Careful: It might come back to bite you in the butt

Ah.  Crass, yet wise words that are often uttered from my sweet Mimi’s mouth.  Reminding my sister and I that things could come back to haunt us or bite us in the butt is one of the many life lessons learned from my grandmother. 

Speaking of that, two days ago I received an email from a reporter in Nebraska asking me if I would mind being interviewed for a story he was crafting about The Bachelor.  As I read his professional and charming request, my Mimi’s words rang loud and proud in my sub-conscious.


What had I written about her?  Cleavage comes to mind.  And Sport Illustrated Swim Suit edition.  I’m pretty sure she wasn’t psycho.  Wasn’t she the football girl?  Was she a tripper?  Or have a broken picker?  I scoured my website for clarification and was pretty surprised to see that there would be no butt biting when it came to my comments on Elizabeth.  Whew!

Regardless, I could not control the twitch in my eye or the urge to scratch my neck and giggle like an 8-year-0ld as I wrote him back:

“Oh dear.  I just got really sweaty. 
I’m professional and understand that that is no way to begin an email, but those are the facts and I get really honest when I’m nervous.
I am thrilled that you read my blog!  I truly appreciate the support.  However, I’m unsure of what I would say about Elizabeth that would bring substance to your article.  I only know what The Bachelor shows me.  How can that help you?   
I’m happy to help you, but I’m confused as to what you need from me.  I promise I’m not trying to be a pain.”

As it turns out, the reporter wanted me to comment on how I thought Elizabeth stacked up compared to the rest of the competition. 

So I agreed to do the interview.  Here’s a link to the story:

I’m so glad I was smart enough not to say she has wonky boobs and should consult her plastic surgeon for a refund.


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