Bachelor Sean Week 4

The answer is an astounding yes. Yes, Sean pulled a Mesnick. Not a half-Mesnick. A full-blown Mesnic. With a rose. That he dramatically dropped on the floor. He didn’t even throw it. He just summoned up the energy to relax his fingers and let it fall to its untimely demise. I’m sure that the moment wasn’t scripted at all. It looked completely genuine. Pay no attention to the random dudes serenading him up above as he slumped into the Mesnic. It’s all about ambiance people. Sean will stop at nothing to find his bride. And if the feelings aren’t there, he’ll tell you.

Or he’ll give you a rose if your threaten to leave.

The recap will be up later today. Feel free to read my mini-cap over on Huffington Post by clicking HERE. And then click HERE to go and comment on what songs should be on my New Kids On the Block/Boyz II Men/ 98 Degrees mix tape. I know some of you are experts on this topic and your voices need to be heard!


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