tells all–usually they have to do that when some explanation is in order somewhere down the line.

    That Des house still haunts me–those diplomas–could anyone read what they said? The uneaten very big steak and that lone cello without strings. The brother even seemed to diss the steak at some point. Was there any explanation about why they couldn’t do a home town visit with Des?

  53. Krissy says:

    I didn’t like the brother’s delivery, but what he said had validity. I couldn’t help but agree with him a little. AND…if Sean kicked her off because of the brother, then lil Nate is right, something WAS off with the connection.

    About AshLee, as a caseworker for kids in foster care, let me tell you that abandonment issues run deep and long. I admire AshLee, but I’m not convinced she’s the girl for Sean.

    Meanwhile, I’ll continue to look for zits on Lindsay’s face (forgive me), and cringe when AshLee shares analogies concerning life and love, and analyze all the giggling that happens with Catherine and Sean.

  54. Karen says:

    Love Love Love your blog Lincee!
    I noticed that your “disclaimer” wasn’t up at the beginning as usual (yes, I actually read it!) I thought you might have made some adjustments to the Matthew Crawley line.

  55. Kthead says:

    I’m with you Chrissy! I thought Lindsay had a really super fun home date with Sean! She was cute, flirty, assertive and fun! What guy wouldn’t like that? Plus she fed him gourmet cupcakes…. Um, delish! Every smart girl knows that the best way into a guys heart is through his stomach :)

  56. Sincethebeginning says:

    Lincee!!!! I love that the blog was up so early. I started reading when there were 0 comments. By the time I was done, there were three. Because of work it has taken me this much time to finally comment myself.

    Thank you to whomever said they subscribe to Google Reader–Saves me so much stalking time.

    @ Karen: After Sunday night, I too thought there would be a change to the Disclaimer Line–Turns out, there wasn’t one. Why can’t the British just be happy?

    About Sean: I personally think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’ll also say that I’m not a body-gal, meaning that it’s not the body that is attractive to me. I think he’s genuine and full of integrity and kindness. However, I think he signed on to be the Bachelor and the show stole his soul. Since he is bound by contract to “love” more than one girl at a time–he runs out of ways to express himself when he knows out and out that he’s not into 4 girls at one time. Now, I’m not denying the notion that anyone that does this show is in it for a good time, but I think he also cannot bring himself to lie and that’s why he can’t figure out another way to “pretend-express” “love”.

    Another theory could be that he’s pensive and doesn’t want to share what’s actually going on in his head. I feel that, like my husband, Sean is extremely careful in choosing what he says and how he says it. The fact that he spends so much time in his head makes him seem blank. I think there’s so much swirling around in there that he can’t muddle through to find the “right” thing to say. And better to say nothing at all than something he’ll regret.

    The other thing that attracted me so much to him was the way he dealt with his anger. The fact that he was willing to defend Des was SEXY. The way he said, “don’t put your hands on me,” was the best line ever! I like that he doesn’t resort to using physical violence when cornered but would if his woman were in danger. I also like the way he tried to talk to Des’ brother; very calmly and logically when it was obvious that he was about to blow. He also called that conversation quits when he realized he wasn’t getting anywhere with the brother.

    Lincee: You rock and always bring the funny. Can’t wait until tomorrow. Willing to share your thoughts on Downton?

  57. Mike says:

    I’m pretty sure Des pulled him aside at the rose ceremony before he handed out any roses…

  58. ILG says:

    I was so confused about the whole Des situation. That was interesting to read what Chris Harrison said (thank you Nicole). I think you all are right about it not being her place. But I saw a connection with them and really thought she’d be the one he picked in the end. Either I was totally fooled by editing or he really let the brother affect his decision. That’s ridiculous because almost all of us have family members that we don’t agree with. It should be about them as a couple. I do understnad that you marry into a family but it’s never going to be perfect.

    And poor, sweet Ashlee. I really like her but I think Sean wants a goofier girl. I believe that she does have real abandonment issues from her childhood, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve love too. I am in a relationship with a man that had a more difficult past than her and oh yeah, it comes with it’s difficulties but he’s an amazing man BECAUSE of what he’s overcome. He understands grace better than most people I know. Ashlee can probably handle adversity better than the other girls just from what she’s experienced. I greatly admire her though I don’t know that he’ll pick her :(

  59. jenifer says:

    Des was my favorite from the beginning, but as the season went on, I noticed that they didn’t really seem to talk about anything. She looks cute, but doesn’t say much.

    Catherine seemed very different with her family than she does away from her family. Reminds me of how I felt when I’d run into high school classmates after college–like an insecure high school kid. I think her mother seems really smart!

    Lindsay is annoying.

    I really like AshLee, but to be so deeply in love with “this man” after such a short time? Too needy.

    But my biggest concern was with Sean. It seems like he has some anger issues. When Des’ “ex-boyfriend” came in, he went right to defense mode–clenching his fist, getting up in the guy’s face. Des was happy he was ready to come to her rescue, but I’d prefer a guy who is able to defuse a situation rather than exacerbate it. He was the same way with her brother. Of course, we don’t see the whole conversation, but he didn’t seem to want to make the situation any easier.

  60. Shelley says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that Lindsay kept spanking Sean on the butt during the little field exercises segment? Do revirginated guys like that, or is it taboo? I’m thinking it’s Catherine almost be default, because Ashley is a little too needy and has to read a deeper meaning in everything, and Lindsay is a bit much with her heavy eyeshadow and probable shenanigans in the bedroom.

    I do like Catherine though, clearly intelligent, and I thought her not nearly as pretty older sisters hold a grudge against her that she might not have known about until she saw this. She was clearly shocked when she was visiting with them and they weren’t swept along with her giddiness.

  61. Ren says:

    For me, Des and Sean together already seemed like they were a married couple. I was VERY surprised when he sent her home! Her brother reminded me of Ashley’s sister, and I’m sure he would have come around (like Ashley’s sister did) if they ended up together.
    I think, out of the 3 left, he will pick Lindsey. But I guess we’ll have to watch!

  62. Amanda says:

    Someone has to do some digging and find out if that’s really Des’ house! lots of us are wondering. It seems reasonable that it could be a lower level rental, but that still costs A LOT in LA and the surrounding areas. I tried to do some sleuthing but I didn’t want to read any spoilers. I saw one site that listed her home town as Newport Beach, where the cost of such a place would be just as expensive if not more so than LA. The place was very sterile, no photos around. She did mention she did all of the artwork on the wall. Anyway, she has an Ali Fedotowsky quality that really bothers me so I hope she’s not the next bachette. Think she’s a tad phony and playing up the nice girl act for the cams to get the bachette spot so she can launch a third rate tv hosting career.

  63. Lacia C says:

    @kt – my Hubs said the same thing about Sean and the brother too. Things shouldn’t hit a nerve unless deep down you know the person is right by what they are saying.

    Interesting, our hubbys are totally into the show now too! LOL

  64. Amy says:

    Is anyone besides me sick to death of hearing Sean tell anyone who will listen that he’s “CRAZY ABOUT [insert contestant name here],” and that she is “SO SPECIAL”? I throw up a little in my mouth each time he does it.

  65. Jenny G. says:

    Great Recap!
    One of my favorites:
    Sean takes a few moments to lean against the Pier One Bureau room wall, agonizing over a life of estrogen-filled Filipino holidays or sleeping with a knife under his pillow when he visits California. He trudges back to the rose ceremony room with the weight of the reality world on his shoulders.
    I agree with a lot of the comments here; Sean is boring and says the same things with each girl. Unoriginal and uninspiring. I was SO disappointed when he was announced as the Bachelor this season.

    I also wondered if that was really where Des lives, it looked like a model apartment or a floor model type dwelling. As someone else said, it didn’t look lived in.

    I thought that the brother was really rude and out of line. Totally classless and over the top. Other family members on other seasons have expressed hesitation, but in a tactful way. He insisted that Sean didn’t like Des even a little. He was trying to be a jerk and he succeeded.

    A less white-trash/d-bag speech could have been made along the lines of:
    I don’t want to see my sister hurt and it’s not fun for me, knowing that you’re dating all these other women and knowing that she is exclusively into you. It’s not a balanced relationship, and that worries me. But if you two end up together we’d be happy for you and support that.

    Yes, the brother was being real — a real ass-hat.

  66. Cindy says:

    @Irishwind – I’m howling over ‘chicken pecks’. That describes Sean’s kissing skills perfectly. Chicken pecks on the upper lip. Does he need glasses? His aim seems WAY off. LIPS Sean, LIPS!

  67. Jessica says:

    I missed some of your commentary tonight it was more like a recount of the events. However I live in Australia and have found this blog so entertaining and funny and when I illegally watched this episode online, I found myself referring to des as Joel potter hahaha! Lindsey has to be the most plain slice of bread contestant left. I feel like I couldn’t put a name to a face right now as I think of her. My favourite is Catherine, although did you feel somewhat pissed off when he said “I don’t know how to move forward with Catherine right now” after he spoke with her evil (step)sisters. I don’t want Sean to end up with Catherine as I still can’t think what these chicks talk to him about. I mean yeah his pale eyebrows may be enchanting to some, but I think Catherine is too cool for this phooey and should probably marry some cool drummer of a rock band or something, not this wholesome tall glass of milk known as Sean. I think AshLee should win with her overly loud mouth. Has anyone else noticed this? When she talks her tongue and teeth smack against each other to make these off putting saliva noises. I think her whispery voice and Sean will be very happy together wearing matching while khakis and eating salads together. That’s my 2 cents

  68. Kristin says:

    Lindsay is a professional Baby Talker. Cannot stand to listen to one more word from her mouth.

    Catherine’s family is a deal-breaker, and AshLee has WAY too many emotional issues.

    Sean is a drip. Liked him at first, but I’m finding him to be a Mr. No-Personality.

    B-O-R-I-N-G season. The best part is reading Lincee’s weekly recaps. :)

  69. debic says:

    Des seemed off to me right from the start. Always seemed phony, like Ali, Ashley and Kacey B. I think the brother was told by her to give him a hard time, maybe even by TPTB, because she was either setting herself up or being set-up for the next Bachelorette spot. Said it last week before she was given the boot She’ll be on ATFR, looking all fancied up, given the Ashley/Ali hot seat interview “broken heart now healed and I’m looking for love!” … GAG.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if that condo belonged to ABC, with her Artwork on the walls for effect.

  70. NYGal says:

    If that really was Des’ apartment I’m going to kill myself. Mine looks nothing like that and I’m much older!

  71. TeamAshlee says:

    It is too bad Des’s brother was such a jerk to Sean. I thought she would be one of the final two. The letter he receives is either from her or Tierra. He seems pretty angry about the letter, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is from Tierra.

    I would love to see him pick AshLee. They seem to actually TALK when they are together as well as get romantic. He and Catherine are silly when they are together and Lindsay just mashes on him whenever they are together. AshLee was the only one that was really honest with Sean and told him exactly WHY he should get rid of Tierra the Terrible.

    AshLee may have some issues from her younger years, but she is obviously ready to trust Sean and move on with her happy life. They have quite a bit in common too. 1) Both of their parents are pastors/reverends 2) They both live in Texas 3) They seem to have the same family connections and values.

    I don’t see why people are saying he shouldn’t pick her because she has “emotional issues.” Just because she had a rough start doesn’t mean she can’t handle a relationship. She seems to be the most mature one out of the three. If he truly wants to get married he will pick her. I don’t see it lasting with the other two even though they are cute and fun girls.

  72. kt says:

    Lacia –

    Mine usually watches it with me the following night – fast forwarding through at least half of the show. I tell him which parts to watch and which are boring/gagging and he gets through it in about 45 minutes! I told him not to watch it because it was quite sad and just gave him the highlights!

    One thing that has been bugging me is how Des’ brother seemed so pleased with himself to be upsetting her. He was actually smiling at the table – I think he is probably a really bad influence in her life. The parents seem too meek and mild.

  73. Sara says:

    Ok, I randomly stumbled across a entertainment news story online from last week that included an audio clip of AshLee explaining that she was “adopted at 6.” So given her Dad’s story last night of how AshLee’s parents first received her as a foster child at 4 and they knew she was going to be a hard one to give back (I admit it, I cried when he said it), maybe they started the adoption process after they received her as a foster child and it took until she was 6 to be finalized.

    I agree that what Des’ brother said was mostly true- but instead of attacking the process or the show, he went after Sean personally, which I felt was unnecessary.

    Lindsay didn’t know what Sean should call her dad? Really? This never came up with other boyfriends, or even regular friends?

    If they have to pick a bachelorette from this season, I think Sarah would be a good choice. Something is off about Des… I can’t put my finger on it, though.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  74. renee says:

    Revirginated? I didn’t know that was possible.

  75. Lin says:

    Awesome recap as always!! To be honest, I liked Des in the beginning but as the show went on I liked her less & less. Hoping she’s not the next Bachlorette…I’d rather see any of the remainder girls in that role.

    I think Des’ brother is just the no-nonsense type of guy. He saw something that he didn’t like, isn’t the type to sit back & keep his mouth shut & called Sean out on it. I can respect that.

    Lindsay’s voice is killing me. OMG, and that outfit she had Sean wear was UGLY!!

    Ashlee’s analogies are getting old. She is so high up on cloud 9 she can’t see the freaked-out faces Sean makes every time she talks about her love for him.

  76. Ckbythebay says:

    Always an interesting show and always love Lincee’s recaps…thank you Lincee! I don’t know who I want him to pick now…

    I need help understanding foster homes and the process and hope someone can shed some light on it for me. I have never known a foster child or an adult who was one and I would like to understand it better. Is a child who goes to live with foster parents always under the impression that they will eventually be adopted by that family? That would explain how going to so many families in a short time really created abandonment issues for AshLee. Perhaps simply not being with her own biological parents is all it really takes to feel the way she does. I hope she is ok after all of this.

    I think Lindsey seems SO young, almost childlike. I am a believer that being single for a while after high school or college is a positive thing that will help you be more likely to have a successful marriage down the line. No offense to those who married in their 20’s! I just don’t understand wanting to get married so early when you have your whole life ahead of you unless you have already met Mr Right.

    Looking forward to tonight’s special. I wonder if the only reason they filmed it was because of the People article .

  77. ILG says:

    This is interesting:

    It’s a deleted scene from Ashlee’s date where Sean meets some of her friends. His body language makes me think he’s not super into her.

  78. Kristin says:

    The “general” role Lindsay took giving comands—


  79. Hope says:

    OK, who else noticed the lopsided HUGE streak of blush on Lindsay last night? One side was TOTALLY darker than the other, and that’s saying a lot…she was in full-on clown paint! I think she’ll be the last one standing, but just don’t like her. And at the rose ceremony, she looked like a little girl wearing too much makeup and clothes too old for her, especially next to the other girls.
    And anyone else notice how bowlegged and pigeon toed Des is? She walks like a full-backer…

  80. Ruby25 says:

    Hide behind the cushion moments? —Linsdsey playing army general (WHAT was that?!) and Ashlee talking about rolling in the sand to her parents (it was bad enough having to watch it in the first place).
    I like Sean. I think he’s a genuine person (and probably the most sincere Bachelor so far), but this is not a genuine or natural process. That’s why we find this freak show so entertaining.

  81. Natty from Oz says:

    lol Lin…”freaked out face” hilarious!!!

    I think Sean is lovely and sweet but surely he could find his wife at his church/bible study than this train wreck of a show!???

    Whoever he ends up with..I don’t see it lasting *surprise* since he really doesn’t have anything in common with them.

  82. Green Bean Queen says:

    @Dee-GET OUT OF MY HEAD! You said everything I was thinking! Brother Nathan + Ashley Hebert’s sister = one hostile, edgy, inky, PERFACT couple!

    I also think it would be hysterical to have the best Bachelor siblings from the past on Bachelor Pad! Abrasive Nathan and Ash’s funky sister with Emily’s aw-shucks brother and Michelle Money’s cute brother! Good times!

  83. rick says:

    Thanks, Lincee, for the re-crap! OH BROTHER is right!! I think I now have a man-crush on that guy. I agree with the others here. He would add a spark of diabolical drama to both the Bach-ette and to Bach Party (what is it … 99 now??)

    I’m so disappointed that noone seems to mention the freaky lip scrunch that Sean uses to make out with the women. Ew. Has he never kissed a girl before? Is this Weatherman, Part Deuce? Why has he not heeded Arie’s invaluable kissing advice??

  84. Kristin says:

    “Sean meets Catherine in Seattle wearing the tightest pants I’ve ever seen on a man. And I’ve been to an Aerosmith concert”

  85. Courtney says:

    I say kudos to Nate. He called it like he saw it and didn’t feel like sugar-coating the situation. This is not a bakery. If one of my brothers did that to a guy I brought home, I’d probably be outwardly mortified, but secretly cheering him on. Sometimes a guy needs to squirm a little bit to see what kind of steel he’s got in his spine. I say make the brother the next bachelor. Wouldn’t that be a riot. And a short-lived series.

  86. katk17 says:

    I keep looking for the “like” button for these comments!

    Lincee- last week someone shared the link to Sean’s sister’s blog (I don’t have it but google Mix and Match Family) so I read her re-caps. If you haven’t read them look for the one where she was on the show. She loves OHCH just like you and he was so nice to her- even gave up his seat in first class so she could sit with Sean! Pics too- check it out.

  87. katk17 says:

    Oh and like someone else said… Please comment on Downton! Or how about a recap next season?!?

  88. K# says:

    Great recap Lincee! Loved the comments about Sean’s tight pants, and sleeping with a knife under his pillow!
    I’m not trying to be mean, but my first thought was that Des’ brother had a mental issue. He seems to lack a filter and his family didn’t seem to come down too hard on him for his abrasive manner- like they are very used to his behavior.
    I agree this could be a repeat of Mesnick’s season. I remember when Jason dumped Molly and she looked so genuinely shocked and kept telling him he was making a huge mistake.
    Thanks @Caroline and @Catherine for your input. We adopted our son as an infant (he’s 4 now and we talk openly about his adoption story) and most people seem to think his past will be a nonissue. You just never know.
    I’m looking forward to the unprecedented “Bachelor Tells All”. It makes me think this season may end in a different manner.

  89. meg says:

    Lindsay is so stupid!! And annoying. And really-not-so-cute. I felt like Sean was babysitting. Good luck with that!

  90. Lisabeth says:

    Chutzpah!! Love it!

  91. HB says:

    remember back when Jen the Bachelorette- went on a hometown date in NY and the guy’s apartment was so small and creepy- he did Not get a rose. Maybe Des did her homework and decided not to risk it, she should have gotten an actor for her brother tho.

  92. Lorie says:

    You truly made me laugh with that remark about sleeping with a knife under his pillow! LOL!!

    I think Sean is a good, decent guy. The show is stupid, but hey- very entertaining.

    My brothers always say how ridiculous this show is, and can’t understand why my mom and I watch it. That being said, Des’ brother probably felt the same way- and he shouldn’t have even been there for the dinner. He might have thought that was the right thing to do, but like someone else commented “he has no filters”. The family seem very passive, and he definitely is not.
    They always say every season- “The Most Shocking Season in Bachelor History”…and I’d like to think they do it for this season, and Des comes back…or he wakes up and goes to get her. She seems like a really nice, down to earth girl. I don’t think she was fake. The apartment however- may have been fake, or she has a roommate or two!

  93. Dancingbear says:

    My sister and her husband were foster parents who wanted to adopt. They had several foster children before they were sucessful in adopting one. Not all foster parents want to adopt and there is no expectation that they do so. In some states it isn’t allowed. It’s a long and often complicated process. Many of the kids end up with a relative or biological parent that is ill-prepared for parenting. It is feasible that it would take at least a year or more to adopt a foster child.

  94. Tattie says:

    Im not sure, but I’ve read that Dez is not just a stylist but a bridal dress designer.

  95. Ruthie says:

    Well, I actually disagree with you taking up for Nate. I think he was out of line. He could have easily stood up for Des by telling Sean “I don’t want to see my sister get hurt” or “I don’t agree with this process” or “I think this show is stupid”. But to attack Sean’s character when he’s known him a total of an hour is uncalled for and to throw Sean’s comments back in his face was just shows Nate’s stupidity and lack of character. Tonight on Sean Tells Alll, they even showed a scene where Nate was super-nice to Sean telling him that he was a great guy….then minutes later attacked Sean. Nate definitely needs help, not Sean

  96. Steph says:

    I think he picks annoying baby talk dingy Lindsey because he clearly can’t keep his hands off her and vice versa…it won’t last but do they ever? Stupid but I can’t stop watching lol.

  97. Christy says:

    I totally think he’s going to pick Lindsay. I think Sean is a perfectly nice, genuine guy, but, since Emily’s season, I have never thought he was the sharpest knife in the drawer. I think Lindsay’s probably the best match for him, honestly, and he was obviously crazy about her family. I can’t imagine him ending up with AshLee; she’s way too serious and, frankly, old for him. He seems like the type to pick a younger girl who’s not too independent and who can build a life from scratch with him.

  98. Hotmomma88 says:

    Duh, he picks Lindsay b/c darn it she makes him feel like the star football player he almost was in high school and he always wanted the slutty cheerleader to go for him and she fits that role because she literally has the mentality of a high school gal (oh im sure she has a degree in something or another and she just substitutes for the fab school lunches and recess period, ummm hello she gets paid to play outside) and they will have a great connection until they don’t which they won’t and they’ll break up…but who knows, my husband and I are still together after 23years and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other either 😉

  99. marybelle says:

    @Juno – I’m a former social worker. I was thinking the same thing about AshLee’s story, but what I’m guess is she was fostered by her parents at aged 4, maybe left them (or not) but was not formally adopted until aged 6. It takes a looooong time for them to terminate birth parents rights and finalize an adoption.

    Anyway, that was my assessment.

  100. Kristin says:

    I missed the first 15 minutes of Sean tells all…did they say why they did it instead of women tell all??

    Did I miss the most dramatic news ever??

  101. Cil says:

    I really wish Lindsay had gone home by now because I can’t stand to even watch her have so much screen time. (I’d actually prefer Tierra.) It’s not just the baby talk, and that’s bad enough. I think since the beginning, when she was begging Sean for a kiss in the first episode, I just see her as some sloppy drunk always slurring her words. Also, there’s nothing wrong with being sexual, but she seems like she’s always…in lust? (To put it mildly.)

  102. bean there says:

    A very consise recap, Lincee! You said it. The Seanster”….agonizing over a life of estrogen-fiiled Filipino holidays or sleeping with a knife under his pillow when he visits California.” Danger, danger! I think I’d take the brother over a Fillipino mama when her daughter is cavorting with a blue-eyed Texan. Yo, Sean-you are NEVER getting a blessing from that mama. And ya’ll know that.

    If Des gets a shot at The Bachelorette, ABC will need to assure Bro’s parole is revoked in Colorado. Perhaps its times like these when ABC might want to arrange a prison exchange between Gitmo and a certain Colorado county jail. Think about it.

  103. ksvb says:

    @Hope – I also noticed Des’ walking, especially on their hiking date.

    @Kristin – You didn’t miss anything last night on Sean Tells All, it was a total snoozefest. The only thing I found interesting was when he said he probably would’ve kept Lesley if she had opened up to him instead of saying they should pick more avocados. I bet she was at home kicking herself/throwing fruit at the TV.

  104. Kim H. says:

    this is getting juicy!

    I have to say, although i felt bad for Des, there is just something about her I never liked. maybe it had to do with the fact that I may have seen him have better and funner connections with Catherine and Lindsay.

    I agree with most of you all, that I don’t see him with Ashlee because she is too serious for Sean. I like him better with Catheriene, but I have a feeling he might pick lindsay just because she seems more suited for him, being that Catherine does not seem ready to settle down- based on what her sisters said. If i were Catherine, i’d be pissed at my sisters,. and probably woulden’t talk to them for awhile, I mean they totally made her look like a fool, and sisters don’t do that to sisters. shame on them.

    Also, being Asian myself, I understand the asian older generation. they are not going to be so happy about giving their blessing to someone they just met once. it’s not normal, people think cathereines mom was harsh or rude, but if you look at the situation, it’s not normal to ask that question when you just met someone.

    It really did irritate me when the brother was being so rude to sean. yes he has valid points, but you need to have class- its in the delivery. made him seem very immature. and yes, I believe if he had a deeper connection with Des, he would have still kept her regardless of what the bro said.

    I have to admit I was annoyed as well with Des’s departure. first of all, why are you interupting him before the rose ceromony to apologize to him , she should have done that at the house before he left. also when he chose her to go home, just go home, stop saying, your making a mistake, obviously he diden’t.

    gosh, now i’m waiting to see who wrote him that later at the end, and i’m hoping it’s not going to change his mind from who he had his heart set on proposing to. looking foward to next week.

  105. Kim H. says:

    ps, no des for Bachelorette….please give us a new face….using past people gets boring!

  106. Kim says:

    Lincee, I am pretty sure the shower scene from last night was Chris Harrison’s shout out to YOU!!!! That was all for you Lincee!! I hope you rewound that part a few dozen times. Enjoy!

  107. kt says:

    Watching the scene where Desiree’s brother was very friendly and accepting of Sean puts his later rudeness in a new light. I think that guy has a screw loose – he seemed “off” when he was being nice to Sean as well as when he was being so critical.

    I also liked when OHCH made the joke about losing a lot of money because he bet on 50 Shades Ashley to be in the final four!

  108. Jann says:

    – To me, the problem with AshLee is that I think her fear of abandonment is leading her to overcommit to the first truly decent person she’s probably been with. And while I understand about the scars that would be there from her formative years up through 6, it’s being presented as though she has had a tragic life. She didn’t…she had a tragic early childhood, and was very fortunate to have been adopted by a very loving couple. More tragic (from what I remember) was sweet, flawed Jamie (who went on to implode on the Bachelor Pad), having to basically raise her siblings with the death of her parents.

    – I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the HUGE red flag, of Sean having no idea about Catherine’s career aspirations, and having to hear about it from her sisters.

    – I thought Catherine’s mom was quite down-to-earth about saving a possible blessing for the time when it actually becomes realistic.

    – And I absolutely agree with everyone who said basically that it wasn’t Nate’s underlying message (concern, doubt, skepticism), but how he said it, and how he carried to personal attacks against Sean’s character, someone he barely knows.

    – Also, to those who have agreed with Nate in the use of the word “playboy” because Sean is dating more than one woman…look it up, that’s not the definition of a playboy. Sean seems to be the exact opposite of a playboy.

  109. scraptordelight says:

    At this point I still like Catherine for him, despite The Inquisition sisters. I have a theory about her…because of what happened with her father and his mental instability, whenever a relationship becomes “work” (as God knows, they all do) she bails because after what she’s been through she just wants to keep life fun. Who can blame her? I think next week she’ll work through this with Sean because I’m sure he’ll ask her about what her sisters said. My husband is Filipino and Sean does not want to pass up a lifetime of Lola and lumpia–trust me!
    AshLee is wonderful, but has more emotional baggage than Samsonite. LIndsay is like that innocuous friend your kid invites for a sleepover and they never leave. Every time you see them still sitting on the couch you scratch your head and say, “hmmm, you’re still here?” and go about your business.

  110. txmimi says:

    Desiree’s brother was scary to me and the parents were a little creepy, too. I thought he went way over the line with his comments to Sean.

    @ Hope…when Des was standing during the Rose Ceremony and when she walked out, her leg looked odd. Never noticed it before.

    Sean needs another lesson from Arie, for sure. Nearly every time he kisses, he sucks on the upper OR lower lip. AWKWARD!

    IMO, none of those remaining are good matches for Sean. I really hope they pick someone new for the next Bach-ette. I’m tired of the “re-treads”.

  111. Juno says:

    I agree with the comments on my prior post about AshLee’s “abandonment” issues – what I meant to say was not that I doubt that she may still have issues. She probably does. What I meant to convey is that anyone who still has those issues from age 6 at age 32, after 28 intervening years of living with a lovely supportive family, is not going to suddenly resolve them because she’s met this great guy. So it’s either not as big an issue as she (well, TPTB) is playing it up to be, or its a way bigger issue than any non-professional should be taking on.

  112. Beth says:

    Nice recap. Loved the part of Sean choking on his steak when the parents started crying too! What an emotional (but great) family! Sean better be ready for a lot of crying if he marries into that one! I thought it was SO CRAZY UNCOMFORTABLE when she started telling her parents that she got frisky with Sean in the sand like she was gleefully confiding in a girlfriend at a slumber party. is that not…a bit off?? The dad looked super uncomfortable, Sean looked like he wanted to die, and the Mom lost her appetite. I wonder if Sean pictured years of married life where the most intimate moments of married life where shared over the dinner table in a sing-song voice. Anyway, she is sweet but a bit obsessed….even her dad warned that she would be an absolute emotional wreck if Sean didn’t pick her.

    Anywho….I think he has the most fun with Catherine, but fits with Lindsay’s family the best. My husband’s family is from Washington and have the tradition to eat Lumpias, so their hometown visit reminded me a lot of my first visit to meet my future in-laws :)

  113. Claiborne says:

    I don’t understand the timeline for yesterday’s “Sean Tells All.” I thought that Chris Harrison said it was taped right after Desiree’s exit and before Thailand- so like real time with the show.

    But, how had he seen all the footage of Tierra? If it was truly real time, most of the shows wouldn’t have aired.

    Any thoughts?

  114. kt says:

    I think they fudged the timing – they pretended he hadn’t gone to Thailand yet but he really had. Sean looked thinner than he did on Monday night’s show.

  115. Joyce says:

    I agree. The timing was fudged. It was very confusing. If he watched the episodes he couldn’t possibly leaving for Thailand.

    I agree also, Sean is sooooo boring. Worse than Groban. Where’s Roberto??????

  116. Hai Yen says:

    I’m rooting for Catherine! She seems to have the weirdest sense of humor, is sane, and has a pretty cool job. I can’t stand Lindsay’s baby voice although her drilling Sean was hilarious. Have never been a fan of AshLee, I just don’t think her and Sean’s energy match up at all. As for Des, has anyone noticed how she tends to say “I know…” in awkward situations. Sean complimented her apartment saying it was nice and she replied “I know…”. She’s done this in previous episodes I just can’t pinpoint specific times. I think she’s a poor conversationalist.

  117. ILG says:

    I thought the timing was really off too. I suppose they could have shown him footage from weeks before but that doesn’t seem like it’d be fair because of the remaining girls.

    I believe that they filmed it at the end as well when ABC had an hour of airtime to fill and told him to pretend it was before he went to Thailand. I thought he was going to have some huge announcement or explain his thoughts on the overnight dates since he’s always been strong about his morals, but it was worthless. I felt like I didn’t learn anything I didn’t know before.

  118. Regina Martinaitis says:

    I talked one of my daughters into watching this year. Too bad, this is not the best season. Sean is boring and not a catch. He seems to love himself. It sure took him a long time to realize Tiara was terrible and out of control. I am not sure I would wish him on any one of the women. This far along, he better have more clarity on choosing than he is admitting to.

  119. Miriam says:

    @Hai Yen, yes, I have noticed that Des is a poor conversationalist too! Sean says, “Wow, this is a really nice place,” and instead of saying “thank you” or “how kind,” she says, “I know”???? Maybe it’s because it’s not really her apartment and she just seen it for the first time too. But I’ve noticed in the past that she interrupts and doesn’t seem to listen well.

  120. Kristin says:

    What if the reason for the Sean Tells All has something to do with his comment about keeping Lesley if she had expressed herself? What if the letter is from Lesley? Seems like there has to be a good reason for the deviation from other shows. That’s all I can think of.

    Like I said earlier, I think Sean’s reason for not keeping Dez was more about her inability to express herself than it was about her brother’s rudeness. She’s awful. Instead of just an apology for her brother and begging not to be let go, she should have been explaining why she wanted to stay. She had to make herself worth putting up with a pain-in-a** brother!!

  121. Jenny G. says:

    I agree with the comments about the timing of the “Sean Tells All” episode. I also believe that it had to have been after Thailand if he’d already seen the Tierra stuff.

    On Sean’s sister’s blog I am pretty sure she said they see the episodes only one week before they air. And when we get to the “After the Rose” that’s always way after the final episode (I think 3 months later) so the aired episodes lag quite a bit from the time of filming — which is why some of the couples have had time to break up before we even get to that episode. With that timing it doesn’t seem possible that they filmed “Tell All” before Thailand.

    I also agree that for the most part that was a total snooze fest, and wonder what the motivation was to air it? The only juicy info was that he would have kept Lesley if she’d professed love for him.

    Aside from the Lesley conversation the only interesting part for me was hearing a bit of trash talk about our villain, Tierra.

    Great conversation in the comments, by the way. Proof of how great this blog is. Would love it if we could “like” comments since so many of them are entertaining!

  122. It's only a game! says:

    Love all the comments as well as the blog.
    Actually, I thought it was endearing when Des said” I know” to Sean’ s compliment about her place. Yes, it did seem like an odd comment but I found it charming. I took it to mean that she liked her place and was appreciative of it. Sometimes I can hardly believe how lucky I am(I love that I have daughters and a husband that I love and I have a great dog, good food to eat, etc.) and so I feel like ” I know” how fortunate I am( even though I have my tough and dramatic times also).

  123. Kairi says:

    I liked how Sean talked about his faith in Emily’s season–I find it so odd that he has hardly mentioned it at all this show. I’m sure it’s all the editing. I don’t know why ABC cuts out all the things that make someone unique, that endear us to them. Every bachelor/bachelorette seems the same after ABC is done with them. I’ve often thought how interesting this show would be if we could actually hear the deep conversations Sean has with the girls, instead of just watching kissing. Come on, Pride and Prejudice isn’t so popular for nothing. We love hearing deep conversation.

  124. Kairi says:

    * “I can’t control my eyebrow!” Sounds exactly like something I sassed to my mom when I was 13. She didn’t buy it for a second.

  125. alysha says:

    I could be mistaken, but I thought Des mentioned that she designs wedding gowns. If that is the case that would explain why she could afford a nicer place.

  126. D says:

    I am as judgemental and cynical as the next gal, and I actually like Lindsey. What am I missing?

  127. Jane says:

    I’m watching this episode on right now, and the first commercial they showed was for green beans. Just seems wrong somehow.

  128. ILG says:

    This is the only place where I’ve seen Sean talk about the “born-again virgin” thing. I highly respect him for being honest about it and acknowledging his faith.

    I wonder if it’ll come up tonight with the overnight dates.

  129. Miss Fab says:

    I’m quite certain this is the stupidest show in the world. It makes me feel partially normal when I watch it, because I’m not this lame. ‘Nuff said.

    PS. He’ll probably pick Lindsay. I just hope her frog voice improves with age.

  130. Miss Fab says:

    If I hear about AshLee’s abandonment issues one more time, I will pull out my eyebrows, one hair at a time. Oh… and also her “control issues”. Whatever! She’s not, “IT.” This show is like a train wreck.

  131. Miss Fab says:

    Lincee, you’re my new hero. I wish I was watching this BS with you. ‘Nuff said.

  132. Miss Fab says:

    I wonder if Catherine could talk any faster???

  133. Miss Fab says:

    What is, “trashinal”???? Just wondering, Catherine.

  134. Macedonian Hussy says:

    I agree – Des may be the next Bachelorette. She seems to have the best head on her shoulders. However, Nate may discourage it, being as he thinks the whole game is stilly As usual, Lincee, you got it spot on and there are too many “good ones” to list here, you are just all around In short, I agree totally with Miss Fab’s witty comments. Some of these are the reason I go to your blog.

  135. Macedonian Hussy says:

    PS – now that I think of it, we who watch are part of this silly game too. But I watch the show just to know what is going on so I read the recaps by both you and Some Guy in Austin.

  136. Beth says:

    I saw a lot of comments on here of people missing some more screen time for 50 Shades of Crazy from the first night–but did anybody notice her reactions and hysterical laughing in the background during most of the show?? She kept swinging her hands in the air and mouth opened huge laughing at some stuff that she probably didn’t need to. She looked like she was about to cry when they showed her fall of the stairs drunk, and the camera quickly cut off of her. The girl is more cray-cray than the producers wanted to show I think~!

    I don’t believe for a second that Sean said he didn’t have feelings for the other two. He may have said something about his feelings for Ashlee being different than for the other two, and she heard what she wanted and ran with it. Honestly, I think she’s a great person and very honorable, charitable, all that….but she would be hard to be married to at this point. Sean dodged a bullet. She needs a bit more time working through her issues before getting into another relationship with someone.

  137. Amanda says:

    I’m all for Lesley being the next Bachelorette but they never seem to pick the witty, intelligent ones for the lead role. In an ideal world, Ames, Emily the Germ Rapper, and our dear Lesley would all have their own seasons.

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