IHGB Movie Review: Isn’t It Romantic

Movie: Isn’t It Romantic Rated: PG-13 Starring: Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, and Priyanka Chopra The Trailer: The Gist: The girl who is incapable of love is stuck in a romantic comedy. Cue the roster of hot guys and spontaneous dance numbers. My Thoughts: When I left the movie theater I thought, “That was…cute.” Although Rebel is typically the funny sidekick, she does a decent job as the lead female character in

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Thoughts Confirmed Watching the 2019 Grammys

Diana Ross is the GOAT. And she’s 74-years-old. J-Lo’s still got it. And she’s 49-years-old. And I will never be as talented as Alicia Keys.

My Thoughts on the 2019 Golden Globes

The 2019 Golden Globes were no different than any other Golden Globes from years past. I spent most of the night asking myself, “Where do I know him from?” and “Has anyone ever heard of this film/show/limited series?” and “What is a limited series again?”  Inevitably I find myself Googling the names of obscure movie titles, only to learn they are actually a TV show on the FX channel. I

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Hallmark Christmas Movie Review: Welcome to Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies: Welcome to Christmas Starring: Eric Mabius and Jennifer FinniganTrailer: You’re looking at the main guy and wondering where he’s from, aren’t you?  Never fear. The mystery has been solved. My roommate Lara used a tool as powerful as, dare I say, The Google, to Sherlock her way into working out this enigma. All hail the Internet Movie Database.   I convinced myself that he was just “rugged handsome guy” and continued

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Hallmark Christmas Movie Review: Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa

Hallmark Christmas Movie: Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa Starring: Mark Deklin, Jill Wagner, and Holly Robinson Peete Trailer: I’m officially deeming the Hallmark Christmas Movie Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa as one to watch in 2018. Did I see the original which launched the colon-worthy sequel? At first I convinced myself that I had not seen it, then quickly reminded myself that they are all essentially the same movie and

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