Thoughts Confirmed Watching the 2019 Grammys

Diana Ross is the GOAT. And she’s 74-years-old. J-Lo’s still got it. And she’s 49-years-old. And I will never be as talented as Alicia Keys.

My Thoughts on the 2019 Golden Globes

The 2019 Golden Globes were no different than any other Golden Globes from years past. I spent most of the night asking myself, “Where do I know him from?” and “Has anyone ever heard of this film/show/limited series?” and “What is a limited series again?”  Inevitably I find myself Googling the names of obscure movie titles, only to learn they are actually a TV show on the FX channel. I

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IHGB Playlist: Album Obsession

I have a problem. And album obsession problem. Some of you right now are thinking, “No duh, Lincee.” That’s right. I’ve called you out. And I’m also bringing back “no duh.” Here’s the deal: I’ve rotated the following five albums on Spotify for the last several weeks and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. And since I’m clearly obsessed, I thought you might enjoy being obsessed, too! A Star

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Soundtrack of My Life: Mama

Who knew that Mama’s episode on my IHGB podcast would be so popular?!  So many of you have commented on her accent and her stories about Sea Breeze and baking. I’ll let you in on a little secret: It was so hard to edit! The woman has mastered the art of a dramatic pause and it’s just long enough for the listener to think, “Did I accidentally hit pause?” But

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Mama’s Attic: Monster Ballads

I remember seeing an infomercial on the television for a compilation CD titled, “Monster Ballads.” I was well into my Celine Dion phase, so the word ballad gave me pause. I was intrigued by its coupling with the word monster. So I listened. The 80s were a phenomenal time to be alive. Growing up with the stellar TV shows, teen angsty movies, questionable wardrobe, and Ronald Reagan was enough to

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