Calling all music people who are cool

I’m in charge of putting together a slide show for high school kids who went to camp this summer in Colorado. I need a song that is fun and most everyone will know. Here are the rules:

1. No sappy slow songs that talk about finding yourself or saying goodbye.
2. No Mother Superior songs about climbing every mountain.
3. Songs that high school kids will know.
4. Songs that high school kids will know and sing to.
5. Songs that high school kids will know and sing along that don’t have lyrics talking about thongs, girls kissing girls or any secret sexual innuendoes that my naïve brain can’t even comprehend. Let’s keep it clean people.

Here are songs that I came up with on my own:

The Middle—Jimmy Eat World
It’s upbeat and I’m thinking high school kids would like it.

Don’t Stop Believin’—Journey
Hello. It’s Journey.

Walking on Sunshine—Katrina and the Waves
Happy, happy song, but may be too old for these kids who were born in the ‘90s.

How Far We’ve Come—Matchbox 20
Kind of appropriate that they were walking all over mountains, right?

Unwritten/Pocketful of Sunshine—Natasha Bedingfield
Fun to sing and definitely now.

America—Neil Diamond
Because it’s my job to make these kids cooler by introducing them to Neil Diamond.

Hooked on a Feeling—Steve Miller Band
Cool beginning, but might be too slow?

I’m Gonna Be (5,000 miles)—The Proclaimers
Fun sing-a-long part in the middle. Plus they probably did walk 5,000 miles.

Yes? No? Suggestions? Help!

**PS: Keep all Hannah Banana suggestions to yourself. And while I’m at it, let’s go ahead and boycott anyone from the Disney Channel family. I’ll have none of that on my slide show. It’s best the Jonas Brothers and the entire High School Musical cast stay on my iPod where they belong.


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