Best $5 I ever spent

While purchasing an ironing board and shampoo at my neighborhood Super Target, I spotted this little gem on the endcap at register 25:




I know what you’re thinking…and I’m right there with you. 


a.)  “You scored Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too for the economical price of five bucks?”  Yes.  Yes I did.

b.)  “Isn’t Jason Bateman the cutest?” He is one of the most adorable actors I know.

c.)  “Lincee…why is Teen Wolf not already in your DVD repertoire?”   Blasphemous, I admit. 


But you can all rest easy now that it has a home in my alphabetically organized DVD holder in-between Take the Lead and That Thing You Do.  We should celebrate with a little van surfing after work. 

You know you want to.



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