Bachelorette Ali: Episode 5

Raise your hand if you thought last night’s episode was one of the most boring ones to date?  Me too.  I guess ABC knew that episode five was about as thrilling as watching paint dry, grass grow or the guy who looks like Trista’s Ryan do just about anything.

What a coincidence that we learn the morning after that ABC has decided to release Jake and Vienna from their binding nuptial contract and conveniently announce that they have split up.  Their wings of love have been clipped.

Ten bucks says Jake ends up on Reid’s friend cruise that sets sail in January.  More on that in the recap.

Okay.  I’m off to figure out what in the world I can write about.  Awful poems, matching sweaters, mold, miniature horses, snotty noses, spelunking, steamy lakes, blatant disregard to crutches, fake tattoo reveals, more helicopters and a whimsical Mickey Mouse bedazzled pin. . .

Gee.  Where do I begin?


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