Battle of the Brothers Hemsworth

The first time I remember crushing on the elder brother Chris Hemsworth was when he graced the silver screen with his handsome mug and perfectly coiffed hair as George Kirk (father of the notorious James Tiberius) in the 2009 adaptation of Star Trek.

I think the phrase heard around the immediate vicinity of my red velvety chair was, “OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN.”

A few months later, an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ book The Last Song hit theaters. Yes, I was there opening weekend and yes, I think the performance of the entire cast…excluding the baby turtles…was mediocre at best and no, you may not judge or make fun of the choices I make when it comes to my monthly movie budget. Like many of you, I anticipate each Nicholas Sparks movies with the hope that one will at least come within a few mile radius of the epic gloriousness known as The Notebook (CLICK HERE). More often than not, they just make me appreciate Noah Calhoun and wonder why Sparks has dedicated his life to including every tween on the Disney Channel to command each romantic role.

Chris’ little brother Liam was the lead. His eyes pierced my soul.

I couldn’t find a photo without Hanna Montana in the picture.  Sorry.

This year, the brothers have gone head-to-head in the blockbuster division, each landing HUGE roles in HUGE movies. Liam plays Gale in The Hunger Games and Chris plays Thor in The Avengers. Although the box office may already crowned Chris as the king, I think we need to further scrutinize the evidence to decide once and for all who is the better brother.

Exhibit A:

The scruff and eyes can not be denied. Perfect teeth are also a bonus. This is going to be tough.

Exhibit B:

Real men brood in black and white. Liam is rocking the hair gel with ease. Yet, Chris’ biceps are certainly overwhelming. Hmmm.

Exhibit C:

I think Chris’ assets are self explanatory in this picture. With that said, Liam’s dirty face is attractive. Am I weird?

Exhibit D:

Come on. How cute are they? I don’t think I’m able to decide, so it’s up to you.

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