Calling all readers!

When IHGB reader Martha emailed me in March asking if I was ever going to release another Beaner Book List, I smiled. Martha and I get each other. We’ve never met, but I have a feeling we would be those friends who pass books back and forth. She’d call me to try and guess why I turned down the corner of a certain page. I would laugh at the jokes she left in the margins for me.

Should I be concerned about my active imagination?

I posted my original Beaner Book list in 2012. The next one was in 2015. I understand that upon first glance of these dates, it would appear that compiling a book list isn’t that important to me. That is entirely untrue. It just took me that long to read all of the wonderful suggestions!

I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH, because the Beaner Book List introduced me to some of my favorite people:

  • Katniss Everdeen (#TeamPeta)
  • Four and Tris
  • Big Mama herself, Melanie Shankle
  • Aibileen Clark
  • Jon Acuff
  • Charles Martin
  • JoJo Moyes
  • Malala Yousafzai
  • Jenny Lawson
  • Louis Zamperini

How I ever lived without Jamie and Claire is a mystery.

Your task is simple: Either email me (lincee@iHateGreenBeans) or leave a list in the comments section of your favorite books or authors. Your suggestion neither has to be genre specific, nor a brand new book. I want to hear EVERYTHING. If you tell me I need to read Anna Karenina because Tolstoy is the greatest, I will consider it…again. Some of you want to pretend you don’t read YA books, while others like me embrace the fact. Never fear! We will build that list for you! Action, murder, mystery, chick flick, beach read, young adult, old adult, Grace Livingston Hill (shout out to my Mimi!), humorous, memoir, biography, and old favorites you can pick up time and time again…I want them all!

You have one week to respond, then I’ll compile all your recommendations into a list for everyone to enjoy.

Let nothing stand in your way, dear reader. Let’s do this!


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