“Don’t move.”

You know what I’m talking about… What did you guys think? I want to know! I LOVED IT!

Team Edward

So I’m a 15-year-old stuck in a 30-something-year-old body. Sue me. I was introduced to the Twilight books when they first came out and could care less about them because they were about vampires. And I don’t do vampires. But my friend Heather insisted that I read the books and overlook the “vampire-ness” of it all because she knows I’m a SUCKER (ha!) for a good romance. Heather and I

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Great Debate: Bond. James Bond.

Raise your hands if you are PUMPED for the new 007 flick that comes out next week? Maybe this will help… You are welcome. I had a debate with a friend this week in which we discussed the best Bond actor. It was a toss up. Before I tell you who the CLEAR winner is in my opinion, I decided to let you guys weigh in on the subject. Vote

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“Sweet Home Alabama”…the story of my life

Well ladies and gentlemen…Western Days weekend has finally rolled around. I think a good old fashioned, “YEEEEE HAW” is in order. After speaking with my Dad on the phone last night, I’m wiggling around in my office chair like a school girl waiting for the 3:00 bell to ring. And it’s only 8:45 Friday morning. I’m just so excited! Here’s a rundown of what’s going to happen this weekend: Friday

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A fan of the movie musical

As most of you know, I was pretty pumped to see Mamma Mia this weekend as it opened in theaters from coast-to-coast. Several people asked me what I thought about the film. Of course, this is AFTER they realized I paid $7 to see a movie musical instead of Batman, but that’s neither here or there. Did I like the movie? I give it an affectionate, “Meh.” Which translates into

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