Bachelorette Emily Recap: Week 7

Confession: I went in to last night’s episode thinking it would be totally boring now that Ryan’s white tank top would no longer be making an appearance on the show.  Emily has relatively normal suitors left.  How can they make the next two hours remotely entertaining?

Why you introduce false drama of course!  Between the big reveal of Cassie the Producer, Sean running through the streets of Prague “searching” for Emily and the vein in Contestant Chris’ forehead that was about to pop, I actually experienced many moments rising from my chair in victory, hiding behind my couch cushion in sympathetic embarrassment and sending a strongly worded letter to the ABC producers campaigning that at least one episode per season should be dedicated to shooting the entire thing with marionettes.

In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised.

Head over to Huffington Post (CLICK HERE) to read my mini recap.  Please note that my submitted title was “Czech Mate” which makes the body of the post ridiculously creative.  Pay no attention to the fact that it was re-named the ever-more-inspired  “Emily Goes To Prague.”

The recap will be up later today.  Happy reading!


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