Can we get the ABC psychotherapist over here please?

I’m telling you…that’s one person who was working overtime during After the Final Rose.  Her and the drama coach because this was some SERIOUS ACTING going on tonight!  My favorite was when Hare had to bite his lip in order not to bust out laughing during his awkward third wheel moment when Melissa was being thrown under the bus. 

Twenty-four.  That’s how many times Jason cried tonight.  Ironically, it’s also the number of crotch shots during Molly’s naughty massage.  Coincidence?  I think not. 

Yes I’m annoyed.  Yes I think Jason is a d-bag and ABC is in it for the ratings.  I got sucked in for sure and definitely had something WAY MORE dramatic in my imagination than what happened.  However, I do feel sorry for Melissa.  Uncool that Jason and Molly mugged down moments after Mel is sent home in the rejection limo. 

Apparently, there’s a part two tomorrow night.  I’m sure it’s going to be an hour long session of ABC and Hare convincing us that this is not a scripted show.  Just like the Hills.

I’ll have a recap tomorrow night.  After the After the Final Rose part 2.  I’m going to see my Ukrainian now.  Double date with Jillian, eh?


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