Best $5 I ever spent

While purchasing an ironing board and shampoo at my neighborhood Super Target, I spotted this little gem on the endcap at register 25:




I know what you’re thinking…and I’m right there with you. 


a.)  “You scored Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too for the economical price of five bucks?”  Yes.  Yes I did.

b.)  “Isn’t Jason Bateman the cutest?” He is one of the most adorable actors I know.

c.)  “Lincee…why is Teen Wolf not already in your DVD repertoire?”   Blasphemous, I admit. 


But you can all rest easy now that it has a home in my alphabetically organized DVD holder in-between Take the Lead and That Thing You Do.  We should celebrate with a little van surfing after work. 

You know you want to.



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i just watched the movie that thing you do. and i had to download it off amazon because i had to watch it THAT SECOND. 🙂
i think i will go out and copy you – and get those other movies. love it!!
jason bateman is a babe… however i still hate him from the movie juno. i just prefer to dwell on his character in arrested development.

Donna L

I have to admit to a huge Jason Bateman crush. Also, I thought I was the only one who alphabetized my DVDs. My kids laugh at me about that: )


I’m going to Super Target. Today.


It’s not fair! Another reason why Target needs to have stores in Canada!! Oh and alphabetizing your DVD collection is not strange. When you have as many as I do it’s the only way to keep them straight. 🙂


I loved Jason Bateman back in the day….now I’m going to have to hit Super Target…which one was it???? I-10?


So glad (and not surprised) that you have “That Thing You Do” in your DVD repetoire!!! I just met “the heckler”- Sean Whalen at the stage production of Mamma Mia! Can life get any better? You are the best Lincee!

Colorado Cat
Colorado Cat

LOVE IT! I need to pick these up and all the Back to the Future movies…classics.


LOVE That Thing You Do!

Holly go lightly
Holly go lightly

Best drive in movie I ever saw at the Gemini Theater in Dallas was the 1972 “Blacula.” Non stop laughter was what was fogging up the windows that night.


I love that movie.