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Bachelor Sean Recap: Week 9

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 @ 07:02 AM
Author: Lincee

The recap will be up later today. I was forced to eat a bug last night to show my unfailing commitment to adventure and I am feeling residual effects this morning.

Feel free to discuss last night’s outcome in the comment section. Please remember…NO SPOILERS ON THIS SITE!!!

60 Responses to “Bachelor Sean Recap: Week 9”

  1. debby says:

    Favorite part of last nights show? Catherine & Sean lounging on a boat in beautiful Thailand reciting multipication facts. they are made for each other! Team Catherine all the way……

  2. Liana says:

    Does Lindsey buy her clothes at the same Build a Bear store as Ashlee Hebert?
    Poor AshLee I just knew her heart was going to be broken, Sean prefers the younger and more carefree girls. She had a very dignified departure, can’t wait to hear what she says next week.

  3. mrsb says:

    Eat a bug for love. Jump into icy water for love. Swim into a dark cave for love. Jump off a building for love. Does anyone else see a disturbing trend?? The more we see of Sean, the more I think he’s a class A, selfish JERK.
    I’m just disappointed only Selma had the guts to stand up for herself. Demand some respect, ladies!!!

  4. Tricia Davis says:

    It amazed me that AshLee was so emotional all the time, yet she held it together so well during the rose ceremony. Maybe it was just total shock. Looking forward to your recap as always Lincee! I was so grossed out by the bug eating too.

  5. scraptordelight says:

    AshLee–dayum…Sean can definitely expect some boiled rabbits in his future!! Catherine and Sean are so much fun together and can actually carry on a decent convo. Lindsay is the girl at the frat party who is about to have one drink too many and do very naughty things. I don’t get the appeal!

  6. kt says:

    I wonder if Lindsay would have been able to do the multiplication with Sean? She actually seemed to have a little trouble reading the overnight note!

    Ashley had a pretty scary look on her face last night – it was so great how she just stormed off and didn’t want to even hear any of Sean’s nonsense. I think he was actually frightened of her.

  7. OklaBachFan says:

    Re: AshLee—-If Looks Could Kill…

  8. Juno says:

    I disagree that Sean is being a jerk by “testing” with bugs, caves, etc. If you are the kind of person who likes to do those kinds of things, then you want someone who will do them with you. If I were in that Thai market, I would want to try the bugs and would totally want my companion to want to join me in that adventure.

    I’m on Team Catherine – I think they are the best match. Just not that sure about the moving from Seattle to Dalllas thing.

  9. Dixie says:

    A few observations:

    – AshLee kept yammering on about how glad she was that she waited for Sean, and how she takes engagement seriously. Dude – you got married at 17!

    – AshLee should have brought those jugs out earlier.

    – Catherine had such a great video, and she is by far the best fit for Sean. I also loved the multiplication outtakes. They have great chemistry.

    – Sean has no poker face. It was obviously he was sending AshLee home while watching her video.

    Anyone notice that Catherine and Lindsay filmed their videos in their rose ceremony dresses and AshLee was in a tank top? Wonder why.

  10. Mo City Girl says:

    I was SOOO elated that Sean cut Clingy AshLee last night. Has she never seen this show. You don’t go screaming you love someone while there are still what…7 chicks still in the running!!! Stalker alert!!!

    On another note, as a PK, why were all of her “girlie girls” hanging all out? Pappa will not approve.

  11. Ruby25 says:

    AshLee wasn’t any fun. Every moment spent with her sounded like a therapy session. Of course he prefers the more carefree girls. (You saw that video message, right? Augh!) A person can only take so many emotional metaphors. I don’t think she held it together at the end. I think she looked like she wanted to cut him and would have if her jugs weren’t so uncomfortably on display. One false move, and they would have been out and about. She is beautiful, but Sean needed to get himself away from Intense Barbie. I feel bad for Ashlee, but it’s also The Bachelor. How upset can people get about him hurting her? Somebody had to go home. Somebody has to get hurt. If he kept all three, that would be a problem.
    Also, there is no way baby talking Lindsey would have eaten those bugs if they had been a serious couple and not on TV. Eating bugs in a market doesn’t prove anything except that you are willing to eat bugs when you aren’t starving. I would have told him to take his V neck self and eat double, because there would be no insect ingestion and violent sickness afterward on my part.

  12. Jacquie in TO says:

    When Sean made the comment that the girl he was planning to send home was “not going to be okay” it was obvious who it was.

    And look on her face when he sent her home….WOW….not upset, just really, really angry. She was scary! Watch out Sean, this could the sequel to Fatal Attraction.

  13. Kim H. says:

    My thoughts:
    I think everyone knew he was going to send Ashlee home but Ashlee. He even said to her as part of his reason that it always seemed to intense. He was right, she is very intense, the way she was looking at him, was as if he tore her heart up, spat on it, and threw it on the ground. I felt so bad for sean, cause you could tell he did not want to break the news to a woman that was abandoned as a child, and here he has to do it to her in this situation. I do feel that Ashlee was pretty rude in not even talking it out. yes you are mad, but you knew that you had the possibility of being sent home, so I felt like she was being childish.

    Catherine is a perfect fit for sean, although you would never have guessed those 2 to be the ones in the end…being that they don’t look like a pair. for some reason though, I feel that sean feels that she may not be ready for a long time commitment- and you could tell sean felt that way, when he was asking her all those questions. I love Catherine, but i’m not sure if its a long time thing with her.

    Lindsay, I really feel with lindsay, it will be a long time commintment/forever material with this girl. I don’t really see the immaturity that everyone else sees with her, and i’ think she also very pretty. I just feel sean has a deeper connection with catheriene, but long term with lindsay, so i’m confused as to who he is going to pick.

  14. Kim H. says:

    ps,- I thought when sean and lindsay were in the ocean, and the monkeys were in the background were hilarious.

  15. katk17 says:

    I think Sean has been leading all these women on by telling ALL of them he could see a future. No wonder they are so hurt and mad. Keep your mouth shut dude!

  16. Amanda says:

    I wonder if maybe Sean and AshLee got carried away in the fantasy suite and she took it as a sign that she must be the one? They are both very conservative and made it sound like they weren’t going to do anything more than “spend some time alone together” but maybe things progressed further than either had planned. Just the way she was soooo angry looking made me think perhaps she had some regrets over something and/or Sean said/did something that she felt led her on?

  17. Cindy says:

    Katk17 – I agree with you. If I were either Lindsay or Catherine, I would be doubting how he felt about me after watching him say the same thing to every woman.

  18. renee says:


    I thought that same thing, and some of the things in the limo she said made me think “they got carried away” too. There was a reason she was so angry.

  19. Kristin says:

    I’m wondering if the letter at the end is from his mom, from what they showed in the previews??

  20. TX QP says:

    OK GBers, what did AshLee’s necklace say? I even froze the screen and could not tell. It looked like “gupset”. My husband thinks it said “broken” -LOL

    I think Sean had to get rid of AshLee, or face being responsible for her mental health the rest of his life. If you have to mention it every 15 minutes, you are NOT over it! After just a few weeks, she says Sean has cured her of abandonment issues, control issues, and general brokenness. Red flag, Sean, you should have sent her home instead of Des!

  21. Liana says:

    My biggest problem with Sean all season has been him saying the same thing to all the girls. How much he likes them, how he can see a future with them, how he thinks they could be his wife, etc. On the home town dates, he said the same things to all the parents.
    I kind of like him even though he is sort of a boring guy, but feel he should had kept his mouth shut a bit more.
    His chemistry with Catherine is very obvious. Team Catherine all the way.

  22. Amanda says:

    I have been rooting for Catherine for a while, but after watching last night’s ep, I really think if Sean is TRULY looking for a wife, he will pick Lindsay. I think they have a great connection. If he’s not looking for wife material, he’ll go with Catherine. It’s the same with Ben and Jake — they chose Courtney and Vienna because those were the easy choices when they didn’t want to settle down. Not that Catherine is anything like Courtney and Vienna, because she is adorable and sweet, but I don’t think she’s ready for marriage.

  23. Ann says:

    Looking at things from AshLee’s perspective, I think she had every right to be hurt and angry. If someone said the things to me that Sean said to her (and to the others, too, for that matter), I would assume I was the love of his life.

    I guess in his nice-guy way, Sean was trying to be sweet to them, but he truly gave that girl NO CLUE that she was the one going home. I know everyone says it was obvious who was being sent home as Sean was watching those 3 videos; however, the GIRLS didn’t see him watch the videos. So, I think poor AshLee was as blind-sided by Sean as Sean claims he was by Emily.

    Dude, you KNEW how into you AshLee was. He should have sent her home a long time ago and he never, never, never should have made comments like “I can see us together,” etc. Of the girls left at the end, I think only Des and AshLee were truly ready to be wives. I am quite sure this was devastating to AshLee.

    Also, Lincee didn’t recap the show with Sean last week, but my opinion of him slipped down a notch the way he talked about Des’s brother. Yes, the guy was pretty awful, but I thought Sean behaved in a rather snobby, judgmental way about him – there was no reason why he needed to bring up on national TV that Des’s brother had “been in a little trouble with the law” in his younger days. Geez – and that means absolutely nothing as to Des’s character. That showed a great lack of class on Sean’s part.

    Anyway, I’ve been a big Sean fan all along, but he’s a little tarnished for me now.

  24. Susan says:

    TX QP…. I was thinking the same thing!! I couldn’t read it either, and it was driving me crazy!

  25. TX QP says:

    Ann, take a look at Lincee’s:

    Bachelor Sean Hometown Recap: Oh Brother!

    It was her take on the hometown dates, and she went into great detail about the confrontation between Sean and Nate!

  26. Monica says:

    I loved AshLee’s reaction to the boot! That’s the most personality she’s shown all season. Ice COLD! I loved it. Best death-stare of 2013.

  27. Robbie says:

    @Kristen, I also think the letter is from his mother.

  28. Nicole says:

    I think AshLee’s necklace said “gypset”, which apparently is a combination of gypsy + jet set and is supposed to define a person who lives a nomadic, bohemian lifestyle. Sounds like about as opposite of the personal organizer as you can get, IMHO!

  29. Karen says:

    No one has mentioned that AshLee told Shawn exactly the engagement ring that she wanted. “Cushion cut with a band of diamonds all around. Size 6.” I think that’s what did her in.

  30. Dana says:

    I thought it was obvious that AshLee would be sent home last night, NOT because Sean gave any obvious clues that he wasnt in to her because he HAS said things to every girl that would give them the impression that they’re the one he’s going to choose. To me, it was obvious from the edit that the producers were portraying; saying how in love she is with Sean and how she’s sure he’s the one, the comments about the type of ring she wants, etc. The producers prod the girls to say what they want to script so dont think for a minute that things like that are just spontaneous. If you read Ali’s blog, she reveals alot of things that are behind the scenes, producer inspired conversations. Regardless, I think AshLee is too serious and too mature for Sean. He’s looking for a cutesy, giggly girl that is fun and playful.
    P.S. Hated that Lindsey went along with eating all that gross stuff at the open air market. She looked like she was going to puke.

  31. Susie says:

    AshLee has the best body by far of any girl on the show. Wow! She should be a model.

  32. kristi says:

    Did anyone elso notice that AshLee and Catherine’s fingernails were painted with the ring finger a different color than the rest (on the dates)? What’s that all about??

  33. Jenny G. says:

    I couldn’t help but feel that Sean is a bit of a sadist. Lindsay said she was up for anything except eating bugs. So he makes her eat bugs. AshLee apparently has a phobia of caves or enclosed spaces. So he makes her swim through a dark cave.

    Not cool in my book. He is trying to make them prove themselves or something…. since when did love mean doing things that make you squirm just so someone will think you’re cool enough, or outdoorsy enough, or brave enough? How about Sean showing that he’s a gentleman who can respect that we don’t all love the same activities (like eating bugs)? Not very romantic….

  34. kristi says:

    Also….I think the letter is from his mom too. She probably thought about it and decided to let him be the BIG BOY that she raised and make a mature decision!

  35. Lacia C says:

    I felt for Ashlee when she got sent home, she was pissed and probably felt really embarrassed at the things she said on camera about Sean being the one, etc etc etc. And that video! Oy.

    I agree with the others, Sean should have let Ashlee go before the hometown dates. He let her on to the point that she was too far gone.

  36. Shopgirl says:

    I’m thinking the letter is from AshLee. She probably felt some need to say the things that she couldn’t express when she was blindsided at the rose ceremony.

    And as for the bug eating, if my husband wanted to taste bugs while we walked through a marketplace in Thailand, I would be happy to stand by his side and root for him, but no way would he ever make me feel like it was imperative that I join him in his culinary experiment. Shame on Sean and the producers for doing this kind of thing to these women over and over (bugs, polar plunges, underwater caves, whatever…)!

  37. VickiG says:

    When Sean and Lindsay walk on the beach and come across the group of monkeys’ I was hoping she’d say “You’re not going to make me eat one of them are you”?

    This “testing” of how willing and free spirited the ladies are have reached a level of bad taste. No pun intended (regarding the bug noshing – ICK).

    AshLee – ooooooh that look @ the end was seriously psycho-drama. I don’t think she blinked once.

  38. Megan says:

    Blog faster, Lincee! I need to know what you think!!!

    And… totally called the final two during the Canada week. But I thought that Des would be in the final three. I assumed AshLee would be long gone.

  39. Reno says:

    I thought Lindsey looked she was going to cry when she ate the bug. Not gentlemanly Sean, at all. Nor loving.

  40. jL says:

    AshLee SHUT. IT. DOWN. as soon as Sean said Catherine’s name. He was dead to her in that moment. It was scary how quickly she could switch it on. I was really disappointed in his “explanation”. He said a lot of words without saying anything. I wish she had not afforded him the opportunity and just got in the car and peaced out.

    I had been thinking this whole time that if AshLee didn’t make it, she should be the next Bachelorette but I really don’t know if she could handle it. I think she has the best story for it – imagine the trust metaphors – but the way she shut down when he sent her home…man. Also, she should definitely make the guys do organizing challenges if she does make the show.

    I like Catherine the best because she hasn’t said she is in love with him. I think she has her head on straight – more than the other girls. I also really liked when she talked about how hard it was for her to have to be more initiative. I also think that he looks the happiest when he is with her.

    I think it would be incredibly hard to be the girl Sean chose and to have to watch him say he’s falling in love with two women. I think I would feel like, “did you just flip a coin to decide?” It would be hard not to think, What if What if What if.

  41. Jenny G. says:

    I agree, jL: Sean said a lot of words without saying anything. I saw that the same way. Especially since he had plenty of time beforehand to think about what he should say.

    Also agree that AshLee may not be stable enough to go a season as Bachelorette.

  42. Jenny G. says:

    Typo above: meant that AshLee may not be stable enough to *do* a season as the Bachelorette……

  43. Jen says:

    Come on people, lets give poor AshLee a break, she just had her heart (and her trust) broken. I love it that she did not let Sean see her cry! She had no idea it was coming. She has been classy and mature the whole show, even when dealing with Tierra. I would love to see her as the Bachlorette, and maybe they could have some older, professional guys with real jobs!
    I think it’s Catherine all the way, Pilates pants and all!
    Hi Kristi, the different color nail polish on ring fingers is super trendy right now. Glitter on the ring ringer,or stripes or even nail art.

  44. Krissy says:

    Blog, Lincee, Blog! I’ve been very unproductive at work today due to constantly checking to see if you posted!

  45. Paul says:

    Felt bad for AshLee but she is smokin hot and mostly pleasant to be around so she will not lack for suitors. She will come with security issues, but 99 percent of the men she meets will take that risk. She reacted to the rejection the way I think I would have in that position. What is there to say, after all? Why give Sean the comfort of speaking his mind? It’s very hard to be that selfless in that situation. Lindsey is a safe choice at this point because she ready to take the big plunge and fairly uncomplicated. The easy choice is tempting. Catherine is more intelligent, free-spirited, more of a challenge to keep happy, I’m guessing. And she’s sizzling hot, to boot. Sean needs to take a chance and go with her. Overall, this has been a good season. Most beautiful group in final 4 ever.

  46. Lin says:

    Well, I missed a lot of the Lindsey date but I did notice she could barely get “I love you” out. She sounded like a scared little 6 yr old who is divulging her biggest baddest secret to her mommy. She just strikes me as very immature and not ready to settle down.

    Ashlee…omg. Yes, we get it that you’re afraid of being abandoned, you’re facing her fears, Sean is your missing puzzle piece…blah, blah, blah. The quickest way to send a prospective boyfriend/fiance running for the hills? Constant crying. Oh, and describing exactly what your engagement ring should look like & giving your ring size. Yeah.

    I think Catherine is the best bet. I like how she had the brains to do some damage control and explain why her sisters are wrong. She seems mature & grounded.

    Holy crap…Ashlee was falling out the top of her dress at the rose ceremony!! Definitely a dress meant for a small chest. yikes.

  47. Emily says:

    Did anyone else notice that Lindsay said “this is AMAZING!” No less than FIVE times?? Amazing is now the most overused word in the bachelor.

  48. VickiG says:

    OK I’m going out on a limb here & I hope I don’t offend …. was it just me or did anyone else find the opening of the show a little awkward. Sean standing on the front of the boat with a somewhat phallic looking extension of the boat directly in front of him? oh dear…

  49. debbie says:

    I know this show is all scripted and edited like crazy, but I thought it was so unclassy that Sean dumped AshLee like he did. He was able to send Sara home (I think that was her name) in a humane manner, and he made several of his own rules on the show. So, why couldn’t he have done that with AshLee considering her history and how over the moon she was for him?
    He totally led her on and he kept forcing her to “trust him” and when she did? See ya.
    I think she did the best she could when she left, (eye daggers and all. In fact, I think I even threw some eye daggers at him too!)

  50. debic says:

    @Jacquie, you nailed it, when Sean said Catherine’s name and they put the camera on AshLee’s face, the first thing that came to my mind was boiled bunnies.
    Sean should have never taken her as far as he did on this show, knowing she has serious abandonment issues. I believe, especially after reading what Ali has written, that he knew long before Thailand who the final one was going to likely be, or at least the final two. Why risk emotionally damaging an already damaged person, unless he was so into her (which I never really saw), knowing yourself the heartbreak that lies ahead at the final pit stop of the journey. Did he think he was fixing her? Geez, I hope not. I would want a refund for a job done poorly.
    I too think the note is going to be from his mom after seeing last night’s previews. Or has Catherine said the big “L” word yet? I kind of missed a tiny section of their fantasy suite date at the end and can’t remember if she told him. Maybe she waits til then?
    Regardless, *Team Catherine*, she’s nerdy and I like nerds.

    And although it’s probably already set in stone, I really hope they don’t regurgitate Desiree for the Bachelorette. Something about her has always seemed off to me, like she’s acting (Jake Pavelka comes to mind). I almost feel like they plucked her out of a crowd just to be on the show because of her nauseating resemblance to a young Katie Holmes. She already has the typical “pre-Bachelor/Bachelorette” speech out there (didn’t even wait until ATFR like Ben, Ashley H, Ali, Deanna, Kacie B (still clinging to hope, but probably headed for BP after that last performance)…etc… “I know now I wasn’t really in love with him/her and I can’t wait to get out and start dating again!” … mark my words, she will be plugging that on ATFR, guarantee it. (GAG). I would just rather they use someone genuinely looking for a partner (Sarah comes to mind), and not another fool looking for their 15 minutes, and then they wonder why these “relationships” don’t last.
    Love your blog, Lincee. Thanks for all the chuckles. Take care.

  51. Allie says:

    I just think AshLee did what every woman wants to do when blindsided by heartbreak. She left with (somewhat) of her dignity, and gave herself time to compose her thoughts before she spouted off anything stupid to Sean. She didn’t cry or throw a fit or make herself look like an idiot when she got dumped. Good for her.

  52. Hope says:

    Well Sean can multiply, but dude can’t add – my favorite quote “I’m looking for a girl who’s funny, compassionate and loving. I want both of those things…” duh
    I’m not thinking Catherine is ready to settle down, much less move across the country. Did anyone notice how much she wiped her nose during their date, like she was trying to get some oil shine off of it? Weird.
    And I totally agree he shouldn’t have kept AshLee that long, knowing her history. If he had any compassion, he would have handled it differently. The editing stinks, too – he said at the beginning he woke knowing who he’d send home, then at the videos, said he wasn’t sure…

  53. Karen says:

    Did anyone else notice that one of the dancers on Sean and Lindsey’s date looked like Catherine? I did a double take..

  54. amyashley says:

    2 things…

    1) Lindsey repeatedly saying “this is amazing” is completely annoying. Maybe try one or two different ways of expressing yourself to spice things up.

    2) Sean’s tongue first kissing makes me want to puke.

  55. VickiG says:

    I have to agree with Amyashley – Sean’s tongue kissing moments are on the nauseating side. So uncomfortable to watch. It kind of reminded me of eating a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cone …

  56. Amanda B says:

    amyashley – #2 YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I was thinking the same thing!

    I don’t think Catherine is ready to settle down.
    Torn: Is AshLee the author of the letter or Catherine?
    Mom: You go girl! Tell you son how it is! Don’t propose!

  57. mrsb says:

    Emily – I agree! “Amazing” used way too much.

    Coming in second is, “This man”. Although with AshLee gone, that one will fade!

  58. Lyn in Denver says:

    I still like Sean quite a bit. While he kisses poorly and is repetitive, he is a good man.

    As a high adventure sort of woman, I searched high and low for my husband. In that process, lots of nice guys who thought weekends meant the NFL and Home Depot got the ax. He wants a girl that can hang while being genetically blessed. See rock climbing Selma for his ideal. Prissy need not apply. Outside Bachelor-ville, if someone panics in high adrenaline sports it can be extremely dangerous.

    Catherine’s my favorite but for Sean, Lindsay is much better. I was on Team One F from week one. Lesson learned.

  59. Krista says:

    I agree with a previous commenter that something extra must’ve gone down in the fantasy suite with AshLee. She was PISSED when he rejected her. She didn’t act that hurt or sad, just ANGRY. I think things got carried away, and she was feeling used and betrayed. Poor girl–I really hope she’s in therapy.

    I think the note showed in the final episode preview is from Catherine. In “Sean Tells All,” didn’t he mention that Catherine is always passing him notes?

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