Brian vs. Brad – A hotter than crap internal debate

Last weekend, I attended the American Red Cross Bachelor Blood Drive in Dallas. I was happy to participate as a fan of the show and believe that donating my blood is a small price to pay to possibly save a life.

But I have to admit that the best part of the day was meeting former bachelor Brian Westendorf of DDAHnna’s season.

Just like the last time I donated, I was encouraging my seat mate across the way (who had never given blood before) when a handsome stranger approaches from behind a security curtain and offers me a rose.

Would you say no to this guy? Of course not. He was kind enough to entertain me and my friend the entire time I was laying there and then for another 15 minutes where they forced me to drink a bottle of water and eat a cookie. The entire Red Cross team praised him for his hard work and dedication and were extremely impressed that he chose to stay the entire blood drive.

I also learned that Brian is a fellow writer and has a blog on his website. Now that he and I are total best friends and kindred spirits in the blog world, I feel it is my duty to pimp him out. Please visit and tell him I sent you.

In the 30 minutes I spoke to him in person, it was evident that he’s a great guy with a big heart. He even gave me a Bachelor t-shirt with signatures from all of the current season, as well as the former cast members participating in the blood drive.

I heart him.

My new friend Alison from the American Red Cross gave me a pink Bachelor tote signed by none other than Hotter Than Crap Brad. I’d like to give it away to one of the many IHGB readers by holding a little contest.

I’d like you to come up with a limerick, explaining the meaning of the word that sits above the ginormous back tat on our beloved Bachelor. It’s simple! Just write your creative poem in the comment section and the winner (chosen by a panel of close friends and family members of mine that have no idea they are doing this yet) will select the one that makes us laugh out loud. Here’s a screen capture from Monday night’s show to give you some inspiration.

The winner will get the tote and an IHGB magnet (score!). I’ll announce on Tuesday at the beginning of the recap. GOOD LUCK and have fun!

** Note to reader: this is hotel carpet. I’m just saying. **


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