Bloody brilliant

It’s 10:49 a.m. The Bachelor begins in about nine hours. And I’ve decided to go ahead and let everyone know how annoyed I predict tonight will be when ABC and our pre-selected harem of girls point out the obvious fact that Matt Grant is from England.

I can understand Our Host Chris Harrison telling us that he’s from London. We’ll get a good five-minute montage I’m sure. That doesn’t bother me as much. I just have a feeling that the rest of the night will have a ton of British questions and random fascinations that will make the girls feel they are connecting with our Bachelor.

For instance:
Bachelorette 1: “Can’t Buy Me Love is my favorite Beatles song. What’s yours?”

Bachelorette 2: “How do you feel now that David Beckham is playing in the US?”

Bachelorette 3: “Would you rather be with someone like Jane or Elizabeth?”

Bachelorette 4: “Where’s your umbrella?”

Bachelorette 5: “Do you think Hogwarts really exists? If so, what house would you be in?”

We know that the girls will talk about how sexy his accent is. That’s a given. But kudos to the girl who busts out with a British accent to try and impress him. Oh…and extra points if someone comments on how he has good teeth. And please, PLEASE, let someone ask if he is related to Hugh Grant.

I also predict a lot of “bloody” talk from Matt.
“She’s bloody crazy!” or “Hand me that bloody rose Chris Harrison.”

It’s going to be bloody brilliant!


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