Bachelorette Ali: Episode 3

I apologize in advance that the recap won’t be up until late this afternoon.  I have another busy morning.  My buddy Harrison called me personally and asked if I could put together a dating curriculum for a few of the Bachelors.  Clearly some of these boys need to be schooled.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1.  Twenty Questions:  This class provides 20 conversation starters that guarantee to spark a girl’s interest…especially when gazing blankly over an infinity pool.

2.  Love Potion:  A close look at how the subject of chemistry can instigate chemistry.  Periodic Chart t-shirt not included but available for $19.99.

3.  The Art of Seduction:  With special guest lecturer Roberto.

4.  Kissing 101:  Takes you from being a Weatherboy to a Weatherman.

Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section.  I’ll see you guys this afternoon!


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