Blast from the past

For the first time in a long time a few weeks ago, I didn’t have anything to do on Thursday night.  I was excited to watch Must See TV which, let’s face it, isn’t what it used to be. 

The Cosby Show was greatness.  Friends was an addiction for me.  Seinfeld?  Let’s just say that I was convinced that if Elaine ever met me, we would be best friends.  Forever.  I’m just sayin’.

Grey’s Anatomy had it’s rough spots the past couple of seasons, but I’m still hanging in there.  The Office has yet to impress me this season, but I did enjoy Jim and Pam’s wedding.  30 Rock is still a winner.

But on this faithful night where the entire evening was before me, I had a simple choice to make.  What should I tell my beloved DVD to play first?  What would have been a difficult decision in days of yore, was now a no-brainer.  

I chose Damon.

ian-somerhalderGo on and take a good long look.  I’ll wait for you.

This is Ian Somerhalder and he is the bad brother on The Vampire Diaries.

Before you start emailing my Mom and telling her that I have an inappropriate love for vampires, just hold your horses for a minute and let me explain.

The Sookie Southern Vampire Romance Stackhouse Charlaine books are just for fun.  And my love for Twilight is all about Jacob.  Technically, he’s a wolf.  As far as this new show goes…have you seen the picture to your left?  I REST MY CASE YOUR HONOR.

There is one little thing that creeps me out about this show.  It’s not that Damon has a tendency to suck blood from the necks of high school girls.  Or the fact that Damon’s brother Stefan can’t seem to relax his forehead.  (It’s always brooding, brooding, brooding.)  Or the fact that neither would ever pass for a high school student. 


Nope.   The thing that creeps me out the most is this:  One of the supporting characters has a grandmother. 


And it’s Jasmine Guy.


People.  It’s Whitley from A Different World.  She’s a grandmother on the show.  A GRANDMOTHER.

What has the world come to?  Was Angela Landsbury not available?  Or Shelley Winters?   

I refuse to be that old.


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