Bachelor Sean Home Town Recap: Oh Brother

Chris Harrison typically earns his paycheck by confidently stating each week that what we are about to witness is the most dramatic rose ceremony ever. I have to admit that after Sean doled out the coveted buds, I was shocked by the girl who was left rose-less at the end of the night.

With that said, the four remaining women were on a pretty even playing field. Since Sean was wise enough to send the resident villain Tierra home last week, the show was left with Catherine, Lindsay, Des and AshLee, who all seem relatively normal. If we strip their personalities down to basics, one might say that they are all nice, funny and attractive girls. This forces everyone watching to choose a favorite, and we become divided, convinced that our favorite is clearly going to be the one standing at the end.

Of course, this means the fate of the relationship relies on chemistry with the families.

AshLee and Sean picnic in the middle of some weeds in an abandoned lot in her parents’ golf course neighborhood. They share a bottle of wine while AshLee reminds Sean again how much she loves him. Sean looks a little concerned when AshLee starts comparing her ice lake jumping to releasing her control and abandonment issues and he almost chokes on his steak when her parents begin crying right along with her. Then she offers to fill her pastor Dad in on the fact that she and Sean rolled around half naked on the beach in St. Croix. Just what every father wants to hear! A round of Zoloft is handed out for dessert before Dad tells the sweet story of the little four-year-old foster girl who stole his heart. Sean convinces the family that he’s crazy about their daughter before receiving the Dad’s blessing for marriage. AshLee says the day was magical and begins doodling Mrs. Sean Lowe on her spiral-bound notebook. She willingly volunteers that “we are in love with each other” which has been known to be the kiss of death in previous seasons.

Sean is really nervous about meeting Lindsay’s Two-Star General father. What is he supposed to call him? General? Mister? Sir? Lindsay has no clue. Awesome. Instead of Googling the answer, she forces Sean to go antiquing, taste test cupcakes, do push ups, sit ups and jump over logs in an Army shirt, Old Navy cargo pants and Converse tennis shoes. She accomplishes all of this by barking orders in her best baby voice. It’s special. Lindsay’s Mom is immediately charmed by Sean. After telling him that he’s crazy about his daughter, Sean asks The General for his permission to marry his little girl. Two Star doesn’t have a direct answer, but does give him the authority to make the decision on his own. Sean thanks him and leaves to go throw up in the bathroom. Later, Lindsay admits that she’s falling in love with him. Sean admits that this makes him very happy and has no trouble sticking his tongue down her throat in The General’s driveway.

Sean meets Catherine in Seattle wearing the tightest pants I’ve ever seen on a man. And I’ve been to an Aerosmith concert. One can only assume they are from the Chris Harrison line for men. Catherine goes a different route and wears Pilates pants. I found this odd. Perhaps she prefers catching fish one-handed at Pike Place Market with a pant that offers a little more give? One can’t be sure. After their fingers and hands become tainted with the appealing smell of fresh fish, they both chew gum and adhere said gum to a huge gum wall. Let’s hope some high power antibacterial hand sanitizer was in that fanny pack of Catherine’s. They spend the rest of the day laughing, dancing, making out and eating a lot before meeting all the women in Catherine’s family. He cooks with Mom, flirts with Grandma and allows Catherine to sit on him as he does push ups before listening as Catherine’s two sisters figuratively throw her under the bus by confessing that she’s moody, messy, doesn’t really want to have kids right away, is full of career goals that are very important to her and probably isn’t ready to settle down right now. What a glowing endorsement! To make matters worse, Sean tells the Mom that he’s crazy for her daughter and asks for her permission should he choose to marry Catherine, to which she replies, “Mull it over and let’s see what happens.”

After hiking through the hills in Los Angeles, Des takes Sean back to her place to cook for the family. A stranger knocks on the door and Des is clearly dumbstruck when her ex-boyfriend pushes his way into the entry hall, asking why she hasn’t responded to his texts or phone calls while demanding that the cameras be turned off. He vows his love for Des before asking aloud if her parents know she’s “with this actor.” Sean clenches his fists and bucks up to the ex, practically begging the ABC intern to hold him back. Des finally yells, “GOTCHA” to Sean, revealing that the ex is really an actor who answered a cryptic ad in order to get his official Screen Actor’s Guild card. Sean finds this moderately funny, but is more impressed that Des had the chutzpah to pull it off in the first place. This somehow translates into them being best friends and he’s totally back to normal when the family shows up.

Sean loves the family and when he tells Des’ father that he is crazy about his daughter, he immediately gets permission to marry her. As he’s sitting down to dinner, the brother Nate asks to “holla” at Sean. Odd timing, but Sean agrees. Nate begins by saying that he knows Sean is not into Des and that clearly there is no connection. Sean vows that he’s crazy about her. Nate responds by asking, “How many girls are you crazy about?” By my count, that would be a big fat four. Point to the brother.

He asks Sean if he knows which one he’s going to choose and when Sean responds with a cautious, “No,” Nate calls him a playboy. Sean’s ivory Scandinavian skin becomes beet red as he begins to defend himself, assuring Nate that character and integrity are of the utmost importance to him. Nate never budges and ends the conversation with a general, “It is what it is.” I’m pretty confident that motto is tattooed somewhere on his body.

Sean can tell that the entire family is mortified by Nate’s rude behavior. It’s quite clear by Des’ intimidating inquiry, “Did you scare him?” that her brother might have a little bit of anger issues and perhaps spent a day or two incarcerated once upon a time. Given the family’s history, I’m sure Nate has learned a lot from the School of Hard Knocks. Was he rude? Sure. Did he deserve a punch in the mouth from Sean? Possibly. But hear me out for a minute…

I think Nate is a realistic guy playing the role of “thug older brother” in this game we call The Bachelor. Nate called it like he saw it. When a young, handsome guy agrees to go into a situation where we willingly courts 25 women at the same time – that is the definition of a playboy. Sure he might be crazy for Des, but as we all heard last night, he’s crazy for three other girls too. Nate simply made him admit it out loud. His protective stance swells after he hears Sean admit that he hasn’t narrowed down his choices yet. What brother wants to hear that his little sister is “in the running” to be some random dude’s wife? If it works out, great. But what if it doesn’t? You have to admit that ABC doesn’t have the greatest of track records when it comes to match making. Another point for the brother.

I’m sure Nate was asked to join his family from his crib in East LA, sign a waiver and give Sean a hard time on television. And that’s exactly what he did. But he did it in a way completely thumbing his nose at the entire crazy process, figuratively demanding that everyone involved take a moment stop and really assess the ridiculousness of the scenario. He didn’t apologize for asking hard questions because he thinks what his sister is doing is stupid and he’s annoyed at his parents for getting sucked in too. If that happen to sabotage her chances with Sean, so be it. It is what it is. Game. Set. Match.

Rose Ceremony
Sean admits to Harrison that he doesn’t have any clarity and in an unprecedented moment, he shares his dilemma. He must choose between Catherine and Des. Clearly, Catherine’s Mom’s unwillingness to bless their possible future union and Nate’s willingness to call a spade a spade has put both ladies in jeopardy.
Roses are easily handed to Lindsay and AshLee, but before he can hand the last long-stem out, he heads back to the bureau to ponder life, love and other mysteries as he stares at framed photos of the ladies. Harrison is sent in to offer his best advice, “This is the most important decision yet. Don’t screw this up.”

I’m pretty confident that is tattooed somewhere on his body.

Sean takes a few moments to lean against the Pier One Bureau room wall, agonizing over a life of estrogen-filled Filipino holidays or sleeping with a knife under his pillow when he visits California. He trudges back to the rose ceremony room with the weight of the reality world on his shoulders.
Des asks for some alone time with Sean before he hands the last rose out. She apologizes for her brother’s behavior and Sean accepts, assuring her that everything is totally fine.

Then he gives the rose to Catherine.

Des is so shocked, she can neither cry nor look Sean in the face. She keeps repeating, “You’ve made a big mistake.” Meanwhile, Mike Fleiss begins the search for 25 eligible suitors to win her heart in next season’s bachelorette.

Next week, Sean spends some quality time with the three remaining ladies in Thailand. Will AshLee scare him away with her outpouring of love? Will Catherine redeem herself in his eyes? Will Lindsay’s voice go down an octave or two? Do you think Des will be the next bachelorette? Are you mad at the brother or do you sort of get where he was coming from? Sound off in the comments section!

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137 Comments on "Bachelor Sean Home Town Recap: Oh Brother"

February 19, 2013 9:37 am

Wow! I am so so happy the recap is up so early!!! :) My favorite line was: Harrison is sent in to offer his best advice, “This is the most important decision yet. Don’t screw this up.”

I’m pretty confident that is tattooed somewhere on his body.

Hilarious!!! anyway, my favorite is Catherine! Even if her sisters were kinda weird- she seems the most normal… Lindsay’s voice drives me too crazy and AshLee seems a little too emotional. Team Catherine!!!!

Also- I definitely think Des will be the next Bachelorette but it may be fun if they just got a brand new person!!

February 19, 2013 9:39 am

Oh Lincee……once again……you captured the craziness of Bachelor Nation!
Nothing beats a hearty laugh first thing in the morning. What a great morning….. a delicious cup of coffee and your recap! Thanks.

February 19, 2013 9:44 am

Good perspective on the brother. I have a little brother that treated my now-husband in a similar way, minus the whole dating 3 other girls and reality show, of course. It was kind of hard to watch. So I was mad at the brother because I feel like he was being rude for TV. Of course, no one in that family held him accountable either…

I really thought Des was his best choice. Ashlee loves him to pieces but girls got some major things to work through. She has a great family though. I just didn’t see him have as much fun with her–I saw a lot of deep serious conversations. Catherine on the other hand… seems really fun, but I don’t think she’s at the place he is in her life and i don’t see her wanting to move to Dallas. Lindsay… annoys the heck out of me. She’s too young and doesn’t seem that smart. But she’s sweet. I see him picking her now that Des is gone. It will shatter Ashlee though.

February 19, 2013 9:45 am

Great recap as usual Lincee! Agree with you on the brother…he has said what alot of people think…a little crass about it but oh well. Yes. Agree he spent some time in the cell at some point. My husband was disappointed they weren’t living in a tent again…and was MAD at the ABC intern as they showed before commercial who already had roses. FAIL. AND ABC GET SOMEONE NEW FOR THE NEXT BACHELOR AND BACHELORETTE!

February 19, 2013 9:46 am

Des will be the next Bachelorette. That is all.

It's only a game!
February 19, 2013 9:50 am

Am I the only one who thinks Sean is super boring and shallow? I am hoping he picks my least favorite woman as I don’t really consider him ” a great catch”. He says the same thing to each of the “contestants” and really he just appears to be a walking cliche! As far as his choice of activities …… all I can say is Egads”!!!!

February 19, 2013 9:52 am

I don’t blame Des’ brother but I am disappointed in Sean if that factored into his decision. Everyone has a crazy inlaw or two to deal with…if you really care about someone it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Either he doesn’t have a pair or he just wasn’t that into her. Catherine annoyed me this episode and I think she’s too young. Plus her voice is like, annoying like. Team AshLee!!

Was anyone else sad that the meal Des cooked didn’t seem to get touched? Would’ve been different of Tierra was there (only thing I liked about her!). Sean Tells All tonight looks painful. Why do they never focus on the fact that he’s a born again virgin? If it was a Bachelorette I bet they would.

February 19, 2013 9:57 am

Does anyone else wonder how a person who sells wedding gowns can afford a really nice house with a pool and outdoor fireplace in Los Angeles???

I felt really sad for Des but she needed to stop begging Sean to keep her. Chin up girl, you’re set to be the next Bachelorette.

February 19, 2013 10:04 am

I must be the only one who just isn’t totally buying AshLee’s story. For one thing, I could swear that she told Sean that she lived in foster homes until she was 6, yet last night her father said they found her when she was 4. Her mother and father have obviously loved her like crazy for 28 years, and she STILL has abandonment and trust issues? It just doesn’t quite add up.

I personally like Catherine the best, but I think Lindsay may be the best choice for him. Can’t wait to see all the breathtaking footage of Thailand – it’s on my list of places to go!

February 19, 2013 10:11 am

Lincee, you never disappoint!!! I don’ t know how you do it?! I’ve been with you since the email days and I still can’t get enough of your recaps!!! But I had one quick note to add this time, what you call an “Army shirt” I call an “Army mock turtleneck” … much sexier 😉

Here’s hoping Des is the next Bachelorette!

February 19, 2013 10:13 am

I also thought while Des was in the limo leaving that she would be the new bach-ette. And like someone else here said, Sean is incredibly boring and shallow. He always looks uncomfortable on camera. Catherine (moody and all) is still who I am rooting for – she seems the most sane. Thanks Lincee for doing the recap early!

February 19, 2013 10:14 am

Des better be the next Bachelorette. She’s adorable and funny and real and c’mon, the psycho brother who is now out of the closet, so to speak, will only add to the fabulousness and irony. And was it just me, or could anyone else see her parents as the type to break out the weed now and again? The whole family dynamic was odd. I also had no idea working in a wedding dress store was such a lucrative career.

Of the three left, my guess is that he picks Lindsey. Barf.

February 19, 2013 10:16 am

When Sean left the rose ceremony, you could see the producer run out to Harrison and say “Dude, put that cigarette out, some crazy #*@& is going down. And quick, think of your best advice.”

The best part is when Sean mulls over his choice by leaning against the candle lit shrine bookcase.

February 19, 2013 10:16 am

Abby – your comment above nailed it, my thoughts exactly on the girls.

Juno – yes, I thought the exact same thing. I do buy her story for the most part, but I absolutely remember her saying she was 6. I thought that was strange, but the issues are not that surprising. She was abandoned in the most formative part of development – multiple times. That kind of thing takes years of therapy to work through, not sure she has done that. I am only saying this because we have adopted a toddler and I expect her to have/need some therapy later in life. Even babies that are abandoned have issues, our awareness of such things starts very early.

Team Catherine because Des is gone!

February 19, 2013 10:16 am

Lincee – our Bachelor party laughed at OHCH’s advice to Sean and knew you’d love it. Awesome recap!!

So disappointed for Des bc – agree – everyone has a difficult in-law or two but really hope she’s the next Bachelorette. Separately, yes what was up with her hooked up house??

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