I Hate Green Beans Podcast 8: Bachelorette Season Finale

Although you may have figured out from my season finale recap, I’m a bit confused by what went down in the final moments of Rachel’s love journey. I discuss this in length with Some Guy in Austin on episode 8 of the podcast. We also have a few interesting thoughts on where this relationship is going, as well as candidates of who we would like to see on the ballot

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 7: It’s Britney Spears, Y’all!

This week my friend Stephanie and I discuss the one and only Britney Spears. When I mention her name, what image comes to mind? Is it an innocent school girl with pigtails? Or is it images of a shaven head? Whatever the case may be, Stephanie and I discuss this musical icon’s place in pop culture history. And yes, we do breakdown the wonder that is Crossroads. Here are a

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 6: Bachelorette Week 9

In this episode of the I Hate Green Beans podcast, Some Guy in Austin and I discuss Peter, Bryan, and Eric’s trip to Dallas to meet Rachel’s super cool family. We also talk about favorite Seinfeld episodes (puffy shirt!), what to wish for if given the chance to ring a magical bell, and Bryan’s downfall. I even refrain from editing out a dirty joke as told by SGIA. I hope

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 5: Bachelorette Hometowns

It’s Episode 5 of the I Hate Green Beans podcast! Some Guy in Austin and I discuss Rachel’s hometowns and how we were sad to learn that Pitbull would not be featured in Bryan’s date. Remember, I’m working on getting the podcast up on iTunes. Any day now, I should be up and running over there. Until then, feel free to listen or download below. ENJOY!

I Hate Green Beans Podcast 4: Favorite Big Screen Love Stories

As promised, this is my first non-Bachelor related podcast on I Hate Green Beans. My friend Lara joins me to discuss our favorite love stories on the big screen. Spoiler alert: The photo of this post does NOT make the cut. I know…SCANDALOUS! Find out why by clicking below. Enjoy!

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