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Bachelor Sean Recap: What We Learned During the Finale

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 07:03 AM
Author: Lincee

It turns out that an elephant, a joyful, loving father, an adorable weepy mother and two children who surely have Pottery Barn Kids modeling deals in the works by now turned out to be more entertaining than the super secretive “letter of doom” we’ve been teased about for the past few weeks. All in all, I think this was a pretty good season that showcased surprising pockets of awesome tucked away in the nooks and crannies of its finale.

Harrison’s Blinged Out Watch
Harrison is LIVE from a vanilla candle-scented sound stage in East LA and couldn’t be more excited to provoke a statement necklace wearing audience members with the promise of drama in the upcoming three hour special. I know what you’re wondering, and yes, that is a rather large timepiece hanging from his left wrist. Clearly Arie must have obtained the garish watch from the Liberace House of Crap, engraved “best buds” on the clasp and given it to Our Host as a joke to see if he would wear it on national LIVE television. Had he not been wearing a stellar suit from “The Harrison Collection,” he never would have pulled it off with such aplomb.

A Family That Wears Neon Together, Stays Together
Sean is in Thailand, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the love(s) of his life and is counting on his family to give some insight on choosing the woman of his dreams. Sister Shay is back in a head-to-toe fluorescent outfit. This time, she’s brought her Abercrombie and Fitch model husband and two traditionally dress children, complete with gingham shirt for the boy and giant hair bow for the girl. We’re not sure why Kensington and Smith’s jumpers were not decked out in bright pink and green embellishments. One can only assume it states in their modeling contracts that colors not existing on the traditional pallet of Ralph Lauren Kid’s summer line are strictly forbidden when helping “Uncle Seany” choose a wife.

Should it be Catherine, who played on an all-boys baseball team? This is the girl who tells Mama Lowe that she knew she loved her son through a series of back-and-forth love note writing. Mama Lowe is skeptical but Daddy Lowe embraces Catherine with the loving arms of a father and promises to be her biggest cheerleader if she’s “the one.” Catherine lost her control for just a moment and allowed the affection to wash over her, knowing that she would never feel this much emotion for her own father. Even the Grinchy-est person watching this show HAD to feel their heart swell just a little bit at this exchange.

Then again, maybe the lucky girl is Lindsay? Even though her dress is a little short for meeting Mama Lowe for the first time in my opinion, sister Shay (who totally dressed her Daddy in a fuchsia t-shirt) thinks the wedding dress out of the limo schtick was hilarious. Her husband says nothing. I say he’s hot. Well done Shay. Well done.

Mama Lowe is the voice of reason and drags her son out onto the terrace for a little reality check. He claims to love both women and his Mama advises that if that is the case, he shouldn’t propose to either one. Even though this is SOUND ADVISE, Sean becomes a bit irritated, claiming that Mama Lowe has only known each girl for 20 minutes. He ends with a sharp, “I just want your support.”

That’s when Mama Lowe starts crying. Sean crumbles at the sight of her face and suggests they go for a walk to get away from the prying eyes of the cameras. Again, he forgets that they are both wearing microphones, so we hear the entire conversation. In a nutshell, Mama warns him not to make a decision unless he knows FOR SURE and he promises that he wouldn’t ever get down on one knee if he wasn’t going to spend the rest of his life with the girls standing in front of him.

Careful! You Might Need a Tetanus Shot
For Sean’s last date with Lindsay, he pays homage to our beloved Ames by wearing an aqua tank top, red shorts and a very large white plastic watch. Lindsay chooses to salute former bachelorette and newly married Ashley by wearing a layering tank as an actual tank and pink shorts from Build-A-Bear. A Thai man is instructed to row Sean and Lindsay up and down the Mekong, which closely resembles the chocolate river that swept up Augustus Gloop at the Wonka Factory. The pair giggle like prepubescent girls the entire time, laughing at their own goofiness. They arrive at a tree house where both suffer from what appears to be symptoms of sun stroke, drunkenness or early onset signs of staph infection from that unfortunate decision to take a dip in the Mekong. Later, Lindsay tells Sean she loves him. He says, “thanks” and “you look pretty” before they start making out. Lindsay is cool with this because “kissing is how he ‘spresses’ himself when he can’t really talk about it.” Is it now? Then they free a bunch of paper lanterns into the sky with love language words written all over them.

Horton Hears a Who
Sean couldn’t have set his date up with Catherine any better. She greets him in a field (they’re wearing matching purple tops) and begins chattering on about how there are elephants walking around everywhere! Sean pretends he doesn’t believe her just as one comes crashing through the brush. They both put on a pair of elephant pants, are hoisted up on the animal’s back and traipse around Thailand taking in the general splendor of the scenery. Horton drops the love birds off at the same tree house and Sean does a great job marveling at the breathtaking view as if he had never seen it less than 24 hours ago. Catherine admits that she’s falling for Sean and she can’t wait for a future of planning engagement parties. Yes that was as random as it sounded.

At dinner, she tries to tell him how she feels, but she’s reluctant to share her true emotions. Finally, he pulls her in close and we hear a fake heartbeat in a non-existent microphone as she chokes out a muffled “I love you” in the general vicinity of his jugular. Sean thanks her for “the great day” and heads off to his car. Catherine can’t seem to shake the bubbling crazy, and when it quickly hits her eyes, she begins stalking him with the smooth moves of a jungle cat. Ah! There are the mood swings her sisters were complaining about! He feels her presence in the dark shadow of a palm tree and coaxes her out, trying to appease her darting eyes by constantly asking her if she had a good day. Irritated by his unwillingness to share his true feelings (she’s seen this show, right?) she flings herself on the bed and has a meltdown. It was just south of the drama we witnessed when Ashley took to her bed after Bentleygate. It’s obvious Catherine is over tired.

This Paragraph Was Brought To You by NEIL LANE
After lubing up with moisturizer, Sean pulls a quarter Mesnick on the balcony and reflects on how he searched his heart and finally knows who will get a ring put on it. He visits Neil Lane and picks out the exact cut and setting that AshLee pre-ordered before she was kicked to the curb weeks ago. AWKARD.

I Shaved My Legs For This?
Lindsay chooses a shiny, reflective ensemble for her pending engagement dress. I’m pretty sure all of Thailand was able to pick up Ryan Secrest’s radio show frequency due to the amount aluminum foil wrapped tightly around her body. PS: It’s silver. The color of second place. I’m just saying. Harrison escorts her to the proposal pedestal and Sean hems and haws a decent “you’re great, but” speech. Sean begins to cry and Lindsay stays tough. The General has taught her well. She casually mentions that she’s going to go now, reminds him that this is her worst nightmare, wishes him well and then takes her shoes off so she can properly stalk away. Everyone watching cheers her phenomenal attitude. For someone who probably frequented a few KOT keg parties no less than two years ago, she handles the disappointment really well and shows lots of maturity. Because of this, I was able to forgive her when I couldn’t translate any of her crying baby talk voiceover in the rejection SUV. Good for you, Lindsay!

Catherine Takes the Gold
It turns out that Catherine was the culprit behind the letter that got more air time than Neil Lane this week. It’s basically a love letter that is read in voiceover between Catherine and Sean as she makes her way in another version of Lindsay’s tin foil dress (yet it was champion gold) to Sean’s waiting arms. He tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and against Mama Lowe’s wishes, Sean drops on one knee and asks Catherine to marry him. Catherine seems very emotional at the outpouring of love from Sean and even looks him in the eye once or twice. Even though the ABC Intern was sent to fetch a paper bag for Catherine’s hyperventilating, Horton was summoned once again and the two meandered off on elephant back into the sunset.

Prime Time Nuptials
During “After the Final Rose,” Harrison insists that some life-changing news has just been confirmed in the last 24 hours, from the Bachelor himself. After roughly 45 minutes of teasing, we learn that Sean and Catherine do not have a date set for the wedding, but they do know that they will be getting married on ABC. There has been no confirmation of florescent bow ties and cummerbunds for the wedding party. Stay tuned.

Desiree’s Creek
The Joey Potter lookalike has officially been announced as next season’s bachelorette. I am starting an aggressive Twitter campaign to convince Mike Fleiss to find two suitable suitors named Dawson and Pacey. Won’t you join me?

What do you think of the finale? How long will it be before Catherine and Sean tie the knot? Will you tune in for Desiree’s season in May? Sound off in the comments below!

90 Responses to “Bachelor Sean Recap: What We Learned During the Finale”

  1. jL says:


    I am ashamed at how happy I am for Sean and Catherine. Because I know this show is ridiculous but I actually think they might actually love each other. I also think Catherine looks like Disney Princess with her big eyes and infectious smile.

    The double voice-over letter reading blew my mind. It was more than I could have asked for.

    Momma Lowe reminds me of Laura Bush. I think it is the way they speak – like Texas Grandmas.

    Do you think Shay will be in the wedding? Along wtih Cathy’s sisters? It’s too bad Des will be tied up and can’t design a wedding gown for Cathy.

    Speaking of Des, I think she is going to be a boring Bachelorette. I don’t think she has that much personality. I think the men should have to cage fight her brother at each cocktail party before they get a rose.

    I will join your petition as long as we can also get a Tom Cruise look alike for her.

    Great Recap Lincee! Can’t wait for the next season.

  2. Alicia says:

    I actually really love Sean and Catherine together. They are giddy..and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. And Lindsay’s exit showed a lot of class.

  3. Megan says:

    It was a cute ending! Good for them, I hope it works out. Props to Lindsay for being a lady in her exit too. I think she matured throughout the show.

    I am so glad, however, I went to bed and didn’t waste time waiting for the ‘big breaking news announcement’ that they are going to get married on tv. I thought from all the hype they’d at least have set a date or even more shocking, had a secret wedding already.

    Thanks for all the funny recaps, Lincee! You make my Tuesdays!

  4. Melissa says:

    LOVED the “Friends” reference with regard to CH’s watch! I wish Sean and Catherine the best, but I STILL don’t see it, even after the ATFR show. Still think he was better suited to Des, but I guess not.

  5. Heather says:

    Lincee, I am dying to know what you think of OHCH getting choked up before commercial break! Did the proposal get to him or did he swallow a fly? I really thought he would pick Lindsey because they seemed to have a lot in common, but his chemistry with Catherine was undeniable. Great season. Can’t wait for Joey/Pacey/Dawson’s season! If someone buys her a wall to paint, he is in.

  6. Liana says:

    My favorite part of the finale was Lindsey taking her shoes off to stalk away. You go girl! Least favorite moment was Sean telling her he loved her while dumping her. What?!
    Are those kids for real? The names, the outfits, the cuteness. Are we sure they weren’t borrowed?
    I too noticed the color choices for the dresses, silver for second place and gold for the winner. Very telling, did the intern help pick them out? Just sayin…
    Great recap Lincee!! And first thing in the morning. You rock!
    Of course I’ll be watching the Bachelorette this summer along with my fellow green beaners.

  7. R says:

    I wasn’t rooting for Catherine but it was really sweet how it turned out. Nice to see how excited they are about getting married. Awesome recap as always, Lincee!

    Random comment about the Bachelorette announcement – Des was so uncomfortably nervous!! I could only figure it was either bc of her super short dress that she kept pulling down or the ABC publicity intern getting into her head….?? It was funny when OHCH was worried that it would be a long season with her tearing up. She’ll be a great Bachelorette – can’t wait for more recaps then!

  8. CC says:

    I noticed this in the previews all season and last night, it was all I could think about during the proposal – that proposal setting was right out of the Duck Dynasty School of Decorating. I expected Si to pop up any second. Luckily The Bachelorette isn’t too far off – will miss my weekly Lincee fix until then!

  9. JOsie says:

    Did anyone find Catherine’s and Sean’s elephant ride awkward? I mean he was in a straddled position behind her and with each elephant step, he was thrushed forward onto her…. weird.

    But besides that, I am so happy for them. Beautiful proposal…and beautiful letter! It ranks right up there with Jef Holm’s letter!

    Do you think they got the dresses in Thailand? and planned the gold and silver?

  10. Jill Berquist says:

    Was it just me, or was it obviously immature that Catherine was giggling in a mortified way, examining how she looked—watching back the proposal, while her new fiancé was in tears the whole time, thinking about how much he loves her? I think she cares deeply for him and “loves” him, but she has emotional blocks that will need to come down.
    They are the best suited for each other of all the couples…..he turned out to be smart, articulate, equally goofy and “young” thinking as she did.

  11. kt says:

    That was a long three hours!

    I don’t know if Lindsay’s dress could have been more unflattering – and why do the poor girls have to walk so far on an unpaved path in huge heels?

    I thought Lindsay looked better than I’ve ever seen her when she got the bad news and started looking serious. The solemn look was very becoming to her – but I am sorry that she had to be sad and solemn. She did a great job and I’m so glad that she took of her shoes!

    Catherine looked beautiful, and it was nice to finally hear Sean say he loved her.

    I am also afraid that Des is going to be really boring. There were a few awkward pauses when she was talking to OHCH – doesn’t bode well for the inner monologues that she needs to prepare.

  12. Juno says:

    I have watched every one except the very first one, and that was easily the best proposal ever. I think they are a great couple who genuinely adore each other, and Catherine not only gets a great guy, she finally gets to have a real dad. Yay!

  13. JO says:

    I worried for both Silver and Gold as they prepared to cross the bridge, convinced that a Tierrable Troll lurked beneath, waiting to take them down.

    And how strangely adorable was Smith’s “Emily didn’t choose you!” moment?

  14. DC says:

    As always, great season of recaps Lincee: best reason to watch this show.
    Proposal was the best ever, but I too was a bit concerned about Catherine’s reaction to watching it played back. She didn’t seem all-in to me.
    Maybe that was just how she dealt with being so much in the spotlight on AFR?
    Thinking Des will be fine as the Bachelorette.

  15. Kim says:

    Lincee….As my daughter and I are sitting there watching the finale she states the obvious before they were rejected/accepted and says: “Look, mom they are wearing silver and gold for first and second place” Wow, no wonder they never showed us sneek peaks from the finale because we would have found out who “won”

    I am happy for Catherine and Sean and glad to ehar he is staying true to his faith and wanting to get married soon. Way to go Sean.

    BTW – Was that the most God was ever mentioned in a season….like EVER! Fleiss may have been converted during that season.

  16. Jenna says:

    I actually teared up at Sean and Catherine’s proposal, because their emotions seemed truly genuine and heartfelt – much more than most contestants on this show. I think they really are perfect for each other.

    I can’t believe I got sucked in for all 3 hours, though. The manipulation the editors weave is ridiculous, and I can’t believe I was so duped that the “big reveal” was neither big, nor revealing.

    As for Des and her upcoming season, I said to my husband, “Meh, I don’t know if I’m going to watch. She’s a little too bright-eyed eager to me.” and he said, “Give me a break, of course you will.”

    And that about sums the whole thing up.

  17. Cate says:

    I’m happy for Sean and Catherine. I think they might actually make it.

    Side note…Lincee, I thought of you when Catherine put her hand on Sean’s chest (when they were riding the elephant after he proposed) and asked, “I get this?!” Classic.

  18. Jenny G. says:

    Great recap! Loved the reference to the “quarter Mesnick on the balcony,” because last night I was thinking “that’s not really a half Mesnick, what is it?” Lincee you nailed it!

    Agree that Lindsay was very impressive in her handling of the rejection! I gained new respect for her watching that go down.

    Someone mentioned Sean’s feet, I noticed that too, especially on the elephant ride.

    And someone mentioned the awkward prodding that occurred with each step of the elephant. I saw that too and thought is was hilarious! Love this blog and all of the comments. Cannot wait for the next season. I am a Des fan, so I think it’ll be great.’

    Oh, and glad that I did not stay up until 11:00 for the late-breaking “news” about the results. Sounds like that was a bit of a sleeper….

  19. ksvb says:

    Lindsay was great last night, I gained a lot of respect for her. I wonder why she is not the next Bachelorette? The way she dealt with that rejection was so admirable (even when he repeatedly said “I love you” to her – so not helpful at that point). I thought she looked great on ATFR with slightly darker hair but she definitely seemed pretty tired too. I hope she gets over it all soon and is able to move on and meet someone fabulous!

    Lamest “breaking news” annoucement ever about the televised wedding. After doing the Bachelorette, Bachelor, Dancing With the Stars (if the rumours are true) and now an ABC wedding…I really have to wonder, doesn’t Sean have friends and a job and a life he wants to get back to? Anyway, I wish the best to him and Catherine.

  20. TB says:

    I’m bitterly disappointed that Lesley M won’t be the next Bachelorette. She was far and away the brightest and most well-spoken woman on the show in a long, long time.

    I also got the impression that OHCH is into her. Just sayin’…

  21. sherry says:

    The last time the Bachelor cried over losing the F2 and told the F2 that her he loved her, they ended up getting married. I wouldn’t be suprised if Sean and Lindsey end up together after all…… .

  22. StephanieG says:

    My favorite part of the night was when OHCH asked “who is on Team Lindsay?” I thought he was asking “who is on Team Lincee?”

    Clearly, I haven’t been paying attention this season.

  23. Delia says:

    OMG, I TOTALLY noticed his feet too, at the points you mentioned and while he and Catherine were cuddled up on the couch. I was completely distracted by that. Completely.
    This episode made me like Lindsay a lot more, particularly when she asked Sean’s Dad for his blessing if Sean proposes- hilarious. She still seems a bit too … simple? easy (not in a sexual way) for my tastes, and her voice drives me nuts. But she seems like a good person.
    I love Catherine and had doubts about them being together in the long term, but I see it a lot more now. I think it could last. When he told her he loved her at the end, it sounded like he had been bottling it up and had wanted to say it for ever. Sweet!

  24. Erica says:

    I loved last night and this entire season. Sean kept it real…and I”m happy he took a chance on this cheesy show- to find the “love of his life” as he states. Can’t wait for the wedding… I think it would be totally awesome if OHCH decided to forego his duties as host and become a contestant on Bachelor Pad this summer with Arie! Just sayin’

  25. lauren says:

    Best paragraph ever: This Paragraph Was Brought To You by NEIL LANE
    After lubing up with moisturizer, Sean pulls a quarter Mesnick on the balcony and reflects on how he searched his heart and finally knows who will get a ring put on it. He visits Neil Lane and picks out the exact cut and setting that AshLee pre-ordered before she was kicked to the curb weeks ago. AWKARD.

    P.S. Does Sean shave his arms? Weird!!!!

  26. Cindy says:

    Loved the Horton comments Lincee.

    The silver dress…did she look in the mirror first? Did nothing for her or her cleavage. It looked like it didn’t even fit properly up top.

    And I hate to be mean, but if Sean’s kissing abilities are any indication, he’s going to be pretty sad in bed….can he not SEE how bad he kisses? Upper lip only, head straight forward, lips pooched out like a duck?? I cringe every time! Good luck with that Catherine! Is Dr. Ruth still alive for consultations?

  27. Lindsay B says:

    YESSS!!! I will definitely sign your petition. But this time Dawson has to get the girl or I will punch someone. I will be forever bitter that Dawson and Joey didn’t end up together :/

  28. Kat says:

    I noticed the dress colors too! I always get so nervous to see what foot pops out of the first car. But remember one season – can’t remember which- the proposal was first and the chosen one got to watch the subsequent breakup from a balcony? I still am not sure until the uncomfortable silence and the word “but…”.

    And good point sherry about mesnick going back to the second choice! Hmmmm….

    I watched them on all the talk shows this morning and I didn’t notice a lot of hand holding or affection. Maybe they were tired from flying all night. I will be soooo disappointed (but not surlrised) if this fizzles!

  29. white says:

    i agree sean kisses HORRIBLE! every time he does it i shout at the tv for him to tilt his head!

    wheres arie when you need him??

    when is OHchris harrison going to forgo his hosting duties and BE THE NEXT BACHELOR???? how insane of a season would that be!!!

  30. Bri says:

    I sooo thought that aside from a “surprise -we’ve eloped!” announcement (now THAT would have been dramatic news!), we would at least have heard about him doing Dancing with the Stars with Peta as his partner (yep – it’s confirmed!). I can’t believe they didn’t even MENTION that!

  31. kt says:

    Bri – is that why they were cagey (sp?) about where they were going to be living? Sean said that Catherine’s bags are packed – but perhaps they are spending the next few weeks in LA for Dancing with the Stars!

  32. Ania says:

    I have to say I’m happy for Sean and Catherine. Their last goodbye (before she got little crazy) was actually quite hot. Did I see his hand wondering down??
    The dresses were so obvious. And Lindsay’s was really ill- fitting, so no props for ABC Intern.
    Great recap Lincee. Can’t wait for Dawson’s Creek revival.

  33. Wesley's says:

    Lincee, when I read the stuff you write like the created back ground say on OHCH watch and affiliation with Arie and how it must have all played out…lol…I swear I wouldn’t be surprised if you are spot on about the rreality of things like that! TIME AND TIME AGAIN. I sit there getting lost in the story of said watch and am like, “dang, she prolly has it close!”.

    And I am here to tell the touched by the FIL masses…when a FIL is THAT emo and sweet, it is a big red flag that he really is the one in fam capable of spear heading THEE most drama. I say from experience, WATCH OUT for the FIL.

  34. Wesley's says:


  35. Laura says:

    Great recap!! Loved the Neil lane paragraph!! Did any one else notice that when they replayed the proposal to them at ATFR the usually extremely obvious “Neil lane” on the ring box was gone?! Do they photoshop that in?? I was shocked!

    Even I got choked up at Sean’s fathers talk with Catherine, that guy is so amazing! I think they are so adorable together, Sean crying so much kind of says it all.

    The finale also made me like Lindsey! The classiest exit in bachelor history. However the constant teasing of the letter and the reveal were ridiculous. The only thing one that ever lived up to the hype was Mesnick.

    I can’t believe Sean is doing dwts and tv wedding, I thought he was mostly a normal guy, but it kind of seems like he’s really trying to milk it.

    On a complete side note, loved Catherine’s dress! I also noticed right away that it looks like the exact same one Kelli Ohara wore to sing at the Kennedy center honors in 2011! Not sure if anyone else has seen that….

    Linseed should do mini recaps of Sean dwts!!! I would totally watch that. :)

  36. Wesley's says:

    I saw an interview with Sean on early morning local news in So Cal a few weeks ago. Someone asked him if he was interested in the spotlight, like DWTS for example and he said basically this…that he wants a low profile life, that public life isn’t really for him, but if DWTS happened to pop up, it wouldn’t be totally out. did anyone else see/hear that?

  37. Chrissy says:

    My 7 yr old son suggested that Sean should just do ‘eeny meeny miny mo’ and get it over with. Too cute:)

    I agree with you Lincee…Shay’s husband is HOT. Why did he not talk at all??

    I think Sean is head over heels in love with Catherine but for some reason I’m not feeling her love for him. The proposal was awesome and emotional and all but she seemed more excited to have a gorgeous ring on her finger than she was about the supposed love of her life asking for her hand in marriage. She seemed so blah on Good Morning America this morning. She also said she knew he was going to choose her all along. Just seemed a bit weird.

    Not interested at all in watching Des’s season but I probably will :)

    As someone else suggested….Lincee can you please do recaps of DWTS?? :)

  38. r says:

    I felt very duped last season when Jef and Emily made me think this ridiculous show might actually work. However, I am happy for Sean and Catherine. I was a fan of hers very early on. Also noticed that they talked a lot without looking at each other in the face. Love the comment about Catherine’s sisters- it just doesn’t get old. Thought Catherine was gonna have an orgasm when he proposed- I was hiding behind my pillow. I was kind of creeped out that AshLee was at the viewing party. And I kept noticing Sean would rest his hands on both Catherine and Lindsay’s butt. Kudos to Shay and her HOT husband!!! Lindsay sure took it like a champ. Was very impressed with her composure and good sportsmanship. I too forgave her for the frustration she bestowed upon me with her baby talking throughout this season. Lindsay’s dress was not very flattering- good point about the gold and silver dresses! I’m whatever about Des- but am happy I’ll be reading your blog Lincee! I use your blog as an excuse to watch this crazy show :)!!

  39. Ann says:

    Last night’s episode had some of my “greatest moments in Bachelor/Bachelorette history:

    1. The little kid saying “Emily didn’t pick you.” Priceless.

    2. Sean’s parents and family: most normal family in Bachelor/Bachelorette history.

    3. Lindsey taking off those ridiculous shoes so as not to break her neck getting a stiletto stuck in the bridge planks. I have a new respect for that girl. My primary objection to her was that she seemed so immature, yet when the end came, she was great. And, she looked terrific on the show last night. Loved her dress and hair. Honey, you’re 24 – you’ll be fine. Guys will love you.

    I really did get caught up in the romance of it. My woman’s heart of hearts hopes that this really does work out. We all need a little fantasy to come true every now and then!

  40. Aneesa says:

    Great recap!

    Did anyone else notice that as many times as Shaun said “I love you” to Catherine she NEVER said it back. Both my husband and I noted that she never said it back to him.

  41. Aneesa says:

    One other thing… why do they always make these poor girls walk for miles on tiny pebbles, uneven bridges and other high heeled hazards? I can’t blame Lindsey for taking her shoes off.

  42. TanyaT. says:

    When my watching party spied the final rose dresses we immediately broke out into a lovely rendition of “Make New Friends but Keep the Old”… is silver and the other’s gold. I thought neither was flattering!

    I also loved that Sean’s family seemed real, kind and were not at all afraid to share their faith. Good for them!

    I was Team Lindsay, but oh well.

  43. old fan says:

    did you see sean and catherine on Live with Kelly this am? She had on her ring, but there was no snuggling, no hand holding, no touching …. does not bode well!

  44. Chrissy says:

    @Old Fan…

    I didn’t see them on Kelly but I saw them on GMA. He seems so in love with her and she looks bored already! Poor guy:(

  45. Kristin says:

    Man! Maybe you have schooled me in your ways, but I noticed everything that you noticed–from Sean’s Ames pants to the build-a-bear outfit. Great recap!

    The Paragraph Brought by Neil Lane was the best! Awesome!

    Uh, Desiree. I like her fine, but I like her as herself and not this new “polished” girl. I thought she looked terrible, where she is truly beautiful without ABC’s help. How many times will we have to see and hear the clip about her brother with Sean. Please. No!

  46. Deelyla says:

    The only time I ever recall what even remotely looked like real emotion from Catherine was when Sean was proposing! She always seemed so robotic in front of the camera. I don’t think this will last because he seems into her a lot more than she is into him. Hope they prove me wrong.

  47. Janis says:

    I laughed out loud when I read “pants bought from Build a Bear.” So very funny!!!

  48. Bri says:

    kt: could be!

    With respect to DWTS, rumour (yes, I’m Canadian!) has it that he gets a 6-figure amount for doing it, so I really don’t blame him for taking it on. At least it is one of the better reality shows that doesn’t seem to screw people up, and that people involved with seem to rave about continually.

  49. Kate says:

    I knew you would point out the neon!

    I loved Sean as the Bachelor, but not feeling Catherine that much, I doubt they will get married.

    Meh – that’s how I feel about Des. But I will watch, I always do!

  50. Saggleo says:

    Great recap Lincee!!

    @Laura – Neil Lane on the box only gets shown during the proposal. It is always blacked out thereafter I believe. At least from my memory that’s what I recall.

    I’m actually rooting for them-probably the first couple ever for me lol. Sean pointed out that Catherine never looked at the ring during the proposal so not sure I buy the only in it for the ring thing. I think she’s pretty nervous around the cameras and maybe doesnt want to come off wrong (or whatever) but shouldn’t worry about that since you can’t please everyone lol.

    Hopefully they can get to normal life soon, but dont blame him for taking advantage of the opportunities. You getting a nice payday, strike while its hot but dont become a nusance lol!

    OHCH interviewed at his clothing line launch said that the contestants aren’t off limits for him so….

  51. meg says:

    This was a really good proposal, but BEST proposal was Byron and Mary. Anyone?

  52. Bebe says:

    Loved Sean’s dad! I think he would be a great host if/when Chris Harrison is the next Bachelor!

  53. mothercita says:

    Mega props to our girl, Lincee, for getting the recap up so early this morning!! Perfect way to start a Tuesday!! The Home Depot Proposal Pedestal/stage reminded me of that crazy dinner party scene in Beetlejuice!! Something about those freaky, spiky things!! Daaay-oh…me say dayyyy me say day…..

  54. Rachel says:

    Not only did Sean pick AshLee’s dream ring, he told Catherine he was going to tell her he loved her every day…which was what AshLee’s dad promised her and which was a story AshLee repeated so many times I can’t believe he used those words. If he were TRYING to stab AshLee he couldn’t have done a more thorough job.

  55. Lisabeth says:

    Did you notice OHCH’s blooper about the breakup with “Catherine” right after Lindsay’s classy departure? I was so confused for four seconds.

  56. Brandy says:

    My favorite thing on last night’s show was Sean’s dad. He is so sweet! His mom is awfully sweet too. She was a real voice of reason, and Sean got a bit peevish with her.

    The “major breaking announcement” was lame. If they actually do make it to marriage, of course they would have it on the show. You can tell Catherine’s family doesn’t have a lot of money (they live in a tiny home) and who wouldn’t want a huge lavishly gorgeous wedding – for FREE! That’s a no brainer, not a major development.

    I’m OK with Des being the new Bachelorette. As long as she brings her bangs back. Des is a pretty girl and doesn’t look bad without bangs. But, her bangs just really suit her MUCH better. She looks so different and pretty with them. Bring the bangs back Des!!

    Great recap as always Lincee!!

    P.S. Did you notice OHCH said the Bachelorette will air this summer? What about Bachelor Pad?? Doesn’t that usually air in the summer??? Wonder if this means no BP this year…

  57. Jim says:

    Great review, Lincee! Funny, with no snark. One of my favorite bachelor blogs.

    Finally, the bachelor picks somebody decent, funny and smart.

    The only thing, I hate the ring. It looks like a drill bit in search of oil.

  58. MWStacey says:

    I know it has been mentioned, but I for one was so happy to see how open Sean (and Lindsay, for that matter) were about their faith…and it all seemed completely genuine. For the first time, I actually felt like there were people on this show who were like me (and so many people I know). I’ve seen this more on Idol this season than ever before as well…possibly (hopefully) the networks are realizing that Christians are not complete and total weirdos, but are really nice, fun, kind, likeable…even exceptionally good-looking!
    I was reading an article that talked about the fact that this was really downplayed by the show, which is a shame, but I think that Des holds similar views, so it will be interesting to see if they will embrace it more as “normal” on her show. I hope so.

    Anyway….off my stump. Lincee, the recaps were, as always, a universe of hilarity all their own. Thank you for that. :)

  59. Laura says:

    Thanks Lincee for not only making us laugh, but for providing us a forum to chat about this crazy show addiction! So, do they get additional $ to propose? I don’t understand the pressure to do it instead of just picking one…Sean did snap at his mom when she urged him not to propose?!?! Clearly he had his mind made up then.

    And while Lindsay is sooo young, classiest rejection ever!! And loved her lack of baby talk voice!

  60. MimiG says:

    Rachel, I am in agreement with you. Sean insulted AshLee twice during ATR – once when he said that people will say anything on the ‘Women Tell All’ special. And there was a bit of whisper/talking by the audience in the room when he talked about how he had to tell Catherine to actually look at the ring? And he added that she was never in it for the material stuff. Ha! He is harsh.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I do think that people are being a little unfair to Catherine. She seems to be one of the more honest and genuine contestants they’ve ever had. I think some may not like the fact that she is of Filipino descent, and that’s the only reason they preferred Lindsey.
    White girls don’t like it when white men pick exotic women. No matter how American she might be.

    Rachel says:
    March 12, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    Not only did Sean pick AshLee’s dream ring, he told Catherine he was going to tell her he loved her every day…which was what AshLee’s dad promised her and which was a story AshLee repeated so many times I can’t believe he used those words. If he were TRYING to stab AshLee he couldn’t have done a more thorough job.

  61. Susan says:

    “The couple that multiplies together, stays together” Love Leslie! 13X13 is 169 Seany!

  62. Stephanie D-N says:

    I didn’t think it was possible to love your recaps any more than I already did. But then you went and threw in a “Friends” reference. Could your site BE any greater?!

  63. Lorie says:

    The part that made me cry was Sean’s dad! He seems like such a nice guy, and would be a great father-in-law. Seems like she didn’t have much of a father. Wonder if he watched the show….

    I have to say though, I honestly don’t think this is going to work. Her body language is hesitant. It appears that all that “glamour” is gone, and it’s back to real life now, and she is having second thoughts. She doesn’t smile much, she doesn’t look at him much, and she didn’t say how much she loved him. He sure seems to like her. Hmmmm…I think it’s a matter of time. Also, if he is such a good Christian- why is he pimping himself out on national tv? We would be upset if a girl did that- so how is it ok for him to do it? Not really very Christian-like in my opinion. The ending shower scene of him, was porn-like. Tacky.

    Liked Des from the beginning. I think she is a down to earth girl. I just hope being on this show doesn’t ruin her.

  64. Rose says:

    Mimi, disagree, I’m a white woman and was on Catherine’s side. She is beautiful, smart and fun. I don’t think any of my friends think that way. We don’t look at skin color, and as Sean has said, neither does he. Anyway, I love that he picked her. Not sure Lindsey is mature enough. Although, her departure was wonderful and graceful. She even stated last night that she has grown as a woman from being on the show.

    Leslie should have been the Bachelorette. Funny and intelligent. Love her quips about Tierra. Des is too shy and unsure of herself. Might come off boring, I hope not.

    Catherine’s lack of affection on these shows may be that she is uncomfortable talking to millions of people through T.V. Don’t blame her. He knows her more than we do. Good luck to them.

  65. Ren says:

    After the elephant ride when Catherine said she was excited about their future but that she fought thinking about it so she wouldn’t be let down and Sean said “Don’t fight it”…that’s when I knew he was going to pick her.

  66. Girlseekingmindlessentertainment says:

    Disappointed that we didn’t get to see Ms Sparkle,( I can’t control my eyebrow) meet Sean’ s family. Just think how entertaining that could have been.

  67. Kthead says:

    “Catherine seems very emotional with the outpouring of love from Sean and even looks him in the eye once or twice.” hahahahahaha, yes, Catherine’s refusal to look at Sean was very awkward! Glad she could finally muster up the courage!

  68. texastea says:

    I will NOT watch Des as the bachelorette. I was thinking exactly what Harrison said. If she is already crying, it’s going to be a long season! She did not express herself very well last night or through this season for that matter. I don’t get the love for her!
    I was rooting for Catherine most of the season. The proposal was awesome and I do hope they make it. I really thought the announcement was going to be that they were already married or maybe even pregnant. What a letdown!

  69. bean there says:

    The lovely “untraditional” young woman named Catherine is going to struggle with all the disparate elements of her life as she becomes Mrs. Sean Lowe. In one milliseconds she says yes and gasps in shock at what she has done and how instantly her life will radically change. Seattle to Dallas, writer to wife, fatherless to fathered, wanting to wanted, Filipino Catholic to white Evangelical, free. To ??? If she seems quiet, know she leaves her mother and grandmother alone. This will be a balancing act. They need privacy now. There is no elephant or beach to breathe romance into their lives now. Just some big grown-up moments, that thankfully, she is smart enough to recognize. She’s all in. That made this proposal the most emotional of all of any Batchelor. Sean has such goodness in him and around him, our Catherine has been blessed. And she knows that better than anyone.

  70. Paul says:

    I have have seen every Bachelor season (don’t watch Bachelorette–sorry, not into it) and Catherine is the most appealing “winner” yet. Gorgeous, fun-loving, intelligent, graceful. She has it all. She now passes Mary as my all-time favorite. Kudos to Sean for his pick. Hope it works out for them. Odds are against them.

  71. Jenny says:

    Lincee! I totally had the SAME THOUGHT about the gold and silver dresses for first and second place. Irony, anyone??

  72. Amanda says:

    Liberace House of Crap? Love it, Lincee Bing! Winning.

  73. Janelle says:

    I am really surprised no one has brought this up yet. As a european-white woman, I also was a little concerned about Catherine’s reserved demeanor and lack of physical affection. None of us are taking into account the fact that she is part Asian. I have spent quite a bit of time in Asian culture and it is very normal for Asian women to be reserved even when they are in love. A hip and pretty Japanese friend of mine says that she would never kiss in public. It is a social faux pas. I think Catherine is in love, but she can’t help the culture she was brought up in.

    On another note, I have the feeling that Sean and the other contestants probably talked about their faith a lot more, but it was edited out. I loved hearing them talk about it on the final rose. It makes them seem like real people. I think God really is the reason behind why people can stay together and be self-less in marriage. And yes, I cried watching the proposal even though I’m usually ashamed I watch the Bachelor. Sean’s love is so real. I felt like I was watching my husband propose to me all over again.

  74. Susan says:

    A shout-out to Meg – Yes I remember Byron and Mary’s proposal and it was the most romantic. But a romantic proposal does not a marriage (or even a wedding!) make, so time will tell and we will all see.
    I would rank this proposal up there with Trista and Ryan’s – seems sincere, might work, but now it’s time to be real and that happened for T & R but not for Blonde Man and Asian girl today. (What are their names again?)

  75. Susie says:

    Hmmm. I really think Sean has been the best bachelor they’ve ever had. He’s nice, attractive, great family, strong faith, family oriented etc. But I just have this feeling that Catherine is NOT the right one for him. She seems like she has alot of emotional baggage that keep her from letting her guard down or getting too close. She has very poor eye contact and talks in short staccato-like phrases in a monotone. What really seemed odd was her reaction to the proposal…she kept saying she wanted to see herself and how she looked instead of focusing on the loving words of Sean’s proposal. Although Lindsay seemed immature, I think she would have been a better fit for Sean. Time will tell if this actually ends with a marriage.

  76. Mari says:

    MimiG: Seriously? You generalize that “white women dont like it when white men pick exotic women”…what a ridiclous comment! I dont know where you live but you need to get out more and look around.
    I give Lindsay so much credit for how well she handled herself when Sean rejected her; I think it was so clear that she really did love him and I wasnt sure if I saw that in Catherine. I wish them the best and hope that they beat the odds of finding LASTING love on this show.

  77. EmLuweez says:

    I KNEW you were going to comment on the watch!!! While I still had a viewing buddy (read: before hubby went to sleep, as being made to endure 3 hours of “this stupid show” eventually became too much for him) I screamed “look at his watch! I know Lincee will comment, I know she will!”. I got the weirdest look from said husband so then tried to enjoy said 3 hours all by myself.

    Favorite moments for sure: Sean’s dad (especially with Catherine), Lindsay whipping her shoes off post-dump, Catherine’s eyes fluttering once she realized she was ‘the one’.

    I was Team Catherine so enjoyed my happy tears during the proposal (I am the butt of my family’s jokes about how easily I cry though). Couldn’t get over how many times Lindsay said “this is cool. This is so cool” when faced with some breathtaking landscapes and scenery. Catherine is so much more intelligent. I don’t think people should read so much into her reaction to the replay of their proposal. Not everyone is totally comfortable with watching themselves, especially knowing millions of other people are joining you. I would be beside myself and probably wouldn’t be able to hold it together nearly as well as she did.

    And hoping Des will find her way by the time it’s important. She seemed natural and easy-going at the start of this season but very stiff and unsure of herself during ATFR. She had better get used to being under the microscope or else she will be miserable!

    And yes, I join you all in being able to revel in this site and having a reason to watch “this stupid show”!!!

  78. Sharon says:

    I love Catherine, and so I can say that I’m sure they won’t make it. She is very intelligent and a vegan to boot. She has a lot to experience in this world, and I think Sean’s world will be too limited for her.

  79. Carrie says:

    Love the Silver / Gold dress comments! Too funny that it worked out that way. I’m disappointed that I didn’t pick up on it myself!

  80. ChrisH says:

    Thought you might enjoy this, Lincee. A little “CH” fanfic.

  81. sissyintexas says:

    My favorite moment was when nephew Smith said, “Emily didn’t pick you.”

  82. Jennifer says:

    Love the FRIENDS reference at the beginning! Abosulutely love your recap!

  83. Hai Yen says:

    I am so happy that Sean picked Catherine. These two have to be my favorite Bachelor couple ever! In my eyes, there was no contest. I don’t see how he tolerated Lindsay’s babytalking this entire time. When she pursed her lips and babywhispered “I wuv you,” I wanted to throw up. If she can’t say “I love you” in a normal way without feeling embarrassed about it, she’s not mature enough to have that kind of a relationship.

    Sean’s dad was the sweetest! But I can kind of see where Sean learned to say “I’m crazy about you” to all the ladies. While Sean’s dad didn’t say the exact same thing to Catherine and Lindsay, he basically said the same thing. Still, best Bachelor dad ever! So warm and welcoming, how parents should be when they meet an almost-fiancee.

    It’s funny that everyone thought Catherine wasn’t smiling enough or whatnot at ATFR. I thought she was smiling her face off, but I’ve always been a Catherine fan. Her relationship with Sean actually seems genuine. I think people are thrown off that they’re not playing up the affection for the cameras, and to me, that would make it more false. They’re secure in their love for each other and don’t need to prove it to anyone. I wish them the best of luck.

    And to people who have been commenting on Catherine’s ethnicity and culture as a reason to why she might be reserved, I think maybe some people just don’t like to be PDA whores. And when did becoming married mean giving up your career? I think Sean knows what kind of a woman Catherine is, how her career is important to her, even if they were to have kids right away, I don’t think she would be a stay-at-home mom.

  84. Sincethebeginning says:

    @Lorie: I’m not sure what taking the ooportunities given to you, has anything to do with being a good Christian. It’s an opportunity that God has presented him, no? I just think the lens on the outlook is a little crooked/judgmental.

    I really felt the love between these two. I don’t think their behavior in front of a camera is any indication of how they feel about one another. I really do think that behind closed doors these two are desperately in love.

    I love the realness of Sean’s family. They were kind and accepting, but also had disagreements that ended with compassion and protection of one another. I thought that Sean’s decision to walk with his mother was his way of protecting her from the audience. I thought it was very noble. I also think it’s very real to disagree, without being disrespectful. I think he is the real deal when it comes to chivalry. Loved this season!

    Lincee you too are the real deal. Your quick wit and observations are what makes this show fun to watch. I actaully have an ongoing conversation going on in my head that is filled with Lincee-isms, and not just for the Bach/ette/pad, but for all reality tv. Thanks for your time and words.

  85. Sincethebeginning says:


  86. BriteRanbew says:

    I thought that Catherine’s approach to her relationship was adorable. Who doesn’t remember writing cheesy notes to their crush or boyfriend back in the day? In a way it’s kind of charming and makes her come across as very relatable. It’s that quirkiness about her that I love and I’m sure that’s what won Sean over as well. I watched the clip again in my office at DISH of Catherine and Sean’s dad. It’s amazing how down to earth he is and he’s so genuine about what he says to her about being her biggest cheerleader if it all works out. I just want to give this man a hug! I’m glad that he picked her and they look great together. I’m not home to watch The Bachelor when it airs but I know that I can catch up later; when their wedding airs this summer I’ll be sure to tune in for that as well. With the Hopper and DISH Anywhere I can turn my iPad or iPod into a TV anytime, anywhere.

  87. Lana says:

    Yeah, I mean, they are cute and all, but I don’t know how I would feel accepting a proposal from a guy who JUST told some other chick he loved her. Not LIKES her, but LOVES her.
    Anyone else with me on that? (chirp…chirp..chirp…)

  88. Shopgirl says:

    Oh, no! How will we make it through the summer?!?!?

  89. Patsy Strevel says:

    I have to say that for the past few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing articles on this blog. Keep up the great work.

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