Bachelorette Emily Recap: Week 3

Here’s what we definitely know:
1. Emily is not playing around when it comes to choosing her husband.
2. Her friend Wendy should be on every episode from here on out.
3. Dolly Parton is an American icon.
4. Arie can kiss.
5. Kalon is a d-bag.
6. Sean is slowly winning me over.
7. Ryan is slowly losing me under.
8. If I never see another wall/mountain/cliff/gorge climbing and or dropping date that results in conversation about conquering fears, I will give each of you $100 million.
9. RIP Shelly.
10. My mini recap is up at Huffington Post (CLICK HERE).

The full recap will be up later today. Let me know what you thought about last night’s episode in the comments section. I would tell you what Kalon thought during my exclusive interview with him, but I didn’t let him finish talking. I was distracted by his sockless ankles. You understand.


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