My thoughts on the ‘Best Picture’ nominees

Ocars 2015

I have a few thoughts on the “Best Picture” nominees for the Oscars this weekend.

1. I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated.

Okay, so maybe I have a single thought on the “Best Picture” nominees for the Oscars this weekend. Therefore, I need your help. If you had to choose ONE movie to see this weekend before the awards show, what would you recommend, knowing my personality? Here are your choices:

American Sniper
What I know:
It has my beloved Bradley Cooper cast as the main character in a tragic story. I am familiar with the life of Chris Kyle. I will not leave the theater happier than when I went in.

What I know:
Michael Keaton is one of the coolest people in my imagination. I’ve signed no less than 34 petitions for him to make Beetlejuice 2, and he was by far my favorite Batman. (No offense Christian Bale. I still love you too, but in a Jack Kelly/Laurie kind of way.) Birdman also features my best friend forever Emma Stone.

What I know:
It was filmed over 13 years, which is SO COOL, but I also heard that it’s as if you are sitting in the theater for 13 hours. It’s looooooong.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
What I know:
Quirky Wes Anderson wrote it, which means there will be tons of jokes that I probably won’t get.

The Imitation Game
What I know:

What I know:
It’s about Martin Luther King’s life during the freedom march in the ’60s. Oprah is somehow involved, with Common and John Legend. NPR told me that the cinematography is out of this world.

The Theory of Everything
What I know:
This is the story of Stephen Hawking and the actor playing him (Eddie Redmayne) is sweeping the award circuit.

What I know:
I know nothing about this film.

Let’s put it to a vote!

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